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21st October
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Roll Tide, Chicago!
Well, that’s what I get for calling another shutout, I guess.
UA fun fact: Alabama can claim, among other alumni, a Supreme Court justice – Hugo L. Black, who graduated from the law school in 1906. He was appointed to the Court by FDR.
This week’s game
Enjoy some sanctioned, adult-supervised aggression this Saturday at the Houndstooth with our annual Tennessee Pinata Party. Just don’t trample each other for the candy. Also, in addition to our usual squares fundraiser, we’ll be having a raffle with some fun prizes, including a Bama snuggie. So bring your money! I will be at Another Round this Saturday, and I’m looking forward to meeting the crowd out there.
I love the Third Saturday in October. Event when it’s not the third Saturday in October.
Recruitment event
Just a reminder that the University will be hosting a student recruitment reception at The Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 7 p.m. Yours truly will be introducing somebody or saying something (I promise to be more eloquent when the moment arrives). If you are available to help out at the event, please contact Margaret Ila Christian at the university. Her email is
I have it from good sources that you’ll learn a few things at this event that you never knew about your alma mater. The East Tennessee Chapter had 400 people at their recruitment event, and while we may not be able to match that, we’d love to have a strong crowd. So even if you can’t volunteer, come on out.
4th and Goal by Marc
We like to claim that the SEC is the best conference year in and year out in college football. While LSU/Bama and Arkansas are holding up their end of the bargain this year the rest of the SEC is average at best and down right awful at most. While I enjoyed watching the Tide lay the beatdown on Ole Miss it’s embarrassing to the conference to have a road team win 52-7. Combine that with LSU crushing the Vols 38-7 and you have the two best teams going on the road and winning 90-14. That my friends is not the SEC football we are used to seeing.
On that note, your Bama stat of the week: Since the Tide was down 10-3 to Florida 3 weeks ago they have outscored their opponents 121-7.
Your other Bama stat of the day: Ole Miss drove 72 yards on their first TD drive. It took them till midway through the 3rd quarter to break 90 yards. So in almost 2 quarters the Tide gave up less than 20 yards. That is some amazing defense they are playing.
I’m going to the game this weekend, and since the Tide was 0-4 vs. the Vols while I was a student, I can’t wait to see a victory. Although it’s not the same without fat Phil there.
It’s not often that I am surprised by anything in sports. But yesterday when my beloved Bengals traded Carson Palmer for 2 first round picks to the Raiders shocked wouldn’t begin to describe my reaction.  The fact that they are currently 4-2 is slightly less shocking but no less enjoyable.
In this week Things I didn’t know until I was a dad, while Maya can’t talk just yet she does understand words and now when you say “Maya give me a hug” she will run over and sort of throw herself at you. I can tell you friends that it is the highlight of my day when I come into the house and she runs over and gives me a hug.