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18th October
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

What Tuscaloosa establishment’s nickname is a reflection of the travel time it takes to get there?

Nick’s – known affectionately as “Nick’s in the Sticks.”

What is the specialty drink of the house at Nick’s?

A Nicodemus – bright red and very strong!

If you have never been to Nick’s in the Sticks – make sure you stop by it’s a great place and have a Nicodemus or two…we will be stopping by next weekend during the Tennessee game weekend!

If you did not know at least 15 of us from Roll Tide Chicago, and many more who got their own tickets to the game went down to Lexington last weekend for the Alabama vs. Kentucky game.  It was great seeing all the Crimson around Lexington all weekend and hope we will have a chance to do another Roll Tide Chicago road trip to an Alabama game in the coming years.  Here is a picture of some of us at the game:

Thank you to those that helped at the Houndstooth and Another Round last weekend while most of the board was in Lexington.  Please note that the things we have at the board table at the Houndstooth are not all for giveaways or to take, we have things that have been stolen from our table…so please be mindful that some things are people’s personal property and we might sell it to you, but please do not swipe Bama items from the tables – ask first!  Missing 2 small elephants with Alabama Buttons – please return!


Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Arkansas Saturday; kickoffs is at 6:00 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Social Committee

Want to introduce y’all to our new members of the Roll Tide Chicago Social Committee, welcome Katy and Alexandra!  They will be putting together different social events for Roll Tide Chicago and the Chicago SEC Alumni association throughout the year, so keep watch for different events.  Have suggestions for different social events you can reach out to them at

See y’all this weekend at the Houndstooth or Another Round to cheer on Alabama, but remember to Roll Tide!

Roll Tide!



4th & Goal

As a sports fan do you ever have an ah-ha moment when you realize that you are just as bad as the rest of the sports fans? What do you mean by that Marc? Let me explain. As you all know as big an Alabama fan as I am, I am 10x a bigger Cincinnati Reds fan. I spent the first 18 years of my life not having a clue about Alabama but living and dying by the Reds. With that said I have come to hate everything about the St. Louis Cardinals (the only thing I have in common with Cubs fans) they are always good, they aren’t flashy, they have great and loyal fans, old school uniforms, have been consistently good if not great for pretty much 100 years, always seem to get great players either through trades or rookies that they bring up. There old manager (Tony LaRussa) had some success at his first couple of spots (White Sox, A’s) before winning two more titles in St. Louis. I openly root against them in the playoffs and even root for teams that I normally could care less about (Pirates and Dodgers) and if they make the World Series Boston or Detroit. Now you guys are saying that is great Marc what in the world does that have to do with Alabama football? Yesterday I was doing my normal Wed. night college football reading and on ESPN’s Grantland web site they were doing there midseason college football recap and writer Andrew Sharpe had this to say about the Tide:

Andrew Sharp: It’s happening again.

We’re halfway through the season, Alabama is undefeated, and soon we’ll have to worship Saban all over again. I want to strangle someone every time a TV analyst starts getting all starry-eyed talking about Nick Saban’s “process.” Or his team’s discipline. Or his preparation. Or that one time he left his wife and kids on the side of the road during a vacation in Mexico because he had to drive to Texas to recruit and then go watch film because football never stops and winners never take a day off. This is awful.

But it’s happening again.

Yes, Nick Saban may be the greatest college coach we’ve seen since Bear Bryant. And if we really want to have that conversation, Saban’s accomplishments are probably more impressive than Bryant’s, because it’s much harder to be this dominant in 2013. But no.

F#%k Saban, and f^&K his unstoppable, joyless winning machine. Please just let someone other than Bama win the national title this year so we don’t have to keep pretending AJ McCarron is a good quarterback or continue worshiping this perpetually constipated elf genius.

It’s not about the SEC. I love the SEC. I’m just sick of Bama winning every year. Three out of four and counting. The title game is in Pasadena this year, and I’ll be there, and all I ask is that I don’t have to watch Saban lift another crystal football.

The Tide’s schedule the rest of the way?

• vs. Arkansas
• vs. Tennessee
• vs. no. 6 LSU
• at Mississippi State
• vs. Chattanooga
• at no. 24 Auburn

And … yep! Unless LSU can save us, it’s probably happening again. Bama will go undefeated into the SEC championship game, probably maul some lame SEC East team unless Georgia gets there, and even then it’s hard to imagine Bama losing.

Accept it.

Accept it and try to cope by watching Oregon instead, or Clemson, or A&M, or any college football team that’s actually fun. But we all know how this ends.

And if you think we’re not appreciating Bama here, don’t worry. There is no better testament to Alabama’s greatness than how much people like me hate this team and wish it would just disappear forever. That goes for the fans, too.

You know what? I hope Alabama gets to the national championship. I hope Marcus Mariota and De’Anthony Thomas drop 60 on a stone-faced Saban as 70,000 fans spend the night in dead silence. Take it as a compliment, Alabama. I hate you all so much. See you in January.

