13th December
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

Hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays.  It is still hard for me to believe that they season is over…man that went to quick!  Well hold onto your Bama hats because we are going to have some fun before the end of the year and then in the first part of 2014 with the Sugar Bowl.

SEC Toys for Tots Toy Holiday Party

As a part of an effort to unify the SEC alumni chapters here in Chicago, Roll Tide Chicago will help by hosting an SEC Toys for Tots Holiday Party. Make sure to bring a $10-$20 toy for entrance to the party and you will receive a raffle ticket as well for a variety of different prizes and if enough Roll Tide Chicagoans come out I might even raffle off a Greg McElroy signed football (but only to the Bama fans!)

WHERE: Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

WHEN: Sunday, December 15th

2pm – 5pm/6pm

Specials: $3 Soco Lime & Fireball shots

$5 40 oz. beers

$6 Pitchers

Please feel free to pass along the invitation to friends that have attended an SEC school or are fans of the SEC.  We will make sure the NFL games are on…so no excuses on why you can’t show up!

See y’all Sunday & Roll Tide!


4TH and Goal 1 second away from Glory

As I sat and watched the conference championship games last Saturday the final scene from Rocky III kept playing in my head (once again proving that I need a lot of help) but anyway check out this forgotten part of Rocky III and tell me that Apollo isn’t us and Rocky isn’t Auburn (cue up to 15 second and watch until they get into the ring)

We were 1 second away instead we had to sit and watch Auburn run rough shot through a good Mizzu defense and now they not us are playing for the National Title. Talk about a turn of events. As Paul Finebalm said on Gameday Saban went from being one of the best coaches of all time (had they won) to now not being the best coach in his own state, division or conference. Now the jury is still out on that but his point is well taken. 1 second we are #1 for 13 straight weeks and a machine the next we are yesterday’s news. But what really bothered me about last weekend was the total lack of respect for the Tide after losing the Iron Bowl. Somehow they went from the best team in the country to an afterthought. How big an afterthought you ask? I watched some of the post game show on ESPN and the BCS special on Sunday. The only person on either show that continued to talk up Alabama was Jessie Palmer (and Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage) everybody else seems to think that losing on a 108 yard FG return (which as we learned had never happened in the history of college football) and boom they are bums. Palmer was the only host who said that he thought that Bama was the best match up for FSU. Personally I think FSU is the best team in the country (including us) and I expect them to lay the wood to Auburn next month. I just can’t wrap my head around a team giving up 500+ yards on defense winning the national title.

The other thing that I took away from last Saturday night was how not only all of us but the entire country hates Urban Meyer. Coach Saban might not be Mr. Popular but I don’t think fans across the country loath him like they do Urban. People were giddy that OSU (and that the Little Ten lost out on a National Title) but I think a large portion of people were more giddy that Urban lost. Which makes this picture my favorite of the year from college football:

The final thing from the weekend had to do once again with Cade Foster and his teammates. I’m sure all of you were glued to your TV last Friday night for the MAC championship between NIU and Bowling Green. For those of you who missed it I have no idea what the final score was only that Bowling Green won and upset NIU (I work with a bunch of guys that went there so I watched it for them) so I know what you are saying what in the world does the MAC game have to do with Bama and Cade Foster? During the game both kickers for Bowling Green and NIU kicked massive FG’s of well over 45 yards. They were dead center straight and one of the guys even kicked one from over 50. So like I do during football games I texted former Chicago Alumni Pres. Laura Jansen and said man I wish the Tide had one of these guys (her worse nightmare for as long as I have known her is a Bama game coming down to Field Goals)

Unbeknownst to me David Pollock from ESPN tweeted the same thing and sure enough Cade Foster, AJ Bear Bryant, The Snake and everyone that has ever played for Alabama took offense:

Now I love Bama football and knowing that Foster is a kid I don’t want to pile on him that much but sometimes friends the truth freaking HURTS! What Pollock said was 100000% true Did Foster alone cost us the Iron Bowl of course not (I put most of the blame on Saban, the offense and defensive line and then Foster) but the point was that if we had a kicker from the freakin MAC we would be booking our ticket to California.

