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22nd February
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA fun fact: The UA School of Law is ranked 29th in the nation in U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 edition of the annual “Best Graduate Schools” publication.

Hope everyone is enjoying the off-season for college football…I’m still in withdrawal on Saturday without Alabama football, the Houndstooth, and my Bama Alumni.  We are working on putting together some different things/activities for the rest of off-season so we can be active all year long.

Events/Activities with the Chapter in March and April

Friday February 22nd – The first activity is this Friday at the Houndstooth.  The Houndstooth Saloon is celebrating its 7th anniversary/birthday on February 22nd and will have happy hour from 7 till 9, which will include FREE Absolut drinks, Green Line and Miller Lite beers and shots of Fireball (cinnamon whiskey.)  Come out and celebrate the Tooth’s Birthday and we can cheer on Alabama’s #15 National Championship, since many did not know about our Championship Happy Hour earlier this month.

Saturday March 9th – Another Round Happy Hour/Get Together on March 9th – join us to watch some Alabama softball and Alabama Basketball.  Plus some of us city folks will be heading to the burbs to join in on the Suburban bar fun….make sure to stop by and say hello!

Game times:

Softball: Alabama vs. Tennessee 1:30pm

Basketball: Alabama vs. Georgia 3pm

Saturday April 6th – 1st volunteer activity of 2013. We would like to get our chapter more involved in some volunteer activities, so keep watch others will be shared and if you have any thoughts on some volunteer activities for RTC and the Chicago SEC alumni please email me at  The 1st volunteer activity will be helping out with the Muscular Dystrophy Associations (MDA) Muscle Walk that takes place in Solider Field.


Saturday April 20th– A-Day Game watch party at the Houndstooth – come watch how the 2013 team is shaping up game time is at 2pm and the game this year will be shown on ESPN2.  We will have some raffle prizes so if you aren’t planning on heading to Tuscaloosa (hit me up in you are heading to T-Town – I will be there for A-day!) come to the Houndstooth for a Saturday in the spring!

These are the activities that are going on for March and April.  Stay tuned to emails and our Facebook page and we will share our speaker date for the summer, we are looking at holding this event in June this year – it will depend on who we are able to obtain for a speaker.  Also, stay tuned for student recruitment events this spring that Bethany might need RTCs help with.

Volunteer Opportunities with the Chapter

We’re always looking for people to help us out! If you want to volunteer for any of the following committees, please email or contact me via our Facebook page.

  • Viewing Parties: Help us set up, sell t-shirts, squares, raffle tickets, and do other game-day tasks at the Houndstooth. If we get enough volunteers, we’ll be able to set up a schedule and each volunteer only has to “work” 2-3 times. This is an important one, but not too time-consuming, so a great way to contribute your time.
  • Suburban Viewing Parties: Same thing, only at Another Round. You loyal ARers know what a great job Kim and Paul do there every week. Lend them a hand!
  • SEC alumni liaison: We’re looking for one person who can be our liaison among the other Chicago SEC chapters. This includes organizing our participation in the annual flag football event.
  • Summer Event: Help us plan and execute our annual summer party.
  • Community Outreach: One aspect of our mission is to promote the University of Alabama in the community, and we’d like to do that by organizing group volunteer outings. So if you have a favorite nonprofit that needs some help, let us know, and we’ll coordinate.
  • T-shirt Designer:  Our T-shirt Designer, Ben Milam, has also been designing our T-shirts for 6 years.  We would love to add some new creative to help in designing our 2013 RTC t-shirts.

Hope to see you this Friday at the Houndstooth or at Another Round on March 9th and Roll Tide!


4th & Goal

Welcome back to 4th and Goal did you miss us? It’s been an interesting off-season so far has it not. Let’s review the story lines since we all last spoke after the National Title game.

