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10th September
written by Matt

Roll Tide Chicago!

The Houndstooth was rocking this past Saturday as for the 4th season in a row the Chicago Alumni Association met to watch our guys roll though the 2009 season.  A couple of things for people new to the Tooth.

#1 – get there early. Tables are at a premium and it does fill up fast. Also it is loud both from us cheering (we hope) and the music during commercials from the game so keep that mind.

#2 – The bar has improved the food this year with new buns for the burgers, and great cheese fries both of which are on special during the game. We are also once again selling our new 2009 Chicago Alabama shirts.

The Tooth was rocking from the opening kickoff and remained so until Trent Richardson took a knee 4 hours later (is it me or do college games go on forever) and the sweet sounds of Rammer Jammer filled the air.  What always interests me about our crowds at the bar is the amount of other SEC fans that seem to trickle into the Houndstooth to soak up the Bama experience. Last week  fans from Georgia and Florida came in after their games and remarked to us how much fun we have and how they wish there bars were the same way.

This week’s game vs. Florida International kicks off at 6:00 PM and is a pay per view game  so we look forward to seeing you at the Tooth.

Roll Tide,