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25th October
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA fun fact: The school’s fight song is “Yea Alabama,” written in 1926 by Lundy Sykes, then editor of the campus newspaper.  Sykes composed the song in response to a contest by the Rammer Jammer to create a fight song following Alabama’s first Rose Bowl victory. The song as it currently played by the Million Dollar Band during games (the form known to most people) is simply the chorus of the larger song. While the opening line of song is taken to be Yea Alabama, Crimson Tide! the correct opening line is Yea, Alabama! Drown ’em Tide!

If you did not already know its Homecoming Week at the University of Alabama, which includes things like the lawn decoration competition, the annual pep rally on the steps of the Gorgas Library, crowning of the Homecoming Queen, and the Homecoming paraded featuring Crimson Tide teams, Big Al, the Homecoming Court and many local bands led by the University’s own Million Dollar Band.  This year “Timeless Traditions” serves as the theme for Homecoming 2012.  This has been a year of champions with the Crimson Tide family winning four national titles, a timeless tradition of our own, Sarah Patterson, Patrick Murphy and Mic Potter will be the Grand Marshals of the years Homecoming Parade.  If you are heading to Tuscaloosa for Homecoming this weekend, be sure to bring us back some pictures of all the events so we can enjoy in some of Alabama’s “Timeless Traditions.”

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be busy again Saturday night for Homecoming, Alabama vs. Mississippi State.  Kickoff is at 7:30 pm, but still arrives early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Note: It is Halloween Weekend so both bars might have a few goblins and witches, since it’s a late game and we will not see this Saturday night, I will share with you the best Halloween costume this year.  That award goes to Mara, RTC Alabama members Mishra and Ryan Keller’s daughter for her Big Al costume! Roll Tide Roll Mara!

Roll Tide and see you Saturday at The Houndstooth or Another Round!


4th & Goal

Don’t hate me if I jinx Alabama, but after last week I am officially on the If the Tide doesn’t make the title game this season is a lost season bandwagon. You have to understand this is a big leap for me. In life I am a glass half full type of guy, but with sports I’m usually pretty glass half empty; maybe growing up a Cincy sports fan will do that to you. Here is why I say this. Did you watch the rest of College football? Florida while playing great defense and special teams had 30 yards total offense in the first half, LSU again with a good but not great defense should have lost to Texas A&M (give Johnny football or whatever his name is time at A&M that kid is a player) K-State seems to be a very good team but they play in the Big 12 so I take all games with a grain of salt. Notre Dame will be lucky to lose by less than 14 this week at Oklahoma which just leaves Oregon. Oregon vs. the Tide would be a fun game but we’ll address that later. Bottom line while all these teams have either a good/great defense or offense none have the offense and the defense that the Tide have.

It needs to be said again, that we as a fan base can’t take for granite what we are seeing from Coach Saban and the boys. It was not that long ago that we had the same look on our faces as the Vols fans had on Saturday and we had a coach as clueless as Dooley on the sideline. I’m not sure where the flip was switched but it sure is nice to go from hoping to win (Vols fans) to expecting and knowing we are going to win (us). I beg all of you to enjoy this ride that the Tide is currently on; I know I need to start.

TJ and Amari Cooper continue to impress. Imagine how good those two are going to be in the next couple of years.

I’m willing to bet (no pun intended) that there has never been a game between two teams 7-0 when the spread is 24. I guess not much respect is being given to Miss. State what with the juggernaut schedule of Jacksonville State, Auburn, Troy, South Alabama, UK, Tenn and Mid. Ten. State.

Time for a new segment called inside the crazy college football numbers from the past weekend:

  • The Crimson Tide has converted 20 takeaways into 15 scores – all touchdowns.  Alabama has scored 11 touchdowns off of 13 interceptions.
  • After a 17-13 loss at Vanderbilt (3-4, 2-3 SEC) in which it gained just 212 total yards, Auburn has become the first team in the history of the AP Poll (since 1936) to go 1-6 two years after winning a national title. It’s also the Tigers’ worst start since 1952.
  • Alabama lost six players from last year’s defense to the NFL and ranks No. 1 in the nation in run defense, passing efficiency defense, scoring defense and total defense
  • Finally this is my favorite stat: Bama has not trailed at the end of a quarter since 2010. That is incredible.

Your weekly Auburn update:

You all know how much I love poking fun at the Little Ten. Well, first of all if you are an OSU fan you must be both thrilled and sickened by what you are watching every week. Thrilled that your team keeps winning but sickened that your moronic athletic department didn’t have the wherewithal to slap themselves with a 1 year bowl ban from last year when they didn’t have a coach and half the team was suspended. So I hope OSU pulls an Auburn and goes 12-0 and has to sit at home and whine about what could have been. Also with their crazy last second win over Purdue on Saturday it made this guy very upset:

This week in things I didn’t know until I was a dad: We took Maya to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. You forget how much fun kids (and their parents) have at this type of thing. She didn’t know where to go first. To the pumpkins, to the hay ride, the petting zoo, the little train they had she was running almost in a circle. You know it’s a good day when by the time we got to the expressway she was already sleeping in her seat in the backseat. (For pictures friend me on Facebook)

I’ll be down in T-Town for the game this week so next week I’ll not only recap the game but also all of the other fun.




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