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2nd November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA fun fact: WVUA-FM, “90.7 The Capstone”, formerly known as “New Rock 90.7”, is one of the older college radio stations in the nation, tracing its roots back to 1940. It carries a variety of music programming and broadcasts the games of several of the university’s sports teams.  Chicago is now home to at least 3 former DJ’s from the late 90s, from New Rock 90.7 days, these alumni include your current President Laurel J. Stepp, past RTC president Marc Brafman and Will Byington, who might be on a cruise ship now taking photos of a band like Kiss!

Viewing Parties
Both of our locations will be busy again Saturday night for, Alabama vs. LSU.  Kickoffs is at 7:00 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a seat at either bar.
Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark
Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Note: Want to support the RTC Scholarship Fund this weekend?  We are renting 3 tables for the Alabama vs. LSU game this weekend at the Houndstooth.  Each table will seat 4 and is $100.  All of the $100 will go to out scholarship fund and you will have a dedicated server and a place to sit for the entire game.  This week’s kickoff is at 7 pm and the only requirement is that you will need to have someone (at least one person) at your table 2 hours prior to kickoff (5pm).  Please email us at if you are interested in one of the tables.
Your membership helps support our chapter activities, including our scholarship fund.  It also makes us look good to UA. You can buy or renew your membership on our website: or at any viewing party. Memberships include a free Alabama Chicago T-shirt.
$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt
$40 Crimson Membership – Includes 2 T-shirts
$60 Houndstooth Membership – Includes 4 T-shirts
$30 for a 2012 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt without membership
Payments will be accepted via cash, credit or check.
We also have long sleeve and children’s T-shirts still available for sale at the Houndstooth and Another Round this Saturday.

Long Sleeve T-shirt Pricing:
Members: $30 each
Non-Members: $35 each
Children’s t-shirt Pricing:
Members: $15 each
Non-Members: $20 each
Roll Tide and see you Saturday at The Houndstooth or Another Round!

4th & Goal
Three down and two to go! That is how I look at the rest of the season. The Tide seems to be churning its way to at least the SEC west title but first we have to beat a certain team from Baton Rouge. While this isn’t last year’s LSU team this is still LSU we are talking about. How hard is it to win a game at night in Death Valley? Les Miles is 36-1 in his career at night in Death Valley. Now with that said I see no reason why this year’s team can’t change that to 36-2. I see this game going almost exactly like the National Title game. The Tide will load the box with Jessie Williams and company and dare LSU to throw the ball all the while bringing blitz and stunts all night. Last week vs. Miss. State while the Tide might have only gotten a couple of sacks they hit the QB on almost every play; it was really something to see live. So you ask Marc what is the score going to be? I think the Tide wins 24-10 and moves on.
Last week, I was down in chilly T-Town for the homecoming game. Before I dwell on the game a couple of things that need to be stated:  #1 Campus is something else. Every year they build more and more building (it’s amazing what it looks like over by Paty Dorm) and the Ferg. It wasn’t all that long ago (1995) that I lived there my freshman year and from Paty to campus seemed like a long walk with nothing. Now there are bike lanes, a walking path, more buildings and dorms. Just incredible! Some highlights from the weekend:
  • Is it really necessary for three different floats in the parade to play Sweet Home Alabama?
  • It was COLD on Saturday yet the quad was packed.
  • The Pomping at the sorority houses has been stepped up a notch since I left school. Back in the day pomping was an excuse to go to the girl’s house, drink a little and stick some paper into chicken wire. Now it looks like they actually care what it looks like.
Now then onto the game itself, I was lucky enough to get a field pass (see picture below) and let me tell you. If you think the guys are big on TV they are HUGE standing 3 feet from them. Mike Williams, Barret Jones, etc. they are HUGE. I also was standing in front of the Wide outs when they were doing their drills. Every pass and I mean every pass from AJ was right on the money (a preview of the pass he tossed to Hall for the TD in the 1st quarter.)
Before the game on Twitter, and even on campus Miss. State put We Believe signs all over including one on the Saban statue and a shirt on Bear. They might have believed but 12 minutes into the game it was over. When Bama is humming like they did in the first quarter, there isn’t a team out there that can touch them. Just a complete beat down from the opening whistle. I expect much the same this week. LSU will be hot with the game at home but once the Tide punches them in the mouth a few times they will fall in line along with everyone else. It really is something to watch in person.
Onto the crazy Bama and college football numbers:
  • For the first time since last Nov. the SEC is not 1-2 in the BCS standings
  • Alabama has forced 23 turnovers this season converting them into 17 TDs and 2 FGs for a total of 125 points
  • Kent State is bowl-eligible for 1st time since 1972. That team featured Nick Saban, Jack Lambert and Gary Pinkel. Wow.
  • This week in the train wreck that is Auburn football: Texas A&M (6-2, 3-2 SEC) came to the Plains and racked up 464 yards in the first half en route to a 63-21 rout of the Tigers (1-7, 0-6). The Aggies’ output marked the most points allowed by Auburn since 1917, and the Tigers are 1-7 for the first time since 1952. “We couldn’t tackle, we couldn’t cover and we couldn’t rush the quarterback,” said Coach Gene Chizik, whose job security departed along with about half the crowd by the third quarter.
  • The Tide has allowed more than 14 points only once in its last 21 games. The one team able to score more? Georgia Southern, of course, which put 21 on the board last November. Other dominant stat: Alabama leads the nation in both pass efficiency and pass-efficiency defense.
  • Finally and this is the most incredible of all: In the third quarter the Tide looked more like the Bengals on offense than Alabama and went 3 and out on three straight drives. This is the first time that has happened since the National Title game vs. Texas.
Keep rooting for Notre Dame. They will be lucky to cross midfield if we play them in Miami.  And while you are at it root for Oregon and K-State just because I hate the BCS and I want as many teams in the mix as possible.
Finally, with this past Wednesday having been Halloween (which is my favorite night of the year) Maya and I will be dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine. She is all set to say trick or treat and get the candy. Here is a look at our joint costume: