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9th September
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Today’s fun fact: The Daily Beast recently ran a list of the “25 Most Beautiful Colleges.” This list took into account the physical beauty of the campus itself combined with the attractiveness of the student body. The University of Alabama came in at #3.
Tornado relief t-shirt
A Penn State apparel company is offering this excellent t-shirt to commemorate this week’s game and raise funds for continuing tornado relief in Tuscaloosa. All proceeds from the shirt will be donated to rebuilding efforts.!000/Penn+State+vs.+Alabama+Tornado+Relief+T-shirt
If you know anybody in Central Illinois…
You would not believe the number of random emails I get as president of this fine chapter. Most of them sales pitches for all kinds of Bama products. I read them so you don’t have to. Every now and then, something more interesting comes along. Like this week. The vice president of the Central Illinois Penn St. Alumni Chapter contacted me to cordially invite any Illinois Bama alums to his chapter’s viewing party this weekend. If you know any Bama alums or friends in the Bloomington/Normal area, please pass this information along. It was awfully nice of them to invite us.
Firehouse Pizza
107 E. Beaufort St.  Normal, IL
(Upstairs reserved)
4th and Goal from Marc below (should we change it to Goal Line Stand?). Last weekend, he was chatting up some folks from Birmingham, Huntsville, and Columbia, SC – all of whom were amazed at how great our chapter and the Tooth are. Of course.
Our suburban location, Another Round, is also earning its own reputation as being very family friendly. See for yourself at one of our viewing parties this weekend. Kick-off is 2:30 p.m.

4th and Goal

We are changing things up this week. For starters in things I didn’t know until I became a Dad: I’m not sure who was more tired after the Kent State game, when I brought Maya to the Houndstooth: me, her or the Kent State punter. Being a “single” dad at a restaurant is freaking hard work. She was perfect 90% of the day but man I was beat by the 4th quarter.So I didn’t get to watch the game as closely as most of you. This is what I took from the game: No one got hurt, the defense is very good, Richardson somehow scored 3 times while running for only 35 yards, McCarron looked better than Simms and we need to cut down on the turnovers. This week in Happy Valley we’ll learn a lot more about the Tide. I think the defense shuts down Joe Pa’s boys and the Tide wear them down in the end. Tide 35 Penn State 14.

  • One thing we can look forward to in the Penn State/Bama game is real uniforms. There is something to be said for wearing the same “boring” jersey year after year. UGA and those gawd awful Maryland jersey’s were so bad to look at it took away from the game.
  • Last week I thought the Vandy would win more games than the Bengals. Now I think Vandy will win more and Auburn might win less. I hope I’m right.
  • An amazing thing I read this week Tennessee only had 94,000 and change at their home opener. That is close to 10,000 empty seats.
  • The best thing from this weekend was the Rice band spelling out $EC during half time vs. Texas.
  • Is anyone excited for Texas A&M to join the SEC? Or Clemson or Mizzu? The realiment talk will be very interesting to watch but the SEC doesn’t need anybody to still be #1
  • If Brian Kelly can’t turn Notre Dame around I don’t know who is left for them to hire.
  • Eddie Murphy is hosting the Oscars this year which would be great if this year was 1988.