4th October
written by admin

Roll Tide, Chicago!

Since this is our open week for football this week’s email is all about recruitment for UA.

UA fun fact: UA is ranked 77th among all universities in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report’s annual “Best Colleges” rankings for 2013. The ranking places UA 32nd among public universities.

Recruitment Event

Just a reminder that the University will be hosting a student recruitment reception at The Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL on Wednesday, October 10 at 7 p.m.  These special receptions are student’s opportunity to meet members of the Undergraduate Admissions staff and leadership, as well as learn more about Alabama from the perspective of a current student, parent of a current student and a distinguished keynote speaker, this year Dean Karr from the college of Engineering will be the keynote speaker. These events also provide students an opportunity to mingle with alumni (That means us folks!) of the University of Alabama and get to know other students interested in UA in a formal but relaxed environment


I will be introducing Dean Karr and speaking about Roll Tide, Chicago (thankfully I have information form Laura who did this last year – so it will make it much easier on me!)  If you are available to come out and speak to students and their parents who are interested in UA, please email us at  Last year they had a huge crowd so we’d love to make this year’s event just as successful and recruitment more Chicagoland students to UA, I’d love to have a strong alumni group to help show students and their parents that going to UA means you have even more of an extended family!

Roll Tide and see you in Lombard on Wednesday!


4th & Goal

Boy are we spoiled, we being Alabama fans. My goodness you would have thought we lost the game to Ole Miss on Saturday with the way everyone was going on and on about how “poorly” the Tide played. Well news flash my fellow Tiders the defense is going to give up some points from time to time. We are going to get every teams A++ effort. Why? Because we are the defending champs who happen to be the unanimous #1 team in the country currently. So let’s back up the truck a little and instead of ripping the guys for what they didn’t do let’s praise them for what they did do. What was that you ask? How about winning the darn game for starters. The game was never in question, and sure I would like the Tide to put the ball in the end zone instead of kicking field goals but that has been a problem for the entire Saban era. How about our special teams continuing to be a HUGE plus for this team. From all the touchbacks, to the kickoff return to 40 and 50 yard field goals every week. The defense sure it gave up 2 touchdowns oh the horror, but did you guys happen to watch the rest of college football on Saturday? LSU gives up 22 points to Townson, West Virginia scored 63 on Baylor, UGA and the Vols going back and forth. Oregon hanging 60 or whatever it was on Washington State. So please enough with how poorly the Tide played!  In college football the name of the game is to WIN score doesn’t matter, style points don’t matter winning is all that matters. The Tide is one more win closer to getting to Atlanta and then Miami. So please let’s take a step back and enjoy what we are watching. A QB that is growing into one of the best QB’s in Bama history, two true freshman that are going to be stars for a long time, a defense that when push comes to shove I’ll take over any in the country and of course the best coach and motivator of any coach in the country. We have a tough 5 week stretch coming up let’s back the boys starting next week in Columbia. Ok I feel better now. (Here, Here Marc & Roll Tide Roll!)

Having to sit and watch the game and not at the Tooth (which is a long story in itself) I had the chance to listen to the TV more than normal. My favorite thing that they kept bringing up was the fact that Ole Miss outscored the Tide 7-6 in the 2nd half. That has to be the dumbest stat I’ve heard in years. Now if the score was 0-0 at half time that stat meant a lot but since the score was 27-7 at the half that stat means zero. To me that is like saying the Pittsburgh Pirates outscored the Reds 3-2 for 8 innings before the Reds got 2 runs and the win in the top of the 9th like they did on Sunday afternoon.

As most of you know I find recruiting talk about as exciting as the NFL draft which is until they are on the field I don’t really care that much. Well I am going to be eating crow this season because with the injuries to White and Hart on Saturday the Tide is down to their 5th string running back (now will be the 3rd) and a couple of freshman wide outs. Let’s hope they are as good as we hope. And the fact that earlier last week Saban has the 2nd best running back recruit coming in for next year I guess now makes more sense.

On college football wrap up show they had an interesting stat that goes to show why I love the Tide and hate the track meet football currently being played just about everywhere else. Gino Smith the QB at West Virginia has 20 TD passes already this year. Greg McElroy holds the Bama all time TD mark of 20. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the history of Bama football, I don’t know what will.

I sat and watched most of the OSU/Michigan State game as well as flipping to the Wisconsin/Nebraska game on Saturday. Friends every day get down and thank god we don’t root or watch Big Ten football every Saturday. It is painful. I know the SEC is a bit down this year but I honestly think the best Big Ten team (OSU, Northwestern, Neb) would be at best the 6th best team in the SEC behind us, LSU, UGA, South Carolina, Florida and maybe even Miss. State. Just horrible football

I like college football, you like college football these two LSU fans REALLY like college football:

When Ole Gene at Aurbun is pumping gas after he gets fired next season (which I still say will happen) at least he has Pat Dye on his side:–ncaaf.html I’m not sure how Dye knows what kind of “man” Saban is but I do know that on his worse day Saban is twice the coach of Ol’ Gene.

