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29th October
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You never know what’s going to happen at the Houndstooth. Last week during the Tennessee game, Johnny Musso stopped by to say hello.

I, for one, am thrilled that LSU is a 2:30 kick-off. These night games are killing me. Don’t forget that there are three rooms at the new Tooth. The back rooms are considerably less crowded, and a little quieter, too.

Start thinking about holiday orders for your Roll Tide Chicago t-shirts now! Out-of-town Bama fans really love them, especially if they have visited our fair city. Order here:

Today’s fun UA fact: The Greek population has grown right along with university enrollment. At 3,500 in 2003, it is now at 6,500 students who are in a sorority or fraternity. That’s nearly 30 percent of the total undergraduate population. (I know, it seems like more, doesn’t it??)

That’s all this week, folks. Happy Halloween!



Marc’s Random Notes

  • There is nothing I enjoy in sports than watching Alabama beat Tennessee. I don’t care that the Vols stink or are on their 3rd coach in as many years. Back in PS era (pre-Saban) I would say that if we beat the Vols and lost all the other games I’d still be happy; that isn’t true anymore but man I love beating those guys.
  • Reason number 129 why having Nick Saban is a good thing: Unlike Derek Dooley he won’t be comparing the Tide to the German’s in WWII. I really don’t care what message he was trying to make I’m always confused by coaches comparing football to war when our country is in a war. And of course Les Miles once again bungles the final seconds of a game even when it could mean beating Auburn.
  • I know I was a little off on my Florida vs. UK upset prediction this year but you heard it here first: Ole Miss will beat Auburn this weekend. This is a trap let down game if I’ve ever seen one. I think the fact that Ole Miss practices vs. a mobile QB all season helps. If teams can force Newton to throw they have a shot.
  • Did you hear that the Big 10 or 11 or 12 whatever they are going to call themselves rejected the names Bo and Woody for the two division breakdown? They said that they didn’t want to disrespect the rest of the teams by naming the two divisions after only two schools and since they didn’t breakdown the schools by geographic basis the north south or east west is out. I suggest the two divisions be called We Can’t and the other should be called Count since starting next year there will be 12 schools in the conference yet they are still calling it the Big Ten. [The Big 12 is keeping its name, too, even though it will only have 10 teams. They should switch names and really confuse everybody. -Laura]
  • Trivia question of the week: Name the only Texas school out of the Big 12 that is currently ranked in the top 25. Answer at the bottom… [Oh, I know! I don’t even have to look. -L]
  • A small BCS rant this week since it is getting tiring talking about it. #1: of the undefeated teams left in the country all but good ole Boise play on the road this week. All of them play either average or ranked teams. Boise played on a Tuesday night vs. LA Tech. #2: Bob Stoops admitted after Saturday that he punted with his team down 8 late in the game because he didn’t want Mizzu to get the ball back in the red zone and score because some people would look at it and see a blow out. If I have to listen to Kirt Herbsteet say again that Boise can play and beat anyone on any given day again I will punch my TV. Of course Boise or any team can play with and beat anybody but the fact that they wouldn’t go through the Big 10, 12 Pac 10 or SEC undefeated each year is the point he doesn’t bring up. (I think they would win the ACC and the Big East 8 out of 10 years.) Just a dumb system…

A new segment on Random Notes called Quick hits:

  • When the most popular costumes for Halloween are a meat dress and the cast of Jersey Shore our country and the creativity of people are going down hill.
  • If the fans of Mississippi State can’t figure out when to clang the Cowbells (during timeouts, dead ball time etc) and when to put them away (during play, before the snap ect) maybe the brand of student and fan needs to grow up a little. Of course we are talking about Mississippi State fans…
  • Sony announced this week that they are stopping production of the walkman in Japan. My first thought was people still use walkmans and my second was I used to make a mean mix tape. If you ask me nicely I’ll make you one…
  • James Cameron announced that he is writing not one but TWO sequels to Avitar which is great news since I enjoyed the first one. But they aren’t going to come out until 2014 and 2016. Doesn’t that sound like a looong time from now?
  • Speaking of sequels there are rumors out that Top Gun II is going to start filming. Unless Val Kilmer is in it as the Ice Man I want no part of that movie.
  • Since one of my favorite shows Greek is going off the air after this year; count me as excited that TBS is launching their own dumb college show. Laura, I will reserve a spot on the couch for you at the Brafman house to watch each Tuesday night with me. [Can’t wait. -L]
  • With the world series going on we once again are subjected to Tim McCarver and Joe Buck each game. 99% of the time I could care less who is broadcasting the game but good lord if I have to listen to McCarver state the obvious one more time I might have to punch the TV with my other hand.
  • If you answered Baylor you get a kiss from Laura the next time you are at the Tooth. Can you believe with Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech that the Baylor Bears are the only Texas school ranked from the Big 12?

Have a great bye week don’t break anything.




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