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2nd November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

So, is there a game this Saturday?

UA Fun Fact (well, I don’t know if this is “fun,” but it’s certainly unexpected): Libya’s transitional government elected a man who was a professor at the University. It’s true:

Both bars will be crowded this weekend, although “crowded” might be an understatement for the Houndstooth. Get there early, folks!

I’m working on scheduling a group volunteer outing this January, to get our chapter more involved in the community. I will keep you posted as I get details.

That’s all this week. Enjoy the game Saturday!



4th and Goal from Marc

What in the world can I add to the hype going into this game? I can’t remember a game regular season or otherwise where both teams were so evenly matched. It’s too bad with the dumb college system that one team is going to get knocked out of the race before the race is even over. Three things are in the Tides favor this week. #1 the game is at home I think that will be a big part of it. #2 Cam Newton is playing for Carolina and not LSU #3 Nick Saban doesn’t lose to the same team two years in a row. This game is going to be a battle royal from start to finish but I see our boys pulling it out 24-14. Or it could be 3-0.

  • You know what scares me more than losing this game? The fact that the Tide still plays 3 regular season game after this game. I’ll tip my cap to LSU if they can come into BDS and beat the Tide on Saturday. I’d be much less inclined to do that to any of the other 3 teams on the schedule plus whatever scrub comes out of the East. That is what makes this 1 vs. 2 so interesting to me. It’s not for the national title, it’s not for the league title, heck it’s not even for the Div. title. It’s a game during week 10 of the college football season. A big one but just a game non the less.
  • It’s a hard pill for us to swallow but when LSU/Bama are off like they were last week, the SEC is AVERAGE and that is putting a nice spin on it.
  • How does a team like Florida, not on probation or any other trouble, rush for -23 yards in a game? It was 2 years ago that they played in the SEC championship game. Amazing.
  • Andrew Luck is really good and I  hope that Stanford plays the winner of the SEC, since it would be interesting to see him go against that type of defense.
  • Finally, I love Halloween and now I love it even more. Taking Maya trick or treating was more fun that even I could imagine. She doesn’t eat candy but she sure enjoyed picking it out of the bowls and putting it in her bucket. Can we make Halloween every month and not just once a year?

See everyone at the Tooth this Saturday. It’s going to be rockin!