Roll Tide Chicago for June 17, 2012

Roll Tide, Chicago!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer…the weather has been phenomenal, but you know what else has been amazing is the 4 national championships that Alabama has won this year.  As the Birmingham News:

The Chinese Zodiac cal­endar says it’s the year of the dragon.

With all due respect, the Chinese Zodiac calendar is wrong.

It’s not the year of the dragon.

It’s the year of the el­ephant.

And not just any el­ephant.

It’s the year of the floppy-­eared muppet known as Big Al.

Congrats go out to the Alabama Softball team for bringing home our first softball national championship this June, and to  the Women’s Golf Team who won the first national championship for women’s golf in May and then the Women’s Gymnastics Team, who won their 6th national title back in April.  The boys still have the Football national championship to brag about, plus the Men’s Golf team came in second to the national championship season. …but girls still rule the Tide right now.

Today’s UA fun fact: The University of Alabama has ranked among the top 50 public universities in the nation in U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings for more than a decade. UA is ranked 31st, its highest ranking ever, in the 2012 rankings.

Below you will find some save the dates for events taking place this summer for our alumni association and for SEC events.

But first, it is my pleasure to announce our second scholarship recipient:

Our Second Scholarship Recipient

Keeley Nolan of Glenbrook South High School is the recipient of our annual Roll Tide Chicago Scholarship. Congratulations, Keeley, and thank you to all of the applicants. It was another difficult decision, but we hope Keeley will represent us proudly as Michael did this past year.  The scholarship committee was impressed by Keeley’s academic record, sports participation and community service, as well as the Bama spirit she and her family already shows (Keeley’s sister is currently a freshman at Bama). An excerpt from her essay:


Alabama offers a fabulous education in an environment that feels like home even over 700 miles away. I couldn’t image myself happier anywhere else. Luckily, my father understands how much I have envisioned myself being a part of the Crimson Tide. However, I do not want to take for granted that I even have the option of attending Alabama. I understand that my dad works so much harder just to allow his kids to fulfill their destinies, and I would love to help him out by receiving this scholarship.


Congratulations, Keeley, and good luck!


Thank you for helping us raise even more money this year for the 2012 scholarship fund that we were able to increase the award by $500 in just one year….let’s try to do it again for the 2013 RollTideChicago Scholarship.  Just think in 2008 we had 41 freshmen from the Chicagoland area at UA & so far they have 160 registered for orientation from Chicagoland.  Let’s keep this up.

Save the Dates

Saturday July 21st for our summer speaker, the speaker is still TBD, but plan on spending an afternoon with RollTideChicago at the Houndstooth.

Saturday August 11th for the annual SEC Golf outing that will take place this year at Sydney Marovitz.  Details on this outing will be provided in the coming weeks via FACEBOOK.

Saturday August 25th for the annual SEC Flag Football tournament, this will be taking place at Diversey Fields.  Keep watch on FACEBOOK for more information on this event as well in the coming weeks.

Roll Tide!



4th and Goal by Marc

What a 5 month run the Tide is on! 4 National Titles 1 oh so 2nd place, 4 first round draft NFL picks, a star recruit in basketball and Jesse Williams tweeting this picture out after the football team met the president

I’m not sure how many of you watched or cared about the softball teams run in Oklahoma over the last week but I have to tell you they made a fan out of me. Those young ladies showed everything you could ask for in a team representing the Capstone. And Jackie Trania the star pitcher is every bit as tough as one of the football players. She pitched every single inning of the college world series throwing over 600 pitches and hitting the go ahead single in the championship game. Maybe it’s because I have a daughter and I will care about woman’s sports more or maybe it is because they had Alabama across their chests but for whatever reason I really enjoyed watching them win.

The sporting New released a poll ranking every college coach. Coach Saban was #1 Coach Czick was somewhere in the 30s (the lowest ranked National Title winning coach on the board) Cam Newton isn’t walking through Auburn anytime soon.

It looks like the BCS as we know it will finally go away. Of all the sports news this summer that is the best. And once the Big 10 and Pac 10 wise up on the format look for the top four teams to battle it out in a couple of years. I can’t wait for those games.

For those of you new to Chicago and reading this e-mail for the first time welcome to the summer in Chicago. For my money no city does the summer better than Chicago. Hit the street fairs, the beach, even a Cubs game and enjoy yourself. Makes up for the winter trust me.

In 13 days Maya turns 2. In this week of things I didn’t know until I was a Dad it’s how early you ladies care about what you wear. Maya loves Thomas the Tank Engine and so we bought her a t-shirt with him on it. Now all she wants to wear is her Choo-choo shirt. She has pitched a fit twice this week when we told her it was dirty. So like all good Dads I went out and bought two more of the same shirt. Please tell me that as she gets older that phase goes away. Oh wait she is a girl she will ALWAYS be that way…


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