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15th September
written by Matt

Roll Tide Chicago!

After yet another slow start it was good to see that the Swine flu or maybe just the regular flu couldn’t stop the Tide from rolling again Saturday night. Once again there was a good crowd at the Tooth with some special friends who made the trip up from Birmingham, Atlanta and T-Town to see U2 on Sunday and as always they were blown away by the turnout at the Tooth. Our new shirts seem to be a big hit with both in and out of town Tide fans so make sure you grab one when you’re at the bar or from our web site. A couple of things from Saturday’s game:

Bama has three very good running backs (maybe 4 if you count Terry Grant) but none of them are as fast or quick as Joe McKnight from USC. Wow that guy has another gear. (on a personal note I grew up an Ohio State fan but there fans here in Chicago are so annoying that I was almost rooting for them to lose on Saturday…almost.

It was good to see that Bama has more than one wide out. When JJ went out with his leg injury the offense didn’t miss a beat with Maze, Hanks, and McCoy stepping up and making some big catches.

Will an Alabama DB ever turn around when a ball is in the air when they are one on one on the sideline route? In 4 years I can’t remember a single guy making a play on the ball. Look back guys.

Is it me or has Lain Tiffin been our kicker since his dad was the kicker? Doesn’t it seem like he has been at the Capstone forever?

It was good to see Star Jackson get some playing time even in a mop up roll. Why not let him run the wildcat once in a while.

There are not enough points that Florida can score on the Vols this weekend. I can’t remember a non Bama SEC game that I am looking forward to as much as this one.

You heard it here first by the end of the season The University of Cincinnati will be the highest rated school in the entire Midwest and that includes all Big 10 schools and Notre Dame. Their offense is something else.

Speaking of Cincinnati as most of you know I grew up a Bengals fan and I can tell you that Sunday’s game was about as tough a loss as I’ve ever experienced. But since I didn’t think the Bungles were going to be very good anyway I just shook my head and tried to remember that it was only one game (and it was the Bengals). Then I watched Jay Cutler toss the ball all over the place and Urlacher gets hurt and I suddenly didn’t feel so bad. From Super bowl contenders to possibly 0-2 to start wow!

Now for some non football thoughts:

We have a couple of student recruitment activities coming up. Please check the web site for details or contact Forrest, Bethany [] if you would like to help out. I know she can use the help.

Am I the only one that could care less what Kayne did at the VMA’s? Who watches MTV anymore and when do they even play video’s? I thought all MTV was these days were the Hills, reruns of Real World and Remote Control (ok might be dating myself there).

After reading about the mess that the city made of people leaving the U2 concert this weekend magnify that by a 10,000 and you have Chicago in 2016 if we get the Olympics. Just once I’d like Mayor Daily to take the Red line after a Cubs or Sox game or try and find a cab after a show at Charter One Pavilion and then explain to me how the CTA is going to transport another 2 million people.

Ok I’m off my soap box can’t wait to see everyone Saturday morning for the North Texas game. Kickoff is at 11:30 AM CST. The Tooth is going to be running some brunch specials so grab some eggs and cheer on the Tide vs. the Mean Green of North Texas.

Roll Tide!



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