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1st October
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

Not a lot of real information today, sorry. I’ll try for more substantive material next week, I promise.

This week’s non-football fact: UA is launching a new initiative this year called VETS–Veterans Education and Transition Support. The program provides academic and personal support to veterans who are entering (or reentering) college.

You can buy them on our website now, so hop to it!, in case you forgot. They make great gifts. I am heading to the wedding of a fellow Bama alum next weekend and am taking t-shirts to all of my friends as party favors.

One Last Thought About T-town
When I was leaving Tuscaloosa the day after the Penn State game, ahead of us on the entrance ramp to the highway was one of those over-sized RVs. You know the ones, a house with wheels. Just gigantic. What was noteworthy is that the RV was also towing a trailer. Really?!? They had so much tailgating stuff that they needed an extra trailer for it? It didn’t fit into the RV that has more square footage than my last apartment??

Seriously, gnomes. The fine folks behind and are offering a special discount for Chicago Bama alums. You get 10% off your purchase on either site by entering the coupon code “chicago_bama” at checkout. They have provided us some prizes for our raffle, too, so thank you, gnome guys! (The gnomes are really awesome. I’m thinking of getting an entire family for my garden–Bama gnome, White Sox gnome, Blackhawks gnome.)

Soap Box of the Week
My pet peeve with sports media is how incessantly everybody talks about “the spread.” The spread is not sports, as it has nothing to do with what actually happens in the game. So why does everybody talk about it and write about it all the time? Alabama didn’t beat the spread last week against Arkansas. Who cares? Do you get extra credit points in the BCS standings for beating the spread? Gold stars on your report card?

Things You Wish You Knew Back Then
Activities that seemed like a good idea at the time in college (partying, drinking, generally acting like a lunatic) look very different when you see them with your young, impressionable kid in tow. Greg and I were in Ann Arbor last weekend (Greg went to Michigan) taking my 8-year-old stepson Andrew to his first football game. Afterwards, we were walking past several houses with, shall we say, exuberantstudents outside. One young man was particularly rambunctious, standing on top of a table and screaming. Andrew took one look and said, “I can think of five things that happened to make that guy act crazy. He had a beer, he had a beer, he had a beer, he had a beer – oh, and he had a beer.”

This Week in Chicago
I think you know who the Tide is playing. 7 p.m. kick-off. Thankfully, Iowa is playing a night game as well, so maybe their alums will stay in their own bar. Get to the Tooth or Another Round early if you want a table.

See you then! In the meantime, enjoy this fine piece of reporting from The Onion:,18159/



Random Thoughts from Marc

  • For those of you that got to meet Maya before her melt down on Saturday thanks for stopping by and seeing her. My goal all along was to sit outside with her and watch the game. I never intended to be “that guy” who brings his baby into a loud crowded bar. As I was leaving with screaming baby in my hands I deserved the comment from an unknown woman at the bar saying “real classy bringing your baby to a bar.” I hope to try again maybe for the Vols game on the 23.
  • You know what bugs me about last week’s game? That people were e-mailing me and saying how lucky Alabama was that they won…Lucky? I don’t think they were watching the same game we were. Alabama came out and played ALABAMA Football which is to run the ball, pound the other team on both offense and defense and get them into a slug fest. Alabama didn’t get lucky they flat out beat up a very good Arkansas team in the second half.
  • If you want to look for a lucky team try the Atlanta Falcons who won in OT when the Saints kicker missed a 24 yard field goal. Now that is lucky.
  • Reason number 349 why I don’t work in the Vegas sports books. Heck of an upset pick I had with Kentucky beating Florida huh? Florida is good but they aren’t FLORIDA at least not yet. I see the Tide sticking to the game plan running all sorts of crazy defensive plays at the Gators young QB’s and I hope playing smash mouth football with some Julio and Maze in for good measure. I think the Tide wins by 10 (at least) in a game that will be fun to watch. [Maybe we shouldn’t let Marc make prognostications anymore after than whiff on KY-FLA last week. -Laura]
  • I have to hand it to Auburn. They have survived two tough TOUGH games in a row and now I think they might be the 2nd best team in the SEC. I can’t imagine what it will be like in T-Town if the Tigers come in undefeated for the Iron Bowl.
  • As a hater of the BCS we are working on a perfect storm this year gang. Keep your fingers crossed for undefeated teams from the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac 10 plus Boise and TCU. You want to see some changes what happens if Oklahoma or Nebraska and Oregon also go undefeated but because neither were ranked 1-2 in the pre-season like the Tide and OSU they have no shot at the national title. What a great system we have.
  • I know I am living on borrowed time sports wise but I root for the defending national champs in football currently ranked #1, my NFL football team while winning ugly is 2-1 and looking for their first back to back winning seasons in 20 something years and most importantly my beloved Reds won the NL Central on a bottom of the 9th inning walk off home run. If I’m dreaming please don’t pinch me.
  • You know what I don’t understand? Men (or for that matter woman but especially men) that wear fanny packs. To quote my hero Jerry Seinfeld it is like your belt threw up on your pants.
  • You know you are not from Chicago if you do the following: #1 put ketchup on your hotdog, #2 wonder what the big deal is about our Mayor stepping down. Doesn’t that happen in other cities every 4 years or so? #3 Wonder what that smell is on the EL and #4 Watch the Pirates vs. Cardinals baseball game on Monday night instead of Monday night football when the Bears are playing. I am guilty of one of those things I’ll let you be the judge on which one that is.
  • I love music as much as I love sports and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is a must for music fans but how in the wide wide world of sports is Kiss not even nominated (again) for inclusion into the Hall of Fame? This year the likes of Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, J Geils Band (amazing pre-Centerfold stuff) Alice Cooper and Neil Diamond should make it. But not Kiss? What a joke.
  • In this week’s version of things I didn’t know until I became a dad: in Sweden they force men to take maternity leave for up to 4 months. I can’t even imagine that. Not saying that I wouldn’t have loved to have taken 4 months off to be with Shana and Maya but doesn’t that sound like a long time off?

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