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18th November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

When I write these emails, I put in placeholders for topics I know I want to write about, an outline of sorts to gather my thoughts. Then I go back and fill everything in. Last week, I put a placeholder for the UA Fun Fact and as you faithful readers know, forgot to write anything there. So I owe you two:

  • Alabama’s crimson and white colors date back to 1885, when UA’s cadet class Company E won first place at the New Orleans Exposition drill competition; they used those colors in their uniforms, and they stuck.
  • The 2011 Outstanding Professor Award is going to Dr. Martha Powell, a professor of biology.

This Week’s Game

Hey, it’s finally a day game! I know you might be tempted to skip this week at the Tooth, but day games against lesser foes are actually a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Bama alums. There’s more room to move and actually places to sit down, and you don’t have to scream to talk to your friends. So join us at the Tooth for what we hope is a relaxing afternoon.

Georgia Southern, for those of you who don’t know, is ranked #2 in Division I-AA (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it FCS), also known as the Division That Actually Has a Playoff System to Determine Its Champion.

Nominate Someone You Know

The National Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award, Outstanding Senior Award, and Alumni Student Award. The first on the list has a due date of December 1, so if you know somebody worthy, call the Alumni office soon at 205-348-5963 and ask for a nomination form. The deadline for the two student awards is January 1.



4th and Goal, by Marc

I am really going to miss Trent Richardson next year. Do you guys realize that last week he had 127 yards total offense by himself while Miss. State had 133 as a team? This week lets hope he plays about a quarter or so, gets a TD, and then rests up for what I think, and I mean this 100%, is the most important Tide football game in years. After watching UGA run though the Auburn defense last Saturday he, Lacy, Maze and the rest of the offense has to be licking their chops for the Iron Bowl. If you watched the great special on ESPN about the Iron Bowl, Roll Tide/War Eagle, you saw the part where Greg McElroy said that before last year’s Iron Bowl someone said it would define his legacy at Alabama. Well friends I think next Saturday will go along way to defining Coach Saban and for that matter our entire coaching staff. The Tide needs to win and win BIG. Not 24-7 but in the 40’s and destroy Auburn. Not only are we hanging on by a thread to #3 in the BCS, but this is a down Auburn team that the Tide needs to bury. But we’ll talk more about the Iron Bowl next week. Until then let’s hope no one gets hurt Saturday in this “game” if there is one good thing about A&M and Mizzu joining the SEC it means one less game like we will see on Saturday.

Everyone is very excited that Stanford and my boys from Boise lost on Saturday which makes it easier for the Tide to get back to the National title game. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I still don’t think that if it plays out where Okl. State loses to Okl. that the Tide will play for the national title. Somehow I think Okl. will sneak in above us. The fact that the SEC is down this year is not helping our cause. Also, no one outside of T-Town wants to see the Tide play LSU again.

I for one am pulling hard for Tim Tebow to continue to win in the NFL. Do you guys realize how boring the NFL is if your team has a lousy QB? the fact that the Broncos are running the Vere offense that went out of style about 1974 to me is the best story of an otherwise ho-hum NFL season.




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