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6th April
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Roll Tide Chicago!

My last UA fun fact: The university was recently ranked 10th in a listing of the fittest campuses in the country by Men’s Fitness magazine.

Yes, this is my last email to y’all. All good things must come to an end, and my time as president of this fine chapter is no exception. I’m pleased to announce Laurel Stepp as Roll Tide Chicago’s new president. She has been a dedicated and hard-working board member for many years, including the last two years as VP. I would not have made it through the last two years without her. Many of you already know her, but wish her well the next time you see her.

I was asked to be on the first board of directors for the chapter in 2005, and the board had just five people those first couple of years (shout out to Richard Edwards, Marc Brafman, John Romano, and Matt Anderson). On a good day, we’d have 40 people to watch football games at a tiny bar called Ollie’s in Lincoln Park. We now have 600 people on our mailing list, more than 200 dues paying members, and it seems like 1,000 fans at the Houndstooth and Another Round every week. We’re about to give away our second scholarship. We raised $7,000 for tornado relief. We’ve supported the Illinois MS Walk and donated hundreds of pounds of food to a local pantry. And we’ve won Chapter of the Year two times. The chapter’s board of directors now has nine people and is largely comprised of folks who weren’t on the scene when we started our little enterprise. That more than anything is our greatest accomplishment: our chapter is here to stay. Which leads me to…

Volunteer Opportunities with the Chapter

We’re always looking for people to help us out! If you want to volunteer for any of the following committees, please email or contact Laurel via our Facebook page.

  • Viewing Parties: Help us set up, sell t-shirts, squares, raffle tickets, and do other game-day tasks at the Houndstooth. If we get enough volunteers, we’ll be able to set up a schedule and each volunteer only has to “work” 2-3 times. This is an important one, but not too time-consuming, so a great way to contribute your time.
  • Suburban Viewing Parties: Same thing, only at Another Round. You loyal ARers know what a great job Kim and Paul do there every week. Lend them a hand!
  • SEC alumni liaison: We’re looking for one person who can be our liaison among the other Chicago SEC chapters. This includes organizing our participation in the annual flag football event.
  • Summer Event: Help us plan and execute our annual summer party.
  • Community Outreach: One aspect of our mission is to promote the University of Alabama in the community, and we’d like to do that by organizing group volunteer outings. So if you have a favorite nonprofit that needs some help, let us know, and we’ll coordinate.
  • Facebook: Keep our Facebook page updated.
  • Webmaster: Our esteemed webmaster and email guru, Matt Anderson (hi, Matt!), has been at his post for 7 years, too. So we’re looking for some assistance in this all-important area.

Student Recruitment Events

We’re continuing to recruit people to attend high school recruitment events. NOTE: The Navy Pier date as previously posted was incorrect. The correct date is May 31. To volunteer for any of these events, contact Bethany Forrest at

4/9 at Barrington (Barrington, evening)

4/10 at St. Charles North (St. Charles, evening)

4/11 at Niles West (Skokie, evening)

4/12 at Allstate Plaza (Northbrook, evening)

4/19 at Regina Dominican (Wilmette, day)

4/19 at Hinsdale South (Darien, evening)

5/31 at Navy Pier (Chicago, sign up for morning or evening shift)

Well, that’s all from me! It has been a pleasure to help found the group in 2005, lead it for the past two years, and now, pass the torch. And it’s been an honor to meet so many of you.

We’ll be gathering at the Houndstooth for A-Day. Your new president Laurel will be sending out information soon.

See you around!

Cheers and RTR,


4th and Goal by Marc

Were the rest of you amused by all the hype for the Kentucky/Louisville Final 4 Game as I was? I get it-it’s a huge game with big stakes, but the rest of the country needs to wake up and remember the real interstate rival is down a little further south. When the last three national champs come out of the this game, come talk to us. We have this big game EVERY year and talk about it the rest of the time.

Did you see the video of Trent Richardson at Bama’s pro day the other day? This dude is strong:

Now that I have a daughter who I hope will play sports, it’s refreshing to see how good the Tide’s woman’s sports teams are doing. The Gymnastics’ team is currently ranked 4th and has a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament and the softball team is #2 and has lost 1 game all year. Keep up the good work ladies.

In things I didn’t know until I was a Dad this week it is how much kids, and it seems like all kids Maya’s age, love Thomas the Tank Engine (and his friends). This has to be one of the dumbest shows ever put on TV, yet every night before bed Maya has to watch a couple of minutes of Choo-Choo. When we were out earlier this week, and she had her Thomas sippy cup three other little kids came over and pointed at it.

Finally I’d like to take a second and thank everyone for their continued support of our chapter. After 7+ years of being board members Laura and I are handing over the reins of our fine chapter to Laurel and the rest of the new board. It’s amazing to me and those of us that have been around since the start to see how much we have grown over the years. I’ve loved every second that we have spent at Ollie’s on Diversey, to the old Houndstooth to the current location. We’ve watched the team go from Mike Shula keeping Tyler Watts in for one series too long vs. Western Somebody to this current senior class go 46-5 over their 4 years at the Capstone and winning 2 national titles. We’ve raised thousands of dollars for our scholarship fund, came together after the tornado and puffed our chests out all over Chicago while singing the Rammer Jammer. I’m not leaving Chicago, and Laurel has been nice enough to let me continue to write 4th and goal. But I just wanted to say thanks again for making the last few years a blast.