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17th November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!
UA fun fact: From a small campus of seven buildings in the wilderness on the main road between Tuscaloosa and Huntsville (now University Boulevard) in the 1830s, UA has grown to a massive 1,970-acre campus in the heart of Tuscaloosa today. There are 297 buildings on campus containing some 10,600,000 square feet of space.
Regarding last week’s game, I have nothing to add that you can’t read elsewhere, especially below in Marc’s 4th & Goal.  Roll Tide Roll! Is all I will add!

Viewing Parties
It’s a day game this Saturday with kickoff at 11:21 am, I know you might be tempted to skip this week at the Houndstooth or Another Round, but day games against lesser foes are actually a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Bama alums. There’s more room to move and actually places to sit down and you don’t have to scream to talk to your friends. So join us at the Tooth for what we hope is a relaxing afternoon.
W. Carolina’s is a Division I-AA team and their mascot is the Catamount…all I could say is what is a Catamount?  Wild cats of the “catamount variety”, including the bobcat, cougar or lynx, have roamed the southern Appalachian Mountains for years….learned something new this week didn’t we.

2012 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt
Don’t forget about ordering your 2012 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirts before they are gone! They make great holiday presents…so don’t forget to order yours today to ensure you receive your shirts in time for the holidays.  You can order online at or pickup T-shirts, which include the long sleeve and kids t-shirt only at the Houndstooth or Another Round this Saturday.
Roll Tide and I will not be at the Houndstooth Saturday, but say hi to Lisa or Casey and if you are at Another Round say hi to Paul for me!
4th & Goal
If two weeks ago was the Rally in Death Valley than last Saturday was the What If Bowl.
Being that I am 36 and a father of 1 with another on the way I try and put sports in perspective. I really try and remember that there are better and more important things in life. But games like Saturday just burn me to no end. I didn’t think that any loss could bother me as much as the Cam Newton Iron Bowl loss a few years ago but I could chalk that one up to a better team came into BD Stadium with the best college player in 20 years and beat us. That was not the case on Saturday. I’m taking nothing away from the amazing Johnny “football” Manzell who did just about anything he wanted for most of the game. But when you have 1st and goal from the 6 and you run the ball only once and on 2nd down no less it just confuses me to no end. I don’t want to hear that A&M was stacking the line or that they were expecting the run. I don’t want to hear that if the pass on 4th down had worked we would be celebrating a great play call. Alabama football as we know it under Coach Saban is a run first run often and run through teams. We don’t (or didn’t) care what defense they were playing our offensive line and running backs were good enough to beat you. Bring your best and we will blow you off the line. Bring in more guys and we will run it down your throat anyway. But over the last two weeks for some reason the Tide has gone away from that. Take a look at this breakdown of the offensive plays if you don’t believe me:
It doesn’t take a football lifer to see that the reason the Tide has struggled the last two weeks is because we have gotten away from what has brought us this far in the first place.
There was a lot of nonsense written and said (including the insane ramblings of Lou Holtz who said that not only has the game passed Nick Saban buy but that he should retire after this game) that the A&M win is a turning point in the SEC and that all of a sudden the spread is going to be the norm while old defensive teams like LSU, Bama and even UGA are going to be put out to bed. My response to that is BULL. Do you know what slows down fast paced offensive teams like A&M and Oregon? Keeping their offense on the sideline and grinding out drives on offense. Do you know how one does that? By you guessed it RUNNING THE BALL.
Bill Simmons from ESPN and Grantland has always written that if your team wins a title that gives them a 5 year no criticism window to operated under  and I am fine with that except in the following: When you have first and goal from the 6 and the supposed strength of your team is your offensive line and you run the ball once the question needs to be asked. OK I feel better now. Moving on…
The worse part about the loss as all of you know is that now we are on the outside looking in for the BCS title game. Here is a good breakdown of what we need to happen to get back to Miami:
In case you are wondering I will handy cap the rest of the season this way: Notre Dame will lose to USC IF and it’s a big IF USC jumps out early to a lead. Notre Dame can’t score against air most of the time. Kansas State I believe runs the table but Texas in two weeks will give them all they can handle. The big question mark is Oregon. They have the hardest stretch and in case you haven’t been paying attention they beat up. 4 offensive lineman, their entire starting secondardy , starting QB, and running back. A team like Stanford that is big upfront and can pound the ball could give them trouble. Plus just like how the Tide tried to do everything they could to beat Auburn a couple of years ago the Civil War next weekend will be throw the record out the door type of game. If everything holds up it looks like the Tide would play Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. Wow that is a ratings winner. Will lightening strike? As they say that is why you play the game…
Stats from last week:
·        Bama became only the 4th #1 team to ever play three teams ranked in the top 15 in back to back to back weeks. The only #1 to make it through without losing was the amazing 2001 Miami team.
·        Of the 23 current starters — 12 listed on the offense — 16 of them are underclassmen and, barring early leaps for the NFL, would return in 2013.  On the two-deep depth chart, 36 of the 46 players are non-seniors. Bama will be just fine next year.
·        Bama is -5 in turnovers the last two weeks it’s not hard to see why they are struggling
·        The Gene watch is in full effect down on the plains. But if they do fire him after what I think most of us expect to be one of the bigger blowouts in Iron Bowl history take a look at how much Auburn will owe him not to coach:
This has nothing to do with the SEC but did you see that the Big East next year is splitting into two divisions? All well and good until you see how they break down:

East Division

West Division
Boise State
San Diego State
I’m not the smartest guy in the world but isn’t Temple in Philly?
This week in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Maya now likes to sing but only by herself. So if she is humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I start chiming in she will tell me to be quite. I guess I don’t sound like Sinatra after all..