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8th October
written by Matt

Thanks to all of our loyal members, Roll Tide Chicago is a very successful alumni chapter, and the Houndstooth is a popular destination on game days. In order to serve more of our members, we’ve added another sponsor bar to our line-up. We’ll still be at the Houndstooth every week, but starting this Saturday, October 10 vs. Ole Miss, you can also join fellow alumni at:

Messner’s on Southport
3553 N. Southport

That’s four blocks west of the Houndstooth. For now, Messner’s is reserving half of their second floor for us, but as the crowds grow, so will our real estate. As long as there is a minimum of 10 Alabama fans there, they will have the game on the TVs, the sound over the speakers, and the fight song after each touchdown. They also have some good food and drink specials lined up.

We’re excited about this addition to the Roll Tide Chicago family. As far as we know, we’re the only non-Big 10 school in Chicago that needs two bars to accommodate all of its fans!!

So this Saturday, come out to the Houndstooth, or come out to Messner’s, but definitely come out to watch the Tide beat the Rebels!

7th October
written by Matt

This weekend we would like to welcome everyone from out of town that is coming to Chicago to run the marathon on Sunday. Please join us at the Houndstooth for the game. We look forward to meeting you.

We hope to see everyone this week at the Tooth this weekend for the game, and Roll Tide!

6th October
written by Matt

below is a recap written by chapter president Marc Brafman of this past weekend’s Alabama vs. Kentucky game, as attended in Kentucky by a large number of Chicago area alumni.

For those of you that were at the game it was great seeing you and I hope we can do it again next year. Here are a couple of my quick thoughts on the UK experience.

– The biggest cheer of the entire afternoon was for the Men’s basketball team and Coach Cal. I turned to my Dad who was at the game with me and we both wondered the same thing: What must the football team be thinking hearing that? (at the time the game was 7-6).

– I had to listen to two Bama fans behind me debate for 10 mins. whether Saban was mad at the team or not because he wasn’t walking up and down the sideline, instead he was just standing with his arms crossed.

– Trust me on this without the band or a tape of the song, the Rammer Jammer stinks when we try and do it on our own.

– I’m still confused as to why the Kentucky half time band played a tribute to the space program. Nothing like hearing the theme from 2001 (Ric Flair’s theme music played by a marching band.

– One of the cool things that UK does before each game is the Call to the post like you are at a horse race.

– Mark Ingram is going to be the best running back that Alabama has ever had when all is said and done.

– During the middle part of the game when we couldn’t do anything on offense my mom turns to me and says “I thought you told me Alabama was going to win big.” I also had to tell her that Alabama fans don’t say go Alabama they say roll tide.

– The hotdogs at UK are terrible in comparison to the Bama dogs at Bryant Denny.

– I can’t wait for the second half of the season.