And it was at that point that I realized that most of the rest of the college football world hates us. And just like me when it comes to the Cards I also realize that hated is jealousy and that I have to except that the Reds might beat the Cards from time to time but they will never be better than the Cards. And sure Bama might not go all the way this year but we sure are going to be major players year in and year out.  And that most drive the rest of college football fans crazy.

A few thoughts on last Saturdays beat down of UK: Bill Simmons my favorite writer for ESPN has something he calls the Ewing Theory which states that when a good player goes down for a team they rally around the subs and actually play better. I think we are seeing this with Ryan Kelly being out at Center. Since he got hurt the Tide has found their running game again (minus the fumbles) and it seems like AJ has more time to throw. With Kelly healthy we’ll see how the line plays this week. Did you know that last week the Tide ran up more yards on offense than any Bama team since 1973? Had it not been for the fumbles they would have won by 70.

Don’t believe that the rest of the country is against us? While I am not a betting man this stat is crazy: The Tide counting last week has been favored in a remarkable 48 straight games going back to the 2009 SEC championship game.

Remember when we were all up and arms over the Bama defense after the A&M game? Take a look at this stat: Consider — Alabama has given up just 68 points all season.

42 of them came to Manziel and A&M. The other five opponents on the Tide schedule have scored just 26 combined.

Want an even crazier stat? A&M scored more points in the second half than all of the Tide’s other five opponents have scored this year

With Jackson, Vinny, Ha-Ha (coming back soon) and CJ leading the way this defense is rounding into shape. I found it telling how upset the defense was for giving up that TD to Kentucky last week. Not many defenses would be that upset giving up a touchdown on the road. If they can continue to improve this team might get really getting its act together.

With that said the next two games the Tide needs to continue to improve. Too many drops, too many fumbles, and too many dumb penalties so far their talent is so far superior to whom they play they can get away with it. But that LSU game is coming up and if they don’t improve the little things we could be in for a surprise and not a good one on Nov. 9th

Last Saturday was one of those special days that sports fans like me live for. Wall to wall great college football (UGA/Mizzu) FSU/BC leading into LSU/Florida and Oregon/Washington followed up by our game, the classically awful Michigan/Penn State game and finally Ole Miss/ Texas A&M game.

Two things on the A&M game since I was watching this during our game. First because I am a fan of college football I was upset to see Johnny Football go down with what looked like a terrible knee injury. Sure I want A&M to lose but I love watching that guy play. And 2nd Hugh Freeze should be fired for his dumb play calling down the stretch. I understand that they run the spread offense and pass a lot but would it have killed them to run the ball once or twice to at worse eat the clock? Of course JF led the Aggies to two scores in less than 4 mins to win the game that they should have lost. Speaking of Ole Miss as a father of a daughter it melts my heart to see this video and think about Maya doing the same thing in 15 years:

The SEC this week put 8 teams in the top 25 tying a record. Meanwhile the Little 10 has 2 one being OSU and the other being Wisconsin. What does this mean for our friends from the Midwest? It could mean that by the end of the year OSU will have ended the year playing 2 teams ranked in the top 25. Simply amazing how this league has fallen so far behind the rest of college football.

As former Roll Tide Chicago President Laura texted me this morning and asked if it was normal for us to be more excited for the  FSU/Clemson game on Saturday night than our game which hopefully will be another blowout. The biggest game in ACC history could decide who the Tide plays in the National Championship game. I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

Finally because I know you are paying attention to VA Tech: Check this stat out: Virginia Tech’s defense turned in another suffocating performance in Saturday’s 19-9 win over Pittsburgh (3-2, 2-2). It sacked Panthers quarterback Tom Savage eight times, led by three from Dadi Nicolas. “We got eight, but I bet we probably missed eight,” Hokies coach Frank Beamer lamented afterward. Virginia Tech (6-1, 3-0) has now rolled off six straight wins since its season-opening loss to No. 1 Alabama. It’s allowing just 3.97 yards per play, second only to Michigan State. Keep on rolling Hokies it will make us look even better.

This week in music: I watched an outstanding movie over the weekend called Muscles Shoals: take a look at the web site: While I had of course heard of the studio down there and knew about the Swampers (in Alabama they have the Swampers, they’ve been known to pick a song or two) but I had no clue how many all-time classics were recorded down there. Here are two that I like: (Wilson Picket’s take on Hey Jude with Duanne Allman burning up the slide guitar) don’t believe me fast forward to 2:50 into the song) and of course for my money the greatest song ever recorded by a woman and in the running for greatest single of all time: it is as shocking to me now as it was to Aretha then that white guys could play with this much soul.

This week in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: It’s amazing how different your kids are. Maya never pulled anything off a shelf, never pulled herself up on anything and you could leave her on the floor for a little bit and she would be fine. Jacob pulls everything down, can pull himself up by himself and once he starts walking will be getting into everything. It’s a good thing they are cute!