The last thing on the “Kick Six” last Sunday in Denver their kicker broke the record for the longest FG in NFL history (which is now 64 yards) here is a video of the kick. Forget the kick watch the o-line as the ball is in the air. if you don’t think every special teams coach has drilled into the heads of the line the Kick 6 well this video proves otherwise.

I guess I have to discuss the nonsense that is coming from just about everywhere but Austin and T-Town (amazing that none of this is coming from Austin and T-Town isn’t it) Look I’m sure that Jimmy Sexton the most powerful man in college football is listening to Texas as every agent should. Hell he floated the story that Gus M (his other client) would love to coach at Texas in the future and amazingly he got a huge raise from Auburn but let’s not let the facts get in front of a good story: #1 If I were Texas I would get a coach that runs the spread offense which is the offense that pretty much every high school team runs in Texas #2 I would get a coach that can stop the spread offense #3 I would be getting a coach that was younger than the coach I was about to fire. Nick Saban is 0-3 in that department. Like all of you I’ve wasted a lot of time on this story but I like what Saturday Down South did with their 10 questions best: #10  to me is the best example of why I don’t care what he does (and that is the truth) everyone and their brother thought that the St. Louis Cards were toast when Price Albert took the money and ran to The Angels. What have the Cards done since? Been to the playoffs twice, the World Series once while the Angels have finished in last and next to last since the deal. The point is Alabama is bigger than Nick Saban, it’s bigger than AJ, and it’s bigger than the Bear. If Saban leaves we either promoter Kirby Smart (my choice) or have our pick of just about every other coach in the country. And for those of you who think the world and Alabama will end if Saban leaves take a look at Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State and back in the day The U every one of them lost a big time coach and with a small hiccup here and there they all either won or are winning again. No one is bigger than Alabama. Thus ends the rant.

Dre Kirkpatrick was on the Bengals show called Beyond the Stripes on Tuesday: (he is getting his first NFL start this Sunday vs. the Steelers) he comes into the video at 12:15ish and answers questions about the Iron Bowl, Saban, living in a cold weather city (which is very funny) and how his career is going so far (it hasn’t been great) if you want to skip ahead to the 40:00 mark or so they teach him how to make a snow ball which is also funny.

For a chuckle at Auburn’s expense here is a nice article from Grantland:

Finally, I’m glad I’m Jewish and don’t have to deal with putting up Christmas lights or keeping up with the Jones when it comes to displays. But I have to admit this is pretty cool even if it makes me want to puke:

This week we have three that’s right three big songs: Whenever I hear about Oklahoma I think of this song: “we don’t make a party out of lovin, we like holding hand and pitching wood” just kills me

For those of you going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl make sure you stop into one of the bars to hear some music like this:

With Christmas music in the air I am always disappointed that this song doesn’t get more play: What would you rather here this gem from Robert Earl Keene or Santa Baby? (by the way he will be at Joe’s on Weed in March if you want to come see him.)

And last but not least in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: I have turned into a big softy especially when it comes to stories about kids. In the latest Sports Illustrated 90% of which I didn’t read because it was about the Iron Bowl there was a story on one of the little boys who died in the Newtown Shooting. I was reading this on the train and honestly I was getting teary eyed thinking about how this little boy could have been Maya or Jacob. And don’t get me started on the videos of soldiers surprising their families and kids at sporting events. ESPN did a great video around Veterans Day and I was actually crying at my desk at work watching it. And just so we won’t end this on a down note going out and playing in the snow with kids rocks. Make sure you try it!



12th December
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5th December
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

“Losing doesn’t make me want to quit. It makes me want to fight that much harder.” Bear Bryant

I don’t have much to say, I think we are all still in shock and I know you don’t want to hear a bunch so I will just say that I am still and always will be Alabama & Roll Tide Chicago proud and that win or lose we do it together & we’ll live to fight another day.  Roll Tide Roll!

I will be going to the Houndstooth to watch the SEC Championship game Saturday…I think it will be good for us to rally behind the SEC and root for Mizzou!  Join me if you can!