  • Notre Dame spends more time dealing with a “fake girlfriend” than they ever did in trying to field a winning team from 1988 till now.
  • 4 of the dumbest Alabama players in history get kicked out of school for mugging and beating up a fellow student only to use his stolen credit card on dorm food.
  • Chip Kelly goes to the NFL and Nick Saban stays in college!
  • We get the best recruiting class for something like the 3rd time in the last 4 years all the while taking a guy that had committed to Bama then to Auburn then getting an Auburn Tattoo to flip back to Alabama did you follow that?
  • Ole Miss must have spiked the hottie totties and brought in one of the best recruiting classes in the country which will be good enough to finish 4th in the SEC west.
  • Our QB’s Girl (couldn’t say our girl since she’s an Auburn Grad – Laurel) Katherine Webb kept her 15 minutes of fame going by posing for the swim suit issue in an AJ McCarron jersey. I hope that ends up in the Bryant Museum someday.
  • The trees at Toomers Corner are getting removed but not before they roll them one more time. (This by the way is still the darkest day for me as a Bama fan when one of our own destroyed those trees.)
  • The greatest offensive player in Alabama history guides his team to their 2nd Super Bowl (Ozzie Newsom).  I must add that Courtney Upshaw went from winning the 2011 National Championship in the Superdome to helping the Raven’s win the Super Bowl in the same stadium…what a year a national championship ring and then a Super Bowl ring…RTR!  (Laurel)
  • Our basketball team scored a total of 37 points vs. Auburn who might be the worse Div. BCS conference basketball team in the country (or at least one of them.)
  • Oh and I became a father for the 2nd time.  CONGRATS from all of Roll Tide Chicago to The Brafman Family! (Laurel)

So in other words there has been a lot going on. I didn’t even mention the horrible state of SEC basketball. I am first in line to make fun of the Big Ten when it comes to football, but somehow all of the lousy boring play that we are used to watching from the Big Ten on Saturday afternoons in the fall has come onto the basketball courts across the SEC. Meanwhile the Big Ten is producing one great game after another in hoops. I think the Tide gets into the Big Dance and does next to nothing once they get there. But I’d rather get in than not at all right? But nothing is going to wash the stink of scoring 37 TOTAL points vs. Auburn.

Are you guys like me and find yourself wearing Bama gear a lot more than you used to? I on purpose wear the same Alabama polo shirt to work each Monday. I have no reason to do this I just like doing it.

I just read this morning that if you project out from last year the Tide has the easiest schedule of any SEC team next year. What does that mean on Feb. 20? Zero, but it sure doesn’t hurt. All I know about next season is that if Coach Saban can figure out the o-line we might see the best offense ever to grace Bryant Denny Stadium.

One more thing on those four guys that got kicked out of school (I’m not going to waste my time looking up their names) they will just be the four morons from now on. How did they think they were going to get away with this? And why do it in the first place? You have the world at your feet; you are playing on the best football team for the best coach in the last 20 years. Your teammates are getting drafted left and right you are going to play this year or next and continue the quest for 16. But instead you beat up a fellow student and then in a move that I will never understand use his credit card to buy DORM food. Is the Chef from Master Chef or the Girl in the Goat cooking for them? Who does this? MORONS

Switching subjects completely let’s say that Coach Saban wins one more National title before he retires. Do you think that down the road they rename the stadium after him? Bryant/Denny/Saban Stadium? Or maybe the field like they did for Bobby Bowden? I know this is almost unheard of but when do we stop bowing to Coach Bryant and start honoring Coach Saban? Wow sorry I just ducked a bolt of lightning…   I’m sorry but unless Saban coaches at Bama for 10+ years he will not surpass Bryant since he coached for 25 year at Alabama.  Sure we should honor him for all he’s done, but let’s wait till that egg hatches Marc! (Laurel)

Finally, like I mentioned I am a new Dad. Jacob Leo was born at 6:40 AM (does anyone ever have kids at say noon) or is it just me on Tuesday the 12. He is a wonderful little guy with more hair than I have. Maya is sweet big sister (at least so far) I had on my Bama sweatshirt during the birth and one of the nurses went to Iowa so we had some great Big Ten/SEC talk. So in 18 years I expect Kirby Smart to knock on my door and recruit Jake to be the next QB. Oh who am I kidding a Jewish QB at Alabama? He will be the next kicker if I am lucky…




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