13th December
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

Hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays.  It is still hard for me to believe that they season is over…man that went to quick!  Well hold onto your Bama hats because we are going to have some fun before the end of the year and then in the first part of 2014 with the Sugar Bowl.

SEC Toys for Tots Toy Holiday Party

As a part of an effort to unify the SEC alumni chapters here in Chicago, Roll Tide Chicago will help by hosting an SEC Toys for Tots Holiday Party. Make sure to bring a $10-$20 toy for entrance to the party and you will receive a raffle ticket as well for a variety of different prizes and if enough Roll Tide Chicagoans come out I might even raffle off a Greg McElroy signed football (but only to the Bama fans!)

WHERE: Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

WHEN: Sunday, December 15th

2pm – 5pm/6pm

Specials: $3 Soco Lime & Fireball shots

$5 40 oz. beers

$6 Pitchers

Please feel free to pass along the invitation to friends that have attended an SEC school or are fans of the SEC.  We will make sure the NFL games are on…so no excuses on why you can’t show up!

See y’all Sunday & Roll Tide!


4TH and Goal 1 second away from Glory

As I sat and watched the conference championship games last Saturday the final scene from Rocky III kept playing in my head (once again proving that I need a lot of help) but anyway check out this forgotten part of Rocky III and tell me that Apollo isn’t us and Rocky isn’t Auburn (cue up to 15 second and watch until they get into the ring)

We were 1 second away instead we had to sit and watch Auburn run rough shot through a good Mizzu defense and now they not us are playing for the National Title. Talk about a turn of events. As Paul Finebalm said on Gameday Saban went from being one of the best coaches of all time (had they won) to now not being the best coach in his own state, division or conference. Now the jury is still out on that but his point is well taken. 1 second we are #1 for 13 straight weeks and a machine the next we are yesterday’s news. But what really bothered me about last weekend was the total lack of respect for the Tide after losing the Iron Bowl. Somehow they went from the best team in the country to an afterthought. How big an afterthought you ask? I watched some of the post game show on ESPN and the BCS special on Sunday. The only person on either show that continued to talk up Alabama was Jessie Palmer (and Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage) everybody else seems to think that losing on a 108 yard FG return (which as we learned had never happened in the history of college football) and boom they are bums. Palmer was the only host who said that he thought that Bama was the best match up for FSU. Personally I think FSU is the best team in the country (including us) and I expect them to lay the wood to Auburn next month. I just can’t wrap my head around a team giving up 500+ yards on defense winning the national title.

The other thing that I took away from last Saturday night was how not only all of us but the entire country hates Urban Meyer. Coach Saban might not be Mr. Popular but I don’t think fans across the country loath him like they do Urban. People were giddy that OSU (and that the Little Ten lost out on a National Title) but I think a large portion of people were more giddy that Urban lost. Which makes this picture my favorite of the year from college football:

The final thing from the weekend had to do once again with Cade Foster and his teammates. I’m sure all of you were glued to your TV last Friday night for the MAC championship between NIU and Bowling Green. For those of you who missed it I have no idea what the final score was only that Bowling Green won and upset NIU (I work with a bunch of guys that went there so I watched it for them) so I know what you are saying what in the world does the MAC game have to do with Bama and Cade Foster? During the game both kickers for Bowling Green and NIU kicked massive FG’s of well over 45 yards. They were dead center straight and one of the guys even kicked one from over 50. So like I do during football games I texted former Chicago Alumni Pres. Laura Jansen and said man I wish the Tide had one of these guys (her worse nightmare for as long as I have known her is a Bama game coming down to Field Goals)

Unbeknownst to me David Pollock from ESPN tweeted the same thing and sure enough Cade Foster, AJ Bear Bryant, The Snake and everyone that has ever played for Alabama took offense:

Now I love Bama football and knowing that Foster is a kid I don’t want to pile on him that much but sometimes friends the truth freaking HURTS! What Pollock said was 100000% true Did Foster alone cost us the Iron Bowl of course not (I put most of the blame on Saban, the offense and defensive line and then Foster) but the point was that if we had a kicker from the freakin MAC we would be booking our ticket to California.

The last thing on the “Kick Six” last Sunday in Denver their kicker broke the record for the longest FG in NFL history (which is now 64 yards) here is a video of the kick. Forget the kick watch the o-line as the ball is in the air. if you don’t think every special teams coach has drilled into the heads of the line the Kick 6 well this video proves otherwise.