SEC Toys for Tots Toy Holiday Party

As a part of an effort to unify the SEC alumni chapters here in Chicago, Roll Tide Chicago will help by hosting an SEC Toys for Tots Holiday Party. Information is still being worked on for this event but Save the Date and make sure to bring a $10-$20 toy for entrance to the party.

WHERE: Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

WHEN: Sunday, December 15th

2pm – 5pm/6pm

Please feel free to pass along the invitation to friends that have attended an SEC school or are fans of the SEC.  We will make sure the NFL games are on…so no excuses on why you can’t show up!

Roll Tide Chicago T-shirts

Still need the 2013 Roll Tide Chicago t-shirt…they also make great Holiday gifts for friends and family. To order just go to and order your shirt via out website and we will mail the shirts to you.  In order to assure they arrive before the holidays please order the shirts by Dec. 8th!

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Also, we only have a few of the 2013 long sleeve t-shirts left – order yours today before they’re gone!  Stop by the Houndstooth Saturday or email to get the Crimson long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt.

Sizes available Small – 2XL

T-shirt Pricing:

Members: $30 each (separate/extra to membership dues that include the grey t-shirt)

Non-Members: $35 each

Roll Tide!



4TH and Goal The Aftermath (go to the 10 second mark and listen to the great Rex Kramer explain how we all felt after the game.) I start with this because I was in such a funk after the game on Saturday that I sat on the couch stewing over the worse loss any of us will ever experience and figured maybe Airplane! The movie could make me laugh. As this part played and he says of course not that would never happen (about falling in the mud and then getting kicked in the head with an iron boot) I thought that about sums up how we are all feeling.

Since Saturday night many experts are calling this the greatest ending to a college football game of all time, maybe the greatest college game of all time and plenty of other things. To me it’s simply the 3rd greatest ending in American sports history (walk off style) #1 now and forever will be the 1951 playoff win for the New York (baseball Giants) the famous Shot Heard Around the World the second started the Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty the Immaculate Reception and finally there is our play from Saturday. (I won’t post it we’ve all seen it) The reason that this will go down in history is what was at stake, who was playing, and how it ended. Like the Dodgers and Giants it was two teams that don’t get along, the underdog won, the call will go down in history as an all-time classic Oh My GOD We’ve won the Iron Bowl! Etc. As for the Immaculate Reception it was a play so bizarre we are likely never to see it again, it pitted two teams that were very close and very good and it featured two coaches who would go on to win a lot of titles.  So get ready because this play will be shown from now until forever just like the Stanford Marching band play, the Doug Fluite Hail Mary and every other crazy ending. That is what makes this ending so bad. Just like Boston Red Sox fans had to watch the Bill Buckner play over and over and over and Cubs fans the Bartman play we now have “the Return” (editor’s note no play or game in American Sports history will ever top the Miracle On Ice but that was a game not a walk off win)

When Coach Saban loses an Iron Bowl he really knows how to lose an Iron Bowl doesn’t he? First the Cam Back now Kick Bama Kick.

When Coach Saban was hired all we could have asked for was to get Alabama into the top 10 and into the conversation for the BCS Championship each year. Consider that since 2008 we will have played in BCS Bowl games in 5 of the last 6 seasons with three of them being National Title wins I’d say that he has done his job and some. But even the best coaches, CEO’s, parents whoever have off days. It’s a shame that Nick Saban’s off day started with 10 mins or so left in the Iron Bowl.

I was all set to go into a tirade about how Coach blew this game 10 ways to Sunday but with a few days to cool off I won’t go down that road. Instead I will always wonder like the rest of you why he went for a 57 yard field goal instead of putting the ball in AJ’s hand in OT and trusting that CJ And the defense could get a stop. Or if this kid kicker was so good from 57 why couldn’t he kick one from 43 yards? Or why if he had no faith in Foster to make a 30 yard FG in the 4th quarter (the Yeldon 1 yard run stop) than turn around next drive and try a 44 yard FG instead of punting? And just know that this isn’t just on Saban: Bears head Coach Mark Trestman is getting put through the wringer for trying a 47 yard fg in OT on Sunday in a Dome on turf. (Just to put the 57 yarder into some sort of context) Bears kicker and Pro Bowler Robbie Gould is 94.6% from 40 yards or closer but only 63.3% from 47 yards and out. The shame of the Iron Bowl is that kick would have been good from 54 or 55 yards so maybe the future is bright with this kid going into next year. So in conclusion I have now gone from very very VERY upset like all of you to mad to now just disappointed that we will never know how the Tide would have done in OT. I will never understand how you can try and end a game that could have gone to OT with your best players not on the field.  That is what bothers me more than anything. (that and having to listen to Ohio State fans) By the way do you ever wonder how coaches sleep at night after losses like that? I know I didn’t sleep well at all on Saturday night how in the world did the Tide coaches sleep?

