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7th October
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Roll Tide, Chicago!
This week’s UA fun fact: In the 2009-10 academic year, 15,000 UA students completed more than 710,000 hours of community service with more than 120 community partners.
I attended graduate school at the University of Alabama, getting my MFA. For my undergraduate years, I went to Ball State University. This past weekend, I was back in Muncie, Indiana for a college reunion. I knew going in I would have no opportunity to watch the Bama-Florida game. I told family and all of my UA friends in Chicago not to text me or otherwise let me know what happened. I was going to wait all the way until I got home on Sunday to watch the game on my DVR. Turns out, I forgot to tell the actual people who were my roommates at Bama. D’oh. So I got a text late Saturday night from my friend Eric, which said, “Rammer Jammer, yellow hammer. Time to drink some brown liquid.” By which he meant bourbon, of course. It made the DVR viewing the next day rather anticlimactic.
Not much to report this week, folks. Kick-off is 6 p.m. on Saturday.
I am rooting for undefeated seasons from Bama, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Boise State, Clemson, and Stanford. They won’t all happen, but I think there’s a very good chance for four of them. BCS chaos!

4th and Goal by Marc

Is there anything better than crushing an entire fan base in 3 hours? Florida for about 10 minutes on Saturday had everything going for them. Then the TD in the end zone was rightfully overturned which would have made it 14-3 the defense held the Gators to a field goal and from their St. Nick and Kirby Smart got the boys together and the rest as they say is history. I have watched a lot of college football over the last few years and I can’t remember a defense that hits harder than ours. I mean every hit is just bone crushing. Like watching the Ravens in their prime. I guess SI agrees since the defense is on the cover this week. And while I still think we throw the ball a little too much on first down you can’t argue with how by the end of the game the other teams defense is so tired the holes are big enough for me to run through. The biggest home game in the history of the city of T-Town and maybe the biggest regular season game in the history of the SEC awaits in a few weeks. Let’s hope the Tide and LSU take care of biz between now and then, no one get hurt and both teams are at full strength. I can’t wait!

  • Ladies can you answer me this question. If you want to get dressed up for Halloween and not dress as a slutty or dirty something or other, are there other options?
  • Madonna would be a good Superbowl Half Time show 10-15 years ago. Now ugh I really don’t want to see a 50 year old singing Like a Virgin, Vogue or Justify My Love.
  • For all of the Big Ten (and Wisconsin) fans frothing at the mouth about playing for the national title know this. There is zero no let me check that less than zero chance that they will jump the winner of the SEC or Oklahoma if they go undefeated. Reason #10,001 that we need a playoff..
  • Because we all have our little things that we do to help the Tide win even with Yom Kipper (Jewish Holiday) falling on Saturday and even though we will be in Cincinnati with our family know that Maya will be rocking her Bama cheerleading outfit at least for a little while on Saturday. Even though Shana doesn’t want her to wear it to Temple (our version of Church for you scoring at home) she will be in it for kick off. The Tide is 5-0 with her in her outfit and I’ll be dammed if I change our luck.