I guess I have to discuss the nonsense that is coming from just about everywhere but Austin and T-Town (amazing that none of this is coming from Austin and T-Town isn’t it) Look I’m sure that Jimmy Sexton the most powerful man in college football is listening to Texas as every agent should. Hell he floated the story that Gus M (his other client) would love to coach at Texas in the future and amazingly he got a huge raise from Auburn but let’s not let the facts get in front of a good story: #1 If I were Texas I would get a coach that runs the spread offense which is the offense that pretty much every high school team runs in Texas #2 I would get a coach that can stop the spread offense #3 I would be getting a coach that was younger than the coach I was about to fire. Nick Saban is 0-3 in that department. Like all of you I’ve wasted a lot of time on this story but I like what Saturday Down South did with their 10 questions best: #10  to me is the best example of why I don’t care what he does (and that is the truth) everyone and their brother thought that the St. Louis Cards were toast when Price Albert took the money and ran to The Angels. What have the Cards done since? Been to the playoffs twice, the World Series once while the Angels have finished in last and next to last since the deal. The point is Alabama is bigger than Nick Saban, it’s bigger than AJ, and it’s bigger than the Bear. If Saban leaves we either promoter Kirby Smart (my choice) or have our pick of just about every other coach in the country. And for those of you who think the world and Alabama will end if Saban leaves take a look at Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State and back in the day The U every one of them lost a big time coach and with a small hiccup here and there they all either won or are winning again. No one is bigger than Alabama. Thus ends the rant.

Dre Kirkpatrick was on the Bengals show called Beyond the Stripes on Tuesday: (he is getting his first NFL start this Sunday vs. the Steelers) he comes into the video at 12:15ish and answers questions about the Iron Bowl, Saban, living in a cold weather city (which is very funny) and how his career is going so far (it hasn’t been great) if you want to skip ahead to the 40:00 mark or so they teach him how to make a snow ball which is also funny.

For a chuckle at Auburn’s expense here is a nice article from Grantland:

Finally, I’m glad I’m Jewish and don’t have to deal with putting up Christmas lights or keeping up with the Jones when it comes to displays. But I have to admit this is pretty cool even if it makes me want to puke:

This week we have three that’s right three big songs: Whenever I hear about Oklahoma I think of this song: “we don’t make a party out of lovin, we like holding hand and pitching wood” just kills me

For those of you going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl make sure you stop into one of the bars to hear some music like this:

With Christmas music in the air I am always disappointed that this song doesn’t get more play: What would you rather here this gem from Robert Earl Keene or Santa Baby? (by the way he will be at Joe’s on Weed in March if you want to come see him.)

And last but not least in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: I have turned into a big softy especially when it comes to stories about kids. In the latest Sports Illustrated 90% of which I didn’t read because it was about the Iron Bowl there was a story on one of the little boys who died in the Newtown Shooting. I was reading this on the train and honestly I was getting teary eyed thinking about how this little boy could have been Maya or Jacob. And don’t get me started on the videos of soldiers surprising their families and kids at sporting events. ESPN did a great video around Veterans Day and I was actually crying at my desk at work watching it. And just so we won’t end this on a down note going out and playing in the snow with kids rocks. Make sure you try it!



14th January
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Roll Tide Ya’ll!

What a great finish…Back to Back National Championships if you were in Miami we hope you had a great trip to everyone was here in Chicago and came out to the Houndstooth or Another Round thank you for helping make it an incredible night. I will leave the rest of the game talk to Marc in the 4th and Goal, but wanted to share with you the press RTC did before and after the NCG.  Also, stay tuned for more volunteer actives for our chapter and other events that will take place in the off-season before we hit the road to #16.

Here are links to some of the stories RTC was part of:

This story aired on ABC 33/40 in Birmingham on 1/6/13 & is mainly about the Houndstooth, but you will see a familiar face or two:


This story aired on  WGN on 1/7/13 while the championship was still going on and showed the Houndstooth and our Alabama fans cheering and a bit of our own Jeff Goode dancing!

This story aired on WGN the morning of 1/7/13.  Bill Watt and his son are the ones featured in this story:

Hunter Byington (Class of ’75) and Will Byington (Class of 2000) were interviewed for a short article in the Naperville Sun about Bama grads in the land of Notre Dame. Just wish the reporter had used my whole quote about Alabama traveling well and having fans everywhere like the Cubs instead of just saying Alabama is the Cubs of college football – we all know that isn’t true! Roll Tide!

Here is a local Chicago website that did a story on where to watch the game in the city Monday from the ND and Bama side of things.

Enjoy the articles and news stories. RTR!!  Keep watch for emails and postings on our Facebook page and for offseason activities.

Roll Tide!!!


