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2nd September
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From our vice president, Laurel, here is a wrap-up of the 4th annual SEC Flag Football Tournament, which took place this past Saturday:

We had a great crew of Bama fans and alumni show up to play some flag football.  Bama beat our first opponent, Kentucky, 30-6 and moved on in the championship bracket to play LSU, whom we lost to in our second game. Some of our alumni and fans hung around and watched the other teams play while drinking some beer on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. The Championship game ended up a fight between LSU and Tennessee…with LSU coming out with the 2010 Chicago SEC Flag Football tournament trophy. In the consultation bracket Ole Miss and Florida ended up fighting to the bitter end with the Gators overtaking Ole Miss…a fight almost broke out, but both alumni were gracious and pulled back so as not to end the game and tournament on a sour note.  After the tournament, many went to the Bad Dog Tavern (Tennessee alumni bar) for the awards ceremony and some good old drinking and Southern trash talking. Next year, Alabama would like to get a larger team together and bring home the 2011 Chicago SEC Flag Football Tournament trophy!