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20th September
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA fun fact: Alabama can claim many authors to its list of alumni including Kathryn Stockett author of The Help which was her debut novel in 2009 and in 2011 The Help was adapted to an Academy Award winning and nominated film.


This week both The Houndstooth and Another Round will be running a raffle to help support Roll Tide Chicago’s scholarship fund.  What are we raffling?  Well come Saturday for Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic kickoff is at 4pm, to The Houndstooth or Another Round to see what each bar has in its raffle.  I know both bars will at least have a bottle of Dreamland BBQ sauce and a bottle of Nick Saban’s BBQ sauce to raffle off this Saturday.

Raffle Ticket Prices:

$3 for 5 tickets

$10 for 7 tickets

$20 for 15 tickets

Don’t forget to bring your money to The Houndstooth or Another Round for the 1st raffle of 2012 for Roll Tide Chicago.

Roll Tide and see you Saturday at The Houndstooth or Another Round!


4th & Goal

Before we begin I’d like to thank Steve Jobs for inventing the IPhone and the person who invented the TuneIn radio AP for allowing me to listen to the entire game without interruption driving from Chicago to Cincy on Saturday. I am clueless as to how stuff like this works but I find it amazing that you can do something like that.

Now onto the game, last week I asked the question of when does a 35-0 win not feel like a 35-0 win. I’m not sure about you but I had the 100% opposite reaction to the game on Saturday. Even more than the Michigan game this win was something special. From special teams (51 yard field goals, forced fumble, all the touchbacks) to offense 8th string running back scoring, no turnovers, too of course the defense pitching another shut out. Just a great team win! One of the advantages of listening to the Bama radio broadcast is hearing them talk about the team more than the national TV guys do. And Tom Roberts had the best description yet for how the Tide plays football. He compared the team to a python that starts off around your legs and by the end of the first quarter the other team is still in it but feeling the effects of the squeezing, then by half time it’s up to your waste maybe the other team is hanging around but losing their fight a little, by the third quarter it’s up to your arms and you are struggling and by the end of the game well Arkansas showed what happens at the end of the game. If that doesn’t describe the Tide I don’t know what does.

One reason why Coach Saban is my favorite current sports person is for quotes like this post-game: “What we’ve really been fighting with this group about ever since the Michigan game is allowing ourselves to accept average and getting them to demand more of themselves,” Saban said. “I think we started to gain a little bit today. Let’s hope they carry this over for the rest of the season.

Saturday’s shutout road win was the biggest road SEC shutout for the Tide since 1948.

My favorite stat of the last couple of years: going back to the bowl game vs. Michigan State at the end of the 2010-11 season the Tide has outscored their opponents 630-127. That is getting it done.

As for this week I hope no one gets hurt, the 3rd string guys get some work again and once again no one gets hurt. While this article is about last week’s UC/Del. State matchup this sums up my feelings on these type of games.|topnews|text|UC

Quick hits:

  • Minus the Tide, LSU and maybe Oregon and Florida State college football as a whole stinks this year. The Little Ten awful, Big East please, Big 12 maybe a couple of teams can make some noise but I’m not holding my breath. Heck even the SEC is lousy at the bottom of the league this year.
  • Speaking of bad football I went to the Bengals/Browns game on Sunday and I can tell you Trent is still Trent. He torched the Bengals and looked just like the T-Rich we all know and love. Mark my words he will be the best player in the AFC shortly.
  • I’m guessing she recorded this before the game:
  • Nothing makes my heart swell more than seeing Lane Kiffin take it on the chin on national TV. And there is going to be more of that to come. USC is smoke and mirrors
  • Being back in Cincy this weekend all of us need to be grateful that we don’t live in a swing state. No matter who you are voting for seeing all the attack ads every: 30 seconds on TV is a little much to stomach.
  • I don’t often root for Michigan but I am rooting big time for them this week. God help us all if Notre Dame improves to 4-0.

In this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Maya like most toddlers loves Sesame Street. Which is fine I enjoy watching it as well, but boy Big Bird really annoys me for some reason, maybe it’s his (and I think it’s a he right?) voice or the way he wines. Either way I could do without Big Bird. On the other hand I really like Telly-Monster…

And finally in things I forgot about when you’re wife is crazy and pregnant: Although we have announced it to everyone and posted it on Facebook and I’ve written about it here she STILL doesn’t like talking about being pregnant. So on Monday when my mom in front of my family and family friends said how happy they were to have us home and at this time next year there would be a new member of the family Shana got mad. Why? Who knows…?

See ya Saturday at the Tooth and weather permitting I might have a special little guest with me.




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