4th & Goal

Wow!! That is all I could say when I talked to my Dad after the game. I’ve said it before but it needs to be said again. We all have to take a step back and realize the history that we are watching on the field. Three national titles in 4 years, back to back National titles! Tying the all-time record for most wins in a 4 year period (49) (to put that in perspective in my 4 years the Tide won 29 games) and if you include the 2008 season 61 wins with only 7 losses. How is that possible? How is it possible for a team to lose 7-8 players to the NFL and come back and win again? You know we all laugh at Coach Saban when he talks about each team being different and how next year’s team is 0-0 but if you think about it he is right. This isn’t like the Jordan era Bulls or the Yankees with Jeter, Mo Rivera and Bernie Williams. Heck this isn’t even Duke or Florida winning back to back titles in basketball. The turnover in college football is huge and to be this good, no this GREAT over the past 5 seasons is simply amazing. And to think that if they get the o-line figured out (the news Fluker is leaving isn’t a shock) we are going to be right back in the mix again. Take it all in everyone we might never see anything like this again down at the Capstone. And when you hear me complain next year about why the Tide isn’t running the ball more remind me of this.

Some random quotes from the game and the couple of days after Please note that these are all paraphrasing since I can’t remember all of them word for word: Pregame addition:

  • Clearly no one has learned a thing, because here we are at the conclusion of the 2012 season, and the most popular college football topic for the past 38 days has been: “Does Notre Dame have any chance against Alabama?” Let’s think about that for a second. Does an undefeated team that led the nation in scoring defense stand a chance against a team that lost once at home and came within a last-minute pass-deflection of possibly missing the title game altogether? You Think..Si.writer Stu Mandell in his Colum on Monday before kickoff
  • “I’m picking Notre Dame in a HUGE upset 24-21” Mike Greenberg on Mike and Mike on ESPN
  • I don’t know what he said but Lee Corso dressing like the Lucky Charms mascot on the set of Game Day before the game.
  • “The fact that Alabama is staying at a hotel on South Beach with one of the best night clubs in the world could hurt them.” I think that Notre Dame has the right idea staying 12 miles outside of Miami” Jessie Palmer ESPN Talking Head on Sports Center sometime last week
  • I think the game is going to be close but in the end I don’t think Notre Dame has enough offense to win. Plus Alabama will wear down Notre Dame on the ground like they have everybody else the last two seasons. Alabama 24-Notre Dame 14 Marc Brafman to anyone in the Feld Entertainment office who asked me on Monday and in the last installment of 4th & Goal.

I worked in sports radio for 5 years, I understand that you have to pump up both teams and try and make sure that the game is entertaining to get ratings but what two teams did these guys watch this year? I think all of us living here in the Midwest knew before the game that ND had a punchers chance if the Tide turned the ball over made dumb penalties or Golsen turned into Johnny Football but I think of ND as a glorified Big Ten team. And friends as we all know no Big Ten team is going to beat an SEC team that is primed for battle like the Tide was.

Quotes from the game itself:

  • “Lacy bolts middle up the middle-still going ENDZONE- Eddie Lacy scores the first touchdown of the night” ESPN Brent Musburger 12:10 seconds left in first quarter
  • “Jessie Williams #54 is in as a blocking back they are going to throw TOUCHDOWN The other Williams Michael Williams the TE” ESPN Brent Musburger 6:14 second left first quarter
  • Right now they have two drives over 80 yards as Yeldon takes it across TOUCHDOWN Alabama! ESPN Brent Musburger 14:57 left in 2nd quarter
  • Two receivers to the left McCarron throwing all the way drops it off to Lacy in a footrace spins TOUCHDOWN Tide Rolling again! ESPN Brent Musburger :33 seconds left in 1st half
  • Heather Cox ESPN Sideline reporter to Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly at Halftime:
    • Cox: Where do the fixes come from in the 2nd half?
    • Kelly: Well maybe if Alabama forgets to come back for the 2nd half (this might be my favorite quote from a coach of all time)
    • Coach Saban had a slightly different take at half time: I think we played well offensively,” said Saban as he went into the locker room. “We controlled the line of scrimmage.  “We just gotta play 60 minutes. This game is not over, and our players need to understand that.” (I said the same thing to my friends who were at the game and texting me all of whom started calling me Debbie Downer.)
    • Well, I tell you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women! What a beautiful woman!,” So if you’re a youngster at Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pops” Brent Musburger talking up AJ’s girlfriend Kathrine Webb (My favorite part of this is that Brent used the term “Pops” which I believe went out at about the same time that Miss America was must see TV.) So to recap the most talked about pre-game video was the Dad who’s son surprised him with tickets to the game and used the term “PAW” which I believe went out of style around the time of the Beverly Hillbillies and now Musburger is using the term Pops.) And yes this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.


