Roll Tide, Chicago!

For today’s UA fun fact, more enrollment! Applications for this year’s freshman class at UA were up over 2005 since 2002. At the same time, the university has become far more selective, with 53% of applicants admitted this year as opposed to 85% in 2002.

The stadium was loud last week, and it got louder with every three-and-out in the second half. Our offense still has a few kinks, but wow, that defense is speedy, especially when you see it in person.

For those of you who haven’t been to T-town recently, the corner of McFarland and 15th looks very strange. All of the rubble there has been cleaned up, but now it’s just barren, like they forgot to develop it.

This week at the Houndstooth

We’ll be having a small, one-day-only raffle at the Houndstooth this week, in addition to our squares fundraiser. We also have a new batch of t-shirts, so get your membership! Kick-off is 7 p.m. I challenge all of you to fill the bar wall-to-wall with Bama. These night games can be suspiciously full of Big Ten types.

Fun with geography

Did you know that the distance between Tuscaloosa and Chicago is only 60 miles more than the distance between Tuscaloosa and College Station, Texas? With geography like that, maybe we should start advocating for University of Illinois join the SEC.

Crazy Auburn fans

Okay, that might be redundant. But I was reading the Birmingham News last Sunday, and they post selected comments from their website. I quote: “If Chizik doesn’t do something soon, I will be all for him getting fired!”

Really?!? The writer goes on to give good examples about letting a really, really bad team (FAU) gain that many yards, but still–really?!? You want Chizik fired. Okay. You know, history may show that Chizik is a decent coach who caught lightening in a bottle one year. Five years from now, or even three years, it may be obvious that he’s not a great coach, he just got lucky. But now? Four games after you won the national freakin’ title?? I don’t even think Bama fans are that crazy.



4th and Goal by Marc

Is there anything better than walking around Chicago on a Saturday night after your football team lays the wood to a rival? After the game I was out to dinner and still in my Bama gear and random people gave me a couple of roll tides. More so than rooting for a pro team something about your college team winning gives you an extra spring in your step right?  It is amazing to think that our running game might be better this year than it was last year. I love watch Richardson and Lacey chew up the yards on the ground. And I can never ever remember a college defense hitting a team harder than our defense did to the Hogs offense. Now the Tide goes to the Swamp to take on the Gators. I think that Florida is still a year away from being FLORIDA again so I like the Tide in this one. Tide 28 Florida 17.

I believe with OSU falling out of the top 25 last week the Tide now has the longest current streak in the country dating back to 2008. That ladies and gents is why Bama went out and got Coach Saban.

With that in mind I think I know who our coach in waiting will be in a few years. Dabo Sweeny over at Clemson. If you have a chance make sure to check out his post game speeches on the field.

Not even with the amazing (to look at) Minka Kelly is it worth watching Charlies Angles. What a terrible show

This week in things I didn’t know until I was a dad. How many funny looks you get when you dress your kids in cheerleading outfits and then parade them around the city. On Saturday it was Bama and on Sunday it was the Bengals. A woman at Jewel said to me you are really into football aren’t you? I said just starting her early because it’s never too early right?

See ya at the tooth on Saturday



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