As tough as it is and it is TOUGH let’s look at the bright side: The Tide will finish in the top 10 once again, will play in their 5th BCS bowl game in the last 7 years, and should finish 12-1. Not too shabby with all of the guys that we replaced. Plus in the last three days we have gotten two big time recruits (both on defense for next year). Once they get the QB situation figured out the Tide will be right back in the mix next year. Don’t believe me read this:

I don’t buy 90% of this on how Saban reacts but it is a good article none the less:

Now as we turn our attention to the rest of the season and pray for a Duke and MSU win John Feinstein who has forgotten more about college sports than any of us will ever know weighs in on the debate brewing between OSU (and it should be said FSU) and a one loss SEC team playing in the BCS game:

And because Big Ten fans don’t seem to understand anything if you happen to get into an argument with them toss these numbers their way:

The Tigers play their second straight top five opponent this weekend.

Neither FSU nor OSU has played a single top five team all season.

What’s more, Auburn, if it beats Mizzou, will have four top 25 BCS wins, two in the top ten. That’s more than Florida State and Ohio State combined. (Neither FSU nor Ohio State would have a single final BCS top ten win. Auburn would have two. The Buckeyes would have two top 25 BCS wins, while Florida State would have just one, over Clemson).

And this: The Buckeyes gave up over 600 yards of offense and 41 points to Michigan, a team that now has five losses on the season.

After two full seasons as head coach of the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer has still not played a top 15 team and Ohio State hasn’t even played a top ten in the regular season team since 2009. The Buckeyes haven’t beaten a top ten team in the regular season since 2006.

Yes, these stats are real. (I’m using the AP poll rankings for this data, FYI).

With Wisconsin’s loss to Penn State, it’s possible that Ohio State will be without a single top 25 BCS win this regular season.

If I were a voter I would vote the Winner of the SEC over both FSU and Ohio State going into the final vote and I would have Auburn #1. But I don’t and I sure as hell don’t want Auburn in the finals so I am pulling for FSU/OSU or Mizzu to win. (Of course in the perfect world Duke and MSU would win and we would be playing the winner of the SEC championship) can you imagine Iron Bowl II?

Not that any of us care but a couple of stories from this past weekend:

ESPN ran over the Miss State Bulldog mascot on Thursday breaking her leg:

Southern Miss who we play next year broke a 2 year losing streak at Legion Field of all places by beating UAB. The game kicked off an hour before the Iron Bowl and reports are that there were roughly 3500 people in the stands at the old Iron Lady or whatever they call Legion Field.

Do you realize that if Texas beats Baylor on Saturday they will split the Big 12 title? Maybe Miss Terry won’t need that house in Austin after all.

This week in songs: The first one is my all-time favorite John Lennon solo song click to the 2:54 second mark to understand why I am posting this:

Finally, AJ in his always classy post game comments referenced this song. Growing up my sister and I most have watched this movie 100 times so next time you see me ask me and I can belt out most of the songs. (You better believe I am proud of this fact)

In this week’s addition of things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Kids can tell when you are upset so when I walked in the door on Saturday after the game Maya came up and said something to the effect of its ok Daddy its ok. (I honestly don’t remember much of what I did on Saturday night after the game I think I was still in shock)  I’m sure either Shana or my mother in law put her up to it but it was nice that she did it. Like all parents I hope she never has to experience a game like that again but as a future sports fan I know she will.

Try and keep your heads up root like heck for the Blue Devils, Sparty, and the Mizzu Tigers and who knows maybe we’ll make it to Cali after all.