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24th September
written by Todd Cheatham

Roll Tide everybody!!!


Tide Trivia: In what decade was a live elephant use as a mascot? Answer: In the 1940’s. He name was Alamite, and on some occasions the Homecoming Queen would ride atop him.

Well, it’s time for Game 4. It’s another home game and it’s against University of Louisiana in Monroe (ULM). So, let’s pick ourselves up, brush off last’s week’s loss, and move on. Never forget, we are the Tide and the tide will continue to roll. We still have a tough season ahead and we need to regain our momentum. It’s not too late.

If you’re planning on watching the game in the Chicagoland area, please join us at either of our two locations. The Houndstooth is located at 3369 N Clark St. Our suburban location, Another Round, is located at 5141 Main Street in Downer’s Grove. The Houndstooth’s web site for further details is Another Round’s web site is

There are no reservations at “The Tooth” and it is based on a “first come, first serve”. Note: There is a Cubs game at home at 12:15 PM CT. There could be some additional “foot traffic”, so arrive 2 hours (if not more) prior to kick off to grab a table or it will be standing room only. The game is scheduled to beginning at 3:00 PM CT. The alumni association will be there to greet you. As soon as you enter, turn to your immediate right and we’ll be there to greet you as you enter. So, come on down and watch the Tide play at home against ULM.

Another Round will be opened also and ready to great all the wonderful, local AL fans. We have a private area to the far left as you enter the bar. Please wear your crimson and white to cheer on the Tide.

We’re still selling our 2015 memberships. In addition, Roll Tide Chicago is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our brand new shirt is designed to commemorate this special occasion. Stop by the membership desk and purchase yours.  Our memberships are as follows:

White level (single) – $25 and includes one shirt

Crimson level (duel) – $40 and includes two shirts

Houndstooth level (family) – $60 and includes four shirts

Single shirt purchase (non member) – $30 each

Additional shirt purchase (member) – $20

Also, in honor of our 10th anniversary, we are offering a pre-order polo design shirt. These shirts are of a higher quality and display our 10th anniversary commemorative logo, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The price for these one of a kind polo shirts is $40.

Lastly, we have a brand new raffle to offer you. We are selling raffle tickets for 4 LSU tickets. These tickets include a parking spot and four other tickets to the President’s Mansion (a dressed event with a free bar and appetizers). A prize valued at $700. There is a $100 gift card for second place and a $50 gift card for third place. We will be selling tickets online and at each view party’s location for $50 per ticket. Grab yours soon because they will be going quickly.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. We have all sizes in men’s and women’s from small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large (the polo’s can be ordered in an XXXL size). Anyone of our board members can assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If you need to reach us or have any questions prior to the game, please visit our web site at or send us an email at

Matt, Lisa, Laurel and I will be available to answer any questions you may have. Kim, Roni, Jack and Cathy will be at Another Round to assist you. Please stop by and give us a hearty “ROLL TIDE”!

Todd Cheatham



4th and Goal

By Marc Brafman

Boy, it’s not the way we drew it up on Saturday, huh? Before we turn the page there are a couple of things worth addressing: First and foremost if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s being a sore loser. After the game all I heard from the Tide was how we gave it away (5 turnovers will do that) or we didn’t do this and we didn’t do that cause we were the better team, etc. And part two, our defense is somehow blameless in this loss because of the fluke TD, or the pass over the line, or the lineman was down field, etc.  Did all of that happen?  Of course, it did and they are all valid points; but, let’s look at the bigger picture for a second. Starting with the re-match with Texas A&M and Johnny Football four seasons ago. Nick Saban and Kirby Smart STILL can’t stop a good spread offense or for that matter a good offense period. Think about that for a second. Back to Back Iron Bowls, Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, Ole Miss Last year, Ole Miss this year, Ohio State. In the last three games that have mattered (the SEC championship not included) our defense has given up over 40 points. Do you see any improvement? “But Marc, our offense turned it over short field”, etc. etc. I understand but where is Alabama creating turnovers? Where are the three time outs we used, and most importantly , and this bothers me more than anything, in each of those games OSU, Oklahoma, even in the Iron Bowl when our defense has needed to come up big and make a big stop, it has failed and in most cases failed by giving up a Touchdown. More than the QB play or the suspect play calling this trend needs to be fixed and fixed fast. I take nothing away from Kirby Smart. The man has done amazing things with player after player and season after season but would it bother any of you if after this year (regardless of how this year plays out) the Capstone parts ways with him? I for one would not be disappointed.


One last thing, and this falls on both Coach Saban and everyone’s favorite punching bag Lane Kiffin. The talk after the game was our offense still doesn’t have an identity or hasn’t found itself. The answer to this question is pretty easy. Last year both coaches did everything they could to get our best offensive players the ball. Coop, Yeldon, Drake and Henry moved the season along. Saturday night was not the case. Look at LSU or UGA. Do they have more talent on offense than we do? No way, not by a long shot, but what they do have is a plan to get their best two players the ball as much as possible. Lenny F for LSU and Girly for UGA. The last INT by Coker should have been Henry off tackle to the left, and then, up the middle, to the right, rinse and repeat. Then you can pass off the run. Somehow we’ve gone the complete opposite with two QB’s that aren’t up to that challenge.


Ok I feel better now.


What I’d like to see from the Tide moving forward is pretty simple. Keep playing hard, play smarter on special teams and settle on a QB (at least until after the UGA game) more on that after the fact.


Is it too much to keep the 9:15 EST kickoffs to West Coast Teams? Did anyone else find it INSANE that this game ended at 1:20 AM EST? If I were at the game I would have left early too.


Do you guys realize this is the first week Alabama hasn’t been in the top 10 since 2010? And this could be the first year since 2011 we aren’t ranked #1 at least at some point. Don’t forget that when you are dogging the Tide. A lot of football left…


This is shaping up to be an odd football season and we are only in week 4. From the verbal jabs that Kliff Kingsbury and Brett B. are lobbing at each other, to OSU having too much talent on offense they needed a defensive stand to get past NIU, to Stanford coming into USC and whooping them from one end of the field to the other. There is still a lot of football left to be played. While I don’t see this Alabama team making a run like they did last year it won’t surprise me in the least if at least 3 of the 4 teams in the Final 4 had a loss or two.


It’s a good thing Will Mushchamp is coaching vaunted Auburn defense since I believe LSU just scored another rushing Touchdown. After they lose at least 3 more games anyone picking them to win the SEC let alone the West is going to have to get their head checked.


We don’t normally talk hoops but I had a couple of buddies meet Avery Johnson earlier this week. After the talk they were ready to go out and shoot three pointers and play defense. I’ve always felt there was no reason we couldn’t be Florida, Ohio State, or in the past Michigan being good in both sports. I think we’ve found our coach to get us there.


The NFL Alabama notes of the week: My man Wallace Gilberry of the Bengals had a sack and a half, while Coop had his first of many touchdown passes. And former Pres. Laura J’s all time favorite player Marcel Darius signed a HUGE contract to stay with the Buffalo Bills. Not a bad week once again for the former Tide stars.


Here is a song to remember after last Saturday’s game:


And since we are playing a team from Louisiana here is a lost classic from Dr. John:


See ya Saturday! That’s right SEE ya Saturday at the Tooth. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone.