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21st July
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I just spent this past weekend in Tuscaloosa for the Alumni Chapter Leadership Workshop.  This was a great chance to share ideas with other in-state and out-of-state alumni chapters.  Additionally we received an overview on the city after the April 27th tornado and the state of the University of Alabama from Dr. Witt.

Here’s some information from the workshop:

  • Approximately 220 members from various alumni associations were in attendance.  From every county in Alabama to Washington DC, Texas, New York, Charlotte and New Orleans.
  • Recruitment and current enrollment information:
    • Freshman Applications:
      • In 2003 Freshman Applications were at 8,000+
      • In 2010 Freshman Applications were at 20,000+
    • Freshmen Enrollment (entering Freshman)
      • In 2003 there were 3,000+
      • In 2010 there are 5,500+
    • 32/33% of the freshmen recruited are from out of state
    • Illinois has 115 students from IL and 78 students from Chicagoland going to Alabama in the Fall of 2010
    • Overall UofA enrollment is at 30,000
  • Dr. Witt would like us to let people know that the University of Alabama campus escaped the tornado of April 27, 2010 and the community is coming back.
  • There are approximately 115 active alumni chapters across the US.  So if you are traveling some place look to see if they have a chapter and are doing something when you are in town.
    • Chapters are going to share their Facebook group links so other chapters and members can find out more about what their chapter does or sells…from t-shirts, buttons to koozies.
  • BamaCharlotte shared a reverse raffle fundraising program with us that we might run at the 2011 annual event.


20th July
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Roll Tide, Chicago!
Let’s get right to the good stuff, shall we?
Summer Event
Don’t skip this part – there’s new information in here! This is a big fundraiser for us every year, so we’re hoping to see a big crowd on Thursday.
Thursday, July 21
6-8 p.m.
Featuring former Tide tight end Preston Dial
We’re also happy to welcome special guests Mark Roberts from the University’s alumni office and Dick Coffee, president of the National Alumni Association.

Houndstooth Saloon

3369 N. Clark St.
(Entrance for the event is the southern-most door of the Tooth)
Event price: $20, or $5 if you renew your membership at the event. Includes one free domestic draft (e.g., Bud Lite or Miller Lite) or soft drink. Event price does not include food;however, the Tooth kitchen will be making BBQ sandwiches with Dreamland sauce. If that’s not worth the trip, I don’t know what is.
Under 21-year-olds are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a parent.
There will be a raffle with cash and Bama-themed prizes. Also, a silent auction for two tickets to the LSU game. Some of you have asked, so here’s a few details about the silent auction: (1) You must be present to bid on the tickets. Yes, you can send a friend to do it for you, but we’re not taking emailed bids, or having board members stand in for you, or any of that kind of thing. (2) I don’t know where the tickets are located yet. These are the tickets that chapter presidents are allowed to buy, and I won’t know the seat location for another few weeks. Last year, they were in Section MM, which were great. I literally have no idea, and no control over, where they’ll be this year. But it’s LSU, so “in the stadium” is a pretty good seat. (3) The winner won’t get the tickets until I get the tickets, which will be about two weeks before the season starts. (4) The winner must not subsequently sell the tickets online.
Chapter Leadership Workshop
Our esteemed Vice President, Laurel Stepp, had the pleasure of attending the Chapter Leadership Workshop in Tuscaloosa last week. I went last year, and it was so hot, my eyelids were sweating. Laurel reports that she had an excellent time sharing ideas with other chapter officers. You can read her full report on our website.
See y’all on Thursday! RTR,
Random Notes from Marc – Special Summer Edition
Can the offseason get any worse for the Tide? First the tornado, then the o-lineman dies on spring break in Florida. Now Dee Hart the freshman running back from Michigan messes up his knee on a non contact drill. I know we are all excited for the year to start but this team has a lot already on their minds. And to top it off this picture comes up of our future QB AJ I wish I could put into words how ugly this is but I think the web site does it for me.
I admit that I love national team soccer. Men’s or Woman’s if the USA is playing more often than not I will tune in. While the Woman came up short yesterday how can anyone not get into those games? I get that soccer is slow and that woman’s soccer is slower still but man the Brazil and Japan games that is as good as it gets if you are a sports fan. Both games were edge of your seat exciting with crazy finishes and just all around great play. In a sports world ruled by dopes like Ced Benson, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds it’s nice that we still have role models out there.
There was a poll on I think the other day previewing the college football season and one of the questions was best game day tradition. You know the Grove at Ole Miss, the Tiger walk, the stupid War Eagle coming in, Hail to the Victors at Michigan but nothing about the game day tradition at Alabama. Then it struck me you know what our tradition is winning…
See everyone Thursday RTR