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9th November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA fun fact: During World War II, UA was one of 131 colleges and universities nationally that took part in the V-12 Navy College Training Program which offered students a path to a Navy commission. This week UA’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs is hosting a series of events across campus in recognition of Veterans Week.

I know it took me more than 24hours to come down from last night’s Alabama vs. LSU game, both the Houndstooth and Another Round were crazy, check out our Facebook page at!/groups/70751310545/ for photos and videos from both viewing parties last Saturday, if you have any to add please upload to our page.

This week we are playing Texas A&M (Aggies), one of the SEC’s newest members, but don’t forget the Bear and Coach Stallings legacies, our two universities are also oddly connected and steeped in tradition.

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be busy again Saturday afternoon for Alabama vs. Texas A&M. Kickoffs is at 2:30 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a seat at either bar.

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Roll Tide and see you Saturday at The Houndstooth or Another Round!


4th & Goal

The Rally in Death Valley addition:
Ok, so it’s been more than 24 hours, we really shouldn’t be talking about the win vs. LSU anymore but come on how can you not? Plus it gives me the excuse to watch this video again: (watching this game at home I was doing the exact same thing. I woke Maya up and somehow hurt my ankle jumping around like a moron!)

I will put that 2nd on the list of sports YouTube video’s that I have watched the most (first being Jay Bruce hitting a walk off homer in 2010 to clinch the Reds first playoff berth since 1995.) And just like that homer the reason this is so special is because it came out of left field. I was certain that the game was over. The Tide was DOA and then boom we win, just an incredible ending to an otherwise really awful 2nd half. Three more thoughts on the game before Coach Saban makes me move onto A&M:

1. I think of the last three LSU/Bama games like the Ali/Frazier heavy weight fights back in the 70’s. The first fight/game was called the biggest fight/game of all time or at least in a very long time with Fraizer the LSU in this story, winning a surprise win when he knocked the Champ down. But just like Bama, Ali rose up and won the 2nd fight pretty handily (in a game that few will remember other than it was for the national title) finally the 3rd fight/game an all-time classic that no fan of college football or boxing will ever forget. The Thrilla in Manila and the Rally in Death Valley will go down in sports lore. Two heavy weights trading punches each team/man giving it everything they had, and at the end the better team/fighter won but was worse for the wear for it.

2. As the game was slipping away all I could think of was: why in the world did we go away from the run in the 2nd half, how in god’s name is Les Miles going to beat Saban again and my lord Notre Dame is going to be ranked higher than the Tide.

3. I honestly believe that AJ McCarron will be the best COLLEGE QB ever to lace um up at the Capstone.

It was a great win and a wonderful comeback but from the reaction of everyone you’d thought we’d won the National Title. Not to rain on everyone’s parade but the Tide hasn’t even won the West yet let alone a title. 4 more games to go…

If beating LSU at home wasn’t good enough maybe this fool won’t be allowed back into a press box anytime soon:–radio-host-booted-from-press-box-for-excessive-cheering-during-lsu-alabama-game.html

Now, with all of the LSU game out of our blood it’s time we turn our attention to a very good Texas A&M team. If this game was at College Station I would be scared to death. But it’s not so I’m just merely nervous. A&M presents a challenge to the Tide with the hurry up offense and a QB that can both run and pass. If there is any coach and team that can turn the page from a huge win, it’s the Tide and Coach Saban. I don’t see a letdown per-say but it’s only natural for the guys to not be as up for this game as they were for the LSU game. Either way this will be a great test for the guys and it could be a great chance to see how they would play a team like Oregon. I think the Tide forces the Aggies to throw, keeps the offense off the field by RUNNING The ball (if you want my commentary on the 2nd half play calling vs. LSU please visit me at the Tooth on Saturday) and wears them down like we do vs. everyone. The experts say the spread is 13 so I’ll say Bama 28 A&M 14.

• Your fun stat of the week A&M addition: The Aggies QB Johnny “football” has scored 24 touchdowns passing and running which is more than Mizzou and Auburn have scored COMBINED
• Fun Stat BCS: Since 1st poll of 2011 season (12 total), a #SEC team has held 22 of the 25 positions in the #BCS Standings. Only ones not: 4, 17, and 19.
• Fun Stat K-State addition: Kansas State has scored 111 points off turnovers; its opponents have scored zero.
• Fun stat Notre Dame Addition: I don’t have a stat just that having watched the Irish the last two weeks I have changed my tune on them. I went from zero chance that they wouldn’t play for the national title if they run the table to zero chance they do if Oregon and K-State also go 12-0. ND has 3-4 players’ tops that would have even seen the field in the Bama/LSU game. I’m not talking about starting I’m talking playing period. Now if Stanford can beat Oregon and TCU or Texas can beat K-State and ND runs the table I honestly don’t think they get across mid field vs. the Tide.
Since Auburn won for a change let’s pick on our 2nd least favorite coach:

Do you realize that with both Ohio State and Penn State being on probation if Indiana wins out they will play for the Big Ten championship?

Do you or anyone you know care about this game? my stance on bowl games not the national title game is pretty clear. I hope the Tide wins but if they lose I really don’t care. If the day comes where Bama and Baylor are playing in this game while LSU and Oklahoma are playing in the 4 team national title matchup I will care even less (if that is possible)
Finally, in this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: I have figured out how to watch and entertain Maya while also watching football. It’s easy actually invite her friends over to your house for a playdate. The Dads can watch football while keeping an eye on the kids while the kids can watch if they want (something Maya actually enjoys) and they can play together. I did this both Saturday and Sunday worked like a charm everyone wins right?

Amazingly I will be at the Tooth on Saturday with my Dad. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.