Roll Tide Chicago for June 6, 2011

Roll Tide, Chicago!
I hope you are enjoying the summer weather, and I hope you have a baseball team to root for other than a Chicago-based one. Yeesh.
Congrats go out to the Alabama women’s gymnastics team, who won their 5th national title back in April. And the softball team came within one game of the championship series.
Today’s UA fun fact: In 1837, Alabama became the first university in the state–and one of the first five in the nation–to offer classes in engineering.
Below you will find some information about the SEC Golf Outing, which is this Saturday. It’s not too late to sign up! But first, it is my pleasure to announce (drumroll….):
Our First Scholarship Recipient
Michael Kallay of Naperville Central High School is the recipient of the inaugural Roll Tide Chicago Scholarship. Congratulations, Michael, and thank you to all of the applicants. It truly was a difficult decision. (I know that sounds trite, but it was! I found myself wishing we had several more scholarships to give.) The scholarship committee was impressed by Michael’s academic record and community service, as well as the Bama spirit he already shows. An excerpt from his essay:
“There simply is no other school in the nation, maybe even the world, with better tradition then UA. From the thousands of fans tailgating on the quad before a football game, to the culture of excellence in the classroom, tradition seeps into you the moment you step on campus. You feel apart of something that has been around for almost a hundred and fifty years. When I first set foot on campus and saw students walking around with their Houndstooth hats and crimson t-shirts with the words “Rammer Jammer” on them, I knew that this school had something that set it apart from the others that I visited.”
Congratulations, Michael, and good luck!

SEC Golf Outing
WHEN: Saturday, June 11 at 8:30 a.m. (Shotgun start)
WHERE: Tamarack Golf Course (Naperville)
FEE: $85

Registration will include breakfast, 18 holes of golf on a beautiful course, a Chicago-style sit-down lunch, drink coupons, event t-shirt, event goodie bag, awards banquet and tons of amazing prizes…not to mention some friendly trash-talking with your SEC rivals! Prizes will also be awarded for best overall score, closest to the pin, longest drive, and best dressed golfer. Don’t golf? A fun day of activities is planned for non-golfers in the group. There’s also a great raffle.

To register, email Katie of the Windy City Gator Club at She’ll sign you up and send you a registration form.



Random Note Fun from Marc
  • Its amazing isn’t it how much happens in the offseason isn’t it? Since we last spoke the Vest is out at THE Ohio state univseristy and just today USC isn’t the champ of 2004 anymore. As I said to my OSU friends you are about to enter Bama football 2000-2007 territory. Some good seasons for sure but when all is said and done they are going to be bad for a while. The part of this story that interests me is how so many people were shocked that an upstanding guy like Tressel could be so dumb. All the books and image makeovers can’t cover up being dumb. When the rest of the head honchos at OSU realize this they too will be shown the door.
  • As for USC is there anything dumber in sports than vacating a title? Who gains anything from this? When Auburn’s time comes from last season are we going to magically forget that they won? This rule is flat out moronic.
  • You know what else is moronic? Tweeting pictures of your private parts to people. I’m sorry if you do this and they get into the wrong hands the only person you have to blame is yourself. And please don’t get me started on what the future holds with this kind of stuff. My head explodes just thinking what is going to be available when Maya is old enough.
  • If you haven’t read the outstanding article from Sports Illustrated about the tornado go and find it online. Just breaks your heart.
  • Have any of you been to the beach or Michigan Ave when one of those flash mob strike? While I know its not a joking matter don’t you picture a scene from West Side Story?
  • Am I the only one that starts watching NBA games with no more than 5-6 minutes left? Is there any reason to watch more than that? And in what other sport can you say that about?
  • Do you guys think I should get my man card taken away because I went and saw Glee Live over the weekend? [Not if my husband has anything to say about it. -Laura]
  • Over Memorial Day my college buddies along with wives and kids got together outside of Atlanta. 13 couples 12 kids and amazing enough 11 of the kids were girls. Picture the movie Grown Ups crossed with the Brady Bunch with a splash of Meatballs and you’ll have our trip.
  • Things I didn’t know until I was a Dad. Maya turns one in two weeks. But due to schedule problems we are having her party this weekend. Do you know you buy a special cake called a smush or smash cake just for the birthday kid? Since this is the first time she is eating cake I can’t wait to see what she does with it.


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