It’s nice that the Tide is off this week because for a change there are a lot of really good games: UGA/South Carolina, Texas/West Virginia, LSU/Florida even Miami/ND here in town. Plus the baseball playoffs start. The best time of the sports year is right now!

In this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: This has less to do with what I didn’t know but more to do with when you have kids your time isn’t your time. Friday night Shana was out to dinner with a couple of friends and I was home with Maya. As I do every night I was watching the Reds on my phone while we were getting ready for bed time. Well Friday’s Reds game turned out to be a little special as Reds pitcher Homer Bailey was throwing a no-hitter. First I tried to listen to the game with my ear buds but Maya started to grab at them. Next I tried putting the game on the computer and watching while we were reading books but Maya is smart and knows that most of the time when the computer is on we Skype with my parents or in-laws. So she started to ask for Grammy and of course with all little kids bed time also means snack time so first she wanted some fruit, then she wanted some milk and finally she wants some cereal. All the while the game is now going to the bottom of the 9th and I am freaking out. The Reds haven’t had a no hitter since 1988 and finally I had to just tell Maya to chill on our bed and we flipped the game on the TV which really pissed her off because she wanted to watch the end of Mickey’s Clubhouse but hey it’s a NO HITTER! As the final out dropped into the Reds second baseman’s glove I jumped up and let out a little yell which of course scared Maya which prompted her to spill her cereal bowl all over herself. Needless to say bed time was delayed a little that night but because I could share the No hitter with her it was all worth it. Plus at her wedding I’ll have another fun story to tell right?



6th June
written by Matt
Roll Tide, Chicago!
I hope you are enjoying the summer weather, and I hope you have a baseball team to root for other than a Chicago-based one. Yeesh.
Congrats go out to the Alabama women’s gymnastics team, who won their 5th national title back in April. And the softball team came within one game of the championship series.
Today’s UA fun fact: In 1837, Alabama became the first university in the state–and one of the first five in the nation–to offer classes in engineering.
Below you will find some information about the SEC Golf Outing, which is this Saturday. It’s not too late to sign up! But first, it is my pleasure to announce (drumroll….):
Our First Scholarship Recipient
Michael Kallay of Naperville Central High School is the recipient of the inaugural Roll Tide Chicago Scholarship. Congratulations, Michael, and thank you to all of the applicants. It truly was a difficult decision. (I know that sounds trite, but it was! I found myself wishing we had several more scholarships to give.) The scholarship committee was impressed by Michael’s academic record and community service, as well as the Bama spirit he already shows. An excerpt from his essay:
“There simply is no other school in the nation, maybe even the world, with better tradition then UA. From the thousands of fans tailgating on the quad before a football game, to the culture of excellence in the classroom, tradition seeps into you the moment you step on campus. You feel apart of something that has been around for almost a hundred and fifty years. When I first set foot on campus and saw students walking around with their Houndstooth hats and crimson t-shirts with the words “Rammer Jammer” on them, I knew that this school had something that set it apart from the others that I visited.”
Congratulations, Michael, and good luck!

SEC Golf Outing
WHEN: Saturday, June 11 at 8:30 a.m. (Shotgun start)
WHERE: Tamarack Golf Course (Naperville)
FEE: $85

Registration will include breakfast, 18 holes of golf on a beautiful course, a Chicago-style sit-down lunch, drink coupons, event t-shirt, event goodie bag, awards banquet and tons of amazing prizes…not to mention some friendly trash-talking with your SEC rivals! Prizes will also be awarded for best overall score, closest to the pin, longest drive, and best dressed golfer. Don’t golf? A fun day of activities is planned for non-golfers in the group. There’s also a great raffle.

To register, email Katie of the Windy City Gator Club at She’ll sign you up and send you a registration form.



