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4th October
written by Linda Fisher

Roll Tide Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Ole Miss game.  It looks like the team is really coming together.  Next on the schedule is Texas A&M, who has been playing well recently.  Game time is 6:15 Saturday.


Who was Coach Bear Bryant’s only Heisman Trophy winner?


I do want to clarify information about our watch location in Downers Grove.  The watch location at Another Round has NOT moved to another location.  The Chicago Chapter Alumni Association watch location is still Another Round, which is the only official suburban location which raises funds for our scholarship fund.  This support makes it possible to continue to provide scholarships to Chicago and Illinois students.  If you live in the suburbs please join us at Another Round.  We had a great and supportive crowd there last Saturday.  Be sure to check out our tables for memberships and BAMA merchandise at all 3 of our locations.

If you’re planning on watching the game in the Chicagoland area, please join us at any of our three locations which are the only locations that support our scholarship funds.

The Houndstooth is located at 3369 N Clark St. The Houndstooth’s web site for further details is www.houndstoothsaloon.comThe Cubs will play Saturday, time still to be announced.  Be sure to arrive early to ensure getting a table.

Old Town Social is located at 455 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60610 and is easily accessible via the CTA brown line or red line. Their website is You can reserve a table or a booth in advance if you’d like. The booths are for parties with at least 5 or more people that seat 6-8 people comfortably with your own booth television and sound.
In the suburbs, Another Round, is located at 5141 Main Street in Downers Grove. Another Round’s web site is We have a private area to the far left as you enter the bar. One area can be reserved with room for 8-10. Contact Jack at 630-200-0319 for info.

Both Old Town Social and Another Round are open to guests under 21.


Roll Tide Chicago 2017-18 memberships are available at these three official watch locations.  Memberships are as follows:

White level (single) – $25 and includes one shirt

Crimson level (dual) – $40 and includes two shirts

Houndstooth level (family) – $60 and includes four shirts

Single shirt purchase (non member) – $30 each

Additional shirt purchase (member) – $20

If you need to reach us or have any questions prior to the game, please visit our web site at or send us an email at

*TRIVIA ANSWER:  John David Crow at Texas A&M in 1957, the year before Coach Bryant returned to coach Alabama.


Jack Ayers, President, Rolltidechicago
Linda Fisher, Vice President, Rolltidechicago