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5th November
written by Todd Cheatham

There is an old saying “All roads lead to Rome”. And here we are.  Everything we have played before has had no more meaning than our game this Saturday.  A win and there is a chance to play for the SEC Championship and a potential bid for the playoffs.  A lost…and its game over.

I watched this past Tuesday, the first on many, the ranking for the upcoming playoff series. I was surprised we were ranked #4 (but none the less happy).  I was even more surprised that Ohio State dropped to #3.  Deservedly so as I have considered them overrate all season.  Playing against non-ranked teams and losing at half time.  This was a reoccurring theme.  I’m surprised they were not placed lower.  However, I was happy for Clemson.

And so it begins. As the season draws near there is the anticipation of what is yet to come.  Again, you have heard this from me before, but I am concern.  Can we pull this off?  I have hopes we can but I am not one to make predictions.  Chancing faith I believe it is called?  Let’s see what the score is at the end of the game, and then, I’ll breathe.  Either a gasp or a sigh but it will be one or the other.  Till then, I’ll sit anxiously pulling my hair out.  Roll Tide everyone!

And it’s time for Game 9! #4 Alabama will be playing against #2 LSU.  The game is scheduled for 7:00 PM CT on CBS.  We will be meeting this Saturday, 11/7/2015, at The Houndstooth and Another Round.

If you’re planning on watching the game in the Chicagoland area, please join us at either of our two locations. Our city bar, The Houndstooth, is located at 3369 N Clark St. Our suburban location, Another Round, is located at 5141 Main Street in Downer’s Grove. The Houndstooth’s web site is Another Round’s web site is

There are no reservations at The Houndstooth is based on a “first come, first serve”. The alumni association will be there to greet you. As soon as you enter, turn to your immediate right and we’ll be there to greet you as you enter. So, come on down and watch the Tide play at home against the Tigers.

Another Round will be opened and ready to great all the wonderful, local AL fans. We have a private area to the far left as you enter the bar. I suggest arriving an hour before the game starts. Please wear your crimson and white to cheer on the Tide.

We’re still selling our 2015 memberships. In addition, Roll Tide Chicago is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our brand new shirt is designed to commemorate this special occasion. Stop by the membership desk and purchase yours.  Our memberships are as follows:

White level (single) – $25 and includes one shirt

Crimson level (duel) – $40 and includes two shirts

Houndstooth level (family) – $60 and includes four shirts

Single shirt purchase (non member) – $30 each

Additional shirt purchase (member) – $20

Also, in honor of our 10th anniversary, we are offering a pre-order polo design shirt. These shirts are of a higher quality and display our 10th anniversary commemorative logo, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The price for these one of a kind polo shirts is $40.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. We have all sizes in men’s and women’s from small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large (the polo’s can be ordered in an XXXL size). Anyone of our board members can assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If you need to reach us or have any questions prior to the game, please visit our web site at or send us an email at

Linda, Bobby, Laurel, Lisa and I will be available at The Tooth to answer any questions you may have. Jack, Cathy and Spencer will be at Another Round to assist you. Please stop by and give us a hearty “ROLL TIDE”!

Todd Cheatham