Roll Tide Chicago for September 15, 2011

Roll Tide, Chicago!

This week’s fun fact: The University of Alabama is ranked 31st among public universities and 75th overall according to U.S. News and World Report’s annual “Best Colleges” rankings for 2012. This is Alabama’s highest ranking ever.

6:30 p.m. kick-off this week against the Mean Green of North Texas. Um, do I need to say more about this game? No? Good. We will be at the Houndstooth and Another Round, so come on out and join us.


Your membership helps support our chapter activities, including our scholarship fund. It also makes us look good to the university. You can buy or renew your membership on our website: Individual memberships are $20 and include one free t-shirt. Family memberships are $30 and include two free shirts. We’ll hold your shirts for you at the Houndstooth and Another Round; if you don’t pick them up during the season, we’ll mail them when the season is over.


I don’t know how many of you out there have been with our chapter since its humble beginnings in 2005, but do you remember Ollie’s? That was our first viewing party bar, in Lincoln Park. We usually had about 20 people there, 50 for the big games. Everybody knew everybody else. It was so quaint, when I think about it. 90% of the friends I’ve met in this chapter are from the “old days.” Look at us now. Our chapter is the envy of out-of-state chapters everywhere. But I do miss the ability to mingle and meet new people, and I think others do, too. So at this week’s viewing party, make friends with at least one new person.

My favorite thing about our chapter’s current incarnation is how many out-of-towners we get every week. Last weekend, we had all kinds of people from Atlanta, in town for the Bears-Falcons game. It’s fun to meet them and hear how much they love our city and our viewing parties.

This week’s of 4th and Goal is below. For those of you who haven’t been around since 2005, Marc was the chapter president from 2007-09. At the end of his weekly emails, he always had his “random thoughts.” When I became president, he asked me if I wanted him to keep doing them. I said, “sure, why not?” So that’s why it’s there. In case you were wondering.



4th and Goal, by Marc

As I was leaving the Tooth after the game on Saturday my Penn State friend Amanda says “Man we (Penn State) sure looked tired down the stretch didn’t they?” And during the game my buddy Scott texted me with “Bama plays boring football but they sure hit and play hard don’t they?” That about sums up Saturday didn’t it? When Alabama is at its best they play the type of football we saw on Saturday. Run the ball spread the field on offense a little here and there, run the ball and on defense hit the heck out of the other team at all times every time! You can take your Oregon or Boise offense or the spread down at Florida I’ll take boring and grind it out every time.

Quick Hits:

  • Did you realize that the game Saturday in Happy Valley had more fans than any game in the history of Alabama football. Something crazy like 111,000+, more than any Bama/Vols game. Amazing..
  • Are you like me do you love going into places that have a choose one: white-, black-, red-out where all the fans dress in the same color. I find it gimmicky and LAME. I enjoy Bama coming in and beating teams that do it more than just a normal win. You know what gimmick I like? Winning…
  • If two teams are average at best yet play a very entertaining last 5 mins. Does that qualify as an instant classic or just two average teams that couldn’t cover Don Hudson now? Sure the Michigan/ND game was exciting but my god was the defense terrible.
  • By deciding to beg out of Cincinnati and retire instead of playing for the Bengals Carson Palmer lost $675,000 on Sunday. Must be nice
  • The Eagle was fine but man this doesn’t get old:
  • And finally things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: #1 how much the 9/11 tributes would get to me. When parents started reading the names of the their kids who died it really hit me hard.  And #2 when your wife gets mad at you for going to the bar to watch the Tide play (even though she knew you were going)  and “punishes” you by saying she is going out for the day on Sunday leaving you at home to watch your kid, which I enjoy doing in the first place, and by extension NFL football you know you are doing something right.
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