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19th October
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Roll Tide Chicago!

Kickoff is at 6:00 pm, but still arrives early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.  If you want to guarantee yourself a 4-top table at the Houndstooth for Saturday night’s game we have 3 tables you can reserve for $100 per table.  This money will all be going to Roll Tide Chicago’s scholarship fund, so you’ll get a table as well as donate to a good cause!  Interested email us at
Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark
Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Order Long Sleeve and Children’s t-shirts

Don’t forget to pre-order your long sleeve and children’s t-shirts…we have already sold half of what we have ordered and will not be ordering these t-shirts again this year.  Email us at or provide us your information on Saturday at the Houndstooth or Another Round to guarantee we have the sizes you want.  We hope to have these t-shirts by Oct. 27th – Homecoming game.
Long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago t-shirt
Sizes available Small – 2XL
T-shirt Pricing:
Members: $30 each
Non-Members: $35 each
Children’s Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt
Sizes Available:
X-Small (Ages 2-4)
Small (Ages 4-5)
Medium (Ages 6-7)
Large (Ages 8-9)
X-Large (Ages 10-14)
Children’s t-shirt Pricing:
Members: $15 each
Non-Members: $20 each
Roll Tide and see you Saturday at The Houndstooth or Another Round!

4th & Goal

Here is this week’s award winning installment:
I don’t know about any of you but when I saw AJ lying on the ground and not getting up I stopped breathing. After my beloved Reds choked away the series against the Giants I didn’t know if I could handle any more sports disappointments in one week. (As it turns out I did find out how, when the Bengals lost to the 0-5 hapless Browns on Sunday) So I’m glad that he was able to get up, put on a brace and return to the game. On Tuesday when reports started coming out that he had a tear and not just a bruise I once again got worried. But thanks to his Mom hopping on Twitter that story was put to bed. (Do the rest of you wonder what Coach Bryant would do if Joe Namath had access to Twitter and Facebook?) And for those that wonder Joe is on twitter and usually has some interesting points.
Last thing on AJ it must be nice to be the starting QB at Alabama:
The Tide got past their first on the road bump and now travel, to Knoxville to take on the hated Vols. I for one still dislike the Vols more than any other team in the SEC.  Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s because when I was at Bama we never beat them but more than anything it’s that smug smile that Fat Phil use to wear on the sidelines. But oh how times have changed and oh how I love it. I’m fine with Bama winning by 60 this week. There are not enough points that Bama can win by that will make me happy. The only downside is that if the Vols continue to lose they will fire Coach Dooley. I guess some fans already want that to happen:
As has been a Chicago Houndstooth tradition the Vols game always falls over superfan Katy’s birthday. This year she turns the big 3-0. so when you see her Saturday night wish her a happy birthday and if history is an guide she might give you a hug for it.
By the way,am I the only one happy we don’t have any of these dumb traditions? Rolling Toomer Corner, painting a rock, touching a rock (like Clemson), bringing and ringing cow bells to a football game, going to In N’Out Burger after every win (ok that is a good one by Oregon State).  I’m happy that our uniforms stay the same and that our tradition is winning and for the most part winning with class. Which leads me to my next point, how many other coaches would have done this after one of their players Powerbombed a guy to the turf like we did this past weekend?–ncaaf.html Well, done Coach Saban keep on keeping on.
You know how each of us for some reason has a favorite player that we root for even though they aren’t the flashiest guys or the biggest? I always loved Chad Goss when he played WR for the Tide back in the late 90’s. Former President, Laura has a thing for Barret Jones.;.  When you’ve made the Times you know you’ve hit the big time, and who knew he could play the violin?  That is something I would like to see.
For the last few weeks I’ve been rooting against Notre Dame but count me on the band wagon. Let’s say by some Touchdown Jesus miracle they manage to beat Oklahoma and USC, but USC upsets Oregon who would you rather play in the BCS game if the Tide makes it? A Notre Dame team that while very good on defense couldn’t find the endzone with a map or Oregon. So Go Irish! An even better plot would be if all three teams go undefeated.
Am I the only one that thinks that when Coach Saban steps down that the Tide will just keep humming along? Maybe not to what we have seen in the last few years but also not the train wreck that is Texas, Miami and of course Auburn? Did you guys watch the Red River Shootout? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team not coming off probation or having a mass graduation play as poorly as Texas did. I would not want to a Longhorn fan at the moment.
As for our friends on the plains: As much as I want to see Coach C pumping gas or working at Chick-Fil-A, I sort of want him to stay because just like Coach Shula it looks like he is clueless as how to A) develop players B) win on the road C) win at home D) stop the fans from mounting a Fire Gene web site. The most amazing thing about watching what is going on down there is how the Tide is playing with guys just as young and if you believe the recruiting BS the Tigers are recruiting just as well. The big difference is that Saban and his staff know how to coach them better. I don’t think Ol Gene has a clue.
This week in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Last Thursday as the Reds were blowing a 2-0 lead in a best of 5 series by losing 3 straight at home for the first time all season I was a little down in the dumps to put it mildly. Since it was a day game people were walking over to my desk and saying I’m sorry and it’s ok blah, blah as if someone had died in my family. So, when I walked into my house and saw Maya smiling and running towards me with her arms open like she does most nights when I get home it made me realize that while sports are important and we should take them seriously they aren’t the only things that should matter. (And yes I’m 36 and still working on this.)
And last but not least, Things I forgot about when living with a crazy preggo woman: Shana only because she has to, asks me to take pictures of her once a week so we can send them to our parents and track her progress, aka growing belly. Now follow me on this. While she is ok with me taking the pictures she only wants them sent to our family. No posting on Facebook, no texting out to friends who don’t live in Chicago. She doesn’t want people to see her like this. Yet it’s not like she is a hermit. She works 4 days a week, we went out to dinner to the Girl and the Goat on Sunday night, and we are going on a date this Saturday. So if you see her on the streets of Chicago its ok but god forbid if my college buddies living in Atlanta want a picture of her. If you can figure this out you are smarter than me.

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