Random Note Fun from Marc
  • Its amazing isn’t it how much happens in the offseason isn’t it? Since we last spoke the Vest is out at THE Ohio state univseristy and just today USC isn’t the champ of 2004 anymore. As I said to my OSU friends you are about to enter Bama football 2000-2007 territory. Some good seasons for sure but when all is said and done they are going to be bad for a while. The part of this story that interests me is how so many people were shocked that an upstanding guy like Tressel could be so dumb. All the books and image makeovers can’t cover up being dumb. When the rest of the head honchos at OSU realize this they too will be shown the door.
  • As for USC is there anything dumber in sports than vacating a title? Who gains anything from this? When Auburn’s time comes from last season are we going to magically forget that they won? This rule is flat out moronic.
  • You know what else is moronic? Tweeting pictures of your private parts to people. I’m sorry if you do this and they get into the wrong hands the only person you have to blame is yourself. And please don’t get me started on what the future holds with this kind of stuff. My head explodes just thinking what is going to be available when Maya is old enough.
  • If you haven’t read the outstanding article from Sports Illustrated about the tornado go and find it online. Just breaks your heart.
  • Have any of you been to the beach or Michigan Ave when one of those flash mob strike? While I know its not a joking matter don’t you picture a scene from West Side Story?
  • Am I the only one that starts watching NBA games with no more than 5-6 minutes left? Is there any reason to watch more than that? And in what other sport can you say that about?
  • Do you guys think I should get my man card taken away because I went and saw Glee Live over the weekend? [Not if my husband has anything to say about it. -Laura]
  • Over Memorial Day my college buddies along with wives and kids got together outside of Atlanta. 13 couples 12 kids and amazing enough 11 of the kids were girls. Picture the movie Grown Ups crossed with the Brady Bunch with a splash of Meatballs and you’ll have our trip.
  • Things I didn’t know until I was a Dad. Maya turns one in two weeks. But due to schedule problems we are having her party this weekend. Do you know you buy a special cake called a smush or smash cake just for the birthday kid? Since this is the first time she is eating cake I can’t wait to see what she does with it.


15th September
written by Matt

Roll Tide Chicago!

After yet another slow start it was good to see that the Swine flu or maybe just the regular flu couldn’t stop the Tide from rolling again Saturday night. Once again there was a good crowd at the Tooth with some special friends who made the trip up from Birmingham, Atlanta and T-Town to see U2 on Sunday and as always they were blown away by the turnout at the Tooth. Our new shirts seem to be a big hit with both in and out of town Tide fans so make sure you grab one when you’re at the bar or from our web site. A couple of things from Saturday’s game:

Bama has three very good running backs (maybe 4 if you count Terry Grant) but none of them are as fast or quick as Joe McKnight from USC. Wow that guy has another gear. (on a personal note I grew up an Ohio State fan but there fans here in Chicago are so annoying that I was almost rooting for them to lose on Saturday…almost.

It was good to see that Bama has more than one wide out. When JJ went out with his leg injury the offense didn’t miss a beat with Maze, Hanks, and McCoy stepping up and making some big catches.

Will an Alabama DB ever turn around when a ball is in the air when they are one on one on the sideline route? In 4 years I can’t remember a single guy making a play on the ball. Look back guys.

Is it me or has Lain Tiffin been our kicker since his dad was the kicker? Doesn’t it seem like he has been at the Capstone forever?

It was good to see Star Jackson get some playing time even in a mop up roll. Why not let him run the wildcat once in a while.

There are not enough points that Florida can score on the Vols this weekend. I can’t remember a non Bama SEC game that I am looking forward to as much as this one.

You heard it here first by the end of the season The University of Cincinnati will be the highest rated school in the entire Midwest and that includes all Big 10 schools and Notre Dame. Their offense is something else.

Speaking of Cincinnati as most of you know I grew up a Bengals fan and I can tell you that Sunday’s game was about as tough a loss as I’ve ever experienced. But since I didn’t think the Bungles were going to be very good anyway I just shook my head and tried to remember that it was only one game (and it was the Bengals). Then I watched Jay Cutler toss the ball all over the place and Urlacher gets hurt and I suddenly didn’t feel so bad. From Super bowl contenders to possibly 0-2 to start wow!

Now for some non football thoughts:

We have a couple of student recruitment activities coming up. Please check the web site for details or contact Forrest, Bethany [] if you would like to help out. I know she can use the help.

Am I the only one that could care less what Kayne did at the VMA’s? Who watches MTV anymore and when do they even play video’s? I thought all MTV was these days were the Hills, reruns of Real World and Remote Control (ok might be dating myself there).

After reading about the mess that the city made of people leaving the U2 concert this weekend magnify that by a 10,000 and you have Chicago in 2016 if we get the Olympics. Just once I’d like Mayor Daily to take the Red line after a Cubs or Sox game or try and find a cab after a show at Charter One Pavilion and then explain to me how the CTA is going to transport another 2 million people.

Ok I’m off my soap box can’t wait to see everyone Saturday morning for the North Texas game. Kickoff is at 11:30 AM CST. The Tooth is going to be running some brunch specials so grab some eggs and cheer on the Tide vs. the Mean Green of North Texas.

Roll Tide!