  • Roll TIDE! The entire back two rooms of the Houndstooth after Cooper scored the 5th touchdown of the night which promped all of us even me to do a shot of something called wild fire.
  • “And that’s it Alabama has become the first school since Nebraska to win back to back National Titles” Brent Musburger ESPN final call

Before we get into the post game quotes a couple of quick things on the game. The first half was the best half of football I think I have ever seen Alabama play. Minus the fumbled punt that was as good a half of football as a team could play. If you could bottle a half of football and roll it out all the time that is what I would choice. You know me I’m always a 3 yards and a cloud of dust guy but the numbers are striking: 265 yards rushing, 264 passing. The perfect balance (now if only they had run the ball vs. A&M…ok, ok I’ll stop)

Barret Jones will go down as one of the 4-5 best players in Bama history along with Joe Willie, Ozzie Newsome, Ingram, Dwight Stephenson, C Bennett and John Hannah) and like I’ve said before depending on how he does next year AJ might be the best of all time (college addition).

Post game quotes:

  • “We were 5 yards away from not being in this game. We are going to have to work on that” Nick Saban to the ESPN game day crew after the game
  • Believe it or not I am really happy right now. Nick Saban without a hint of a smile during his post game news conference
  • I am going to take 2 days off and then start up again. We are behind in recruiting…Nick Saban with a straight face to the ESPN game day crew after the game while they all laughted
  • “ As usual I was right” Barret Jones to the ESPN Game Day Crew and AJ talking about the shoving match they had during the 4th quarter
  • Nix:”(Bama OL) did not dominate, I hope no one uses that word. I don’t think they physically dominated us and took us out to the woodshed (I guess he was too busy sucking wind by the middle of the 2nd quarter to realize how dumb this quote sounded.)
  • “Pretty much when Lacy scored the first touchdown” When both Herbstreet and Todd Blackledge when asked by Mike and Mike on Tuesday morning thought the game was going to be a rout
  • And finally the reason that the Tide could be back in the Rose Bowl next year doing it all over again: I’m already thinking about two weeks from now when I have to get back and get ready for next season,” said sophomore tackle Cyrus Kouandijo. “We’re going for it again next year. And again. And again.”

Had enough yet? Too bad theirs more!!

Stats of the game:

  • 0 times Notre Dame had let up drives of 80 yards or more this season.
  • 3 amount of times they let up drives or 80 yards or more to the Tide.
  • 0 times Notre Dame gave up 100 yard rushers this season.
  • 2 times that Alabama had rushers of over 100 yards (Both Eddie and TJ rushed for over 100 yards.)
  • 0 number of times that ND had given up 100 yards to a receiver.
  • 1 times Alabama had 100 yards receiving (A Cooper had over 100 yards.)
  • After five offensive snaps, Alabama led 7-0. After 15 offensive snaps, it was 14-0. After 23, it was 21-0.
  • 21-0 score before ND had 3 first downs.
  • 7 straight SEC BCS champs.
  • 4 straight years that the Title has come home to Alabama.
  • 9 Most times Alabama has been ranked #1 in final AP poll (most All Time.)
  • The game was the 2nd most watched game in cable history 17,216,000 households (this does not include all the bars, clubs etc.)
  • 4 titles that Coach Saban has won joining Bear (6) John McCay and Frank Leyhey with 4 each.
  • Dating back to a 2010 BCS triumph over Texas and extending through last year’s 21-0 win over LSU, there was a time in this contest that ‘Bama had run off 69 unanswered points and held opponents scoreless for nearly 107 minutes across three title games.

Stats non BCS title game addition:

  • N. Western of all Big Ten teams became the first Big Ten school to beat two SEC Teams in the same season
  • Per USA Today, 475,200 babies were born in US since Notre Dame played (this was before Monday.)
  • Big Ten is 2-13 on New Year’s Day games in past 3 years.
  • 0 amount of times that the Bengals throw the ball or even looked at AJ Green in the first half of their playoff game. Any wonder why they lost?
  • 0 Inductees into the baseball hall of fame this year. (For more on this rant just e-mail me) My take it’s a joke
  • 12 but it could 200 at this rate the number of players leaving LSU for the draft.

Finally since this has gone on long enough

In things I didn’t know until I was a dad: Just when you think you have your kids pegged they turn the tables on you. Maya since the day she was born has always loved taking a bath or a shower. But for the last two weeks it has been hard to get her into either. If you’ve ever tried giving your child a bath when they want to be anywhere but the bath tub you will know what I am talking about.

And last but not least it’s been my pleasure writing this every week. Thanks for all the feedback and I’ll post things either to our Facebook group or on the e-mails whenever Laurel wants. Have a great offseason puff up your chests with Pride and remember It’s GREAT TO BE FROM ALABAMA!!



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