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2nd August
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

Who was the first woman to earn a law degree from the University of Alabama?

Mable Yerby, who later became Mrs. James Laweson, received her LLB from UA in 1920.

Can you believe we are now less than 30 days away from Alabama kicking off their 2013 season and the road to #16.  Hope you have had an exciting summer.  If you were not at our speaker event in June with Greg McElroy then you defiantly missed out.  Greg was awesome and answered most any question y’all threw at him; check out Marc’s 4th and Goal for some of the highlights from Greg’s visit to Chicago and the Houndstooth.  Check out some of the photos from the Greg McElroy Event here

Just so you know we will have a new t-shirt design released by Aug 15th and will have the new shirts available on August 31st at the Houndstooth and Another Round.  We might even be able to get you your shirt early during the SEC Flag Football Tourney if you are heading to Atlanta for the first game.

SEC Flag Football Tourney

If you can join us to play in our annual SEC Flag Football Tourney or want to come cheer Roll Tide Chicago on the 2013 SEC Flag Football Tourney will be taking place on Aug. 24th in Diversy Fields (Lincoln Park) please email us at We need a minimum of 8 players to field a team (at least 5 guys and 3 girls) – we hope not to have to recruit from FLA again this year!  Let’s show the other SEC Chicago Alumni How We Roll! The after party will be at the Pony this year, but feel free to join us for the whole day or just a while we love having our Roll Tide Chicago faithful out & don’t worry we do tailgate – so bring some snacks and drinks and join us for a day outside!

Ravinia – Alabama

If you have not heard, Alabama – the band will be playing at Ravinia Friday Aug 30th.  We are going to have a Roll Tide Chicago tailgate on the lawn at Ravinia – so we can yell Roll Tide Roll!  Send us an email if you plan on joining us at Ravinia – We will make sure to bring shakers!

Hope to see y’all earlier this month otherwise we will see you for Kickoff on Sat. 8/31 for Alabama vs. VT  @ 4:30 pm CT at the Houndstooth or Another Round.

Roll Tide!




4th & Goal

Roll Tide and Happy Summer everyone,

Before we start I want to say again how proud I am of our group. From our humble start at Ollies Bar in 2007 when we didn’t know if 10 people in Chicago rooted for Alabama to now having our current chapter President Laurel Stepp be a leader at the Annual Out of State Chapter Meetings in T-Town a couple of weeks ago it really says how far we have come. So remember when you see a fellow Bama fan on the street or know of people coming to Chicago to visit make sure that they know about us at the Tooth or Another Round.

We are less than 30 days away from kickoff and I for one am getting pretty excited. When I was at the Capstone I couldn’t imagine winning one national title now we are going for 3 in a row. I’ve said it once and I will say it again for all of you “newer” Post Saban Bama fans do not take this for granted (see USC, Miami, FSU, Nebraska) a run like the Tide is on comes about once every decade so enjoy it, every last second of it.

A few weeks ago Greg McElroy came and spoke to our group at the Houndstooth. Next to when the Late Great Mal Moore spoke a few years ago he was my favorite speaker we have had. Here are a couple of notes from his talk:

* Alabama now has 33,000 plus students (which is almost twice the size it was when I was a Freshman in 1995)

* 239 National Merit Scholars which ranks us #1 among public universities and #4 in the country (I think I wrote that down correctly either way pretty darn impressive

* 52% of last year’s freshman came from out of state (as a “yankee” from Ohio I find this amazing)

* A New Building goes up or is renovated and reopened on average once every 7.2 months on campus. Unfortunately in the name of progress that means that old landmarks get knocked down this week it was the Corner Store opened since 1948. Boo on that by the way
Before we get into what McElroy said here are a couple of football stats to remember:

* The team is 61-7 over the last 5 years

* They are 35-5 in the SEC (with three of those losses coming in one year)

* Coach Saban is 8-1 life time in the SEC Championship and BCS Title games.
Now onto what McElroy had to say:

* The main difference between Coach Shula who he claims he still likes and Coach Saban is that Shula was happy if the team tried hard and played a fair game while Coach Saban expects excellence and winning all the time. He mentioned a game under Shula when the Tide lost to Miss. State as an example of how playing hard was ok while AFTER let me repeat this AFTER the BCS title game vs. Texas Saban came in and started yelling and screaming that they gave up too many points in the 2nd half. Once again people this is after they just won the national title and finished the year 14-0. If that doesn’t show the difference in Alabama football Pre-Saban and After-Saban I don’t know what will.

* He said that the toughest defense he faced day in and day out was the Alabama defense and that nothing he saw from any other team was as hard as playing vs. the Tide defense. As an aside he mentioned that recruiting plays a big part of this because the Bama scout team could start at most schools across the SEC that is how deep the Tide is. As most of you know I find recruiting talk about as exciting as watching the 2013 Cubs and White Sox. But I am slowly coming around to the fact that what the Tide and Saban are doing is pretty darn amazing. To paraphrase former Vols Coach Derek Dooley Alabama drafts and the rest of the country recruits.

* It isn’t known as much around Tide parts as much as maybe back in the Bear days but Saban HATES Auburn

* McElroy said that Saban is just how we all think he is. A great story he told was one day his senior year he found himself alone walking down the hall towards Saban coming the other way. As they got closer McElroy didn’t know what to say so he just said good morning Coach the only response he got was a grunt.

* He said the difference between Saban and other coaches is how he develops players. He used Dee Milner as an example. How he went from a freshman that McElroy picked on in practice to a first round draft pick last year. He also said that he knew where every player was supposed to go from the lineman to the wide outs on every play he doesn’t even do that with the Jets now.

* Surprising he likes watching Johnny Football play but like the rest of us are very excited to watch him get clobbered this year! (more on Johnny Football shortly)

* He has met Katherine Webb and says that while he isn’t sure if she and AJ are still dating he knows for sure that Saban is not a fan of all of the attention it draws.

* But my favorite story by far was when Tebow was traded to the Jets last year Greg and Mark Sanchez played a trick on him by forcing Tebow to watch all of the defensive Alabama plays from the 2009 SEC championship game during film study one day. How great is that?

* He said that Tebow is a great guy and that all three 2012 Jets QB got along very well despite what you read in the NY Papers.

* One thing I found interesting is that he has accepted being a backup in the NFL and that now it is his job to be an NFL player. You don’t often hear players talk about playing in the NFL as a job.

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again if you are a top recruit in the country and you want to win why not come to Bama? I think the athletic department agrees with me check out the new posters for this year: Byutm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=sec-football this doesn’t even take into account the new training rooms, locker room etc. If you haven’t seen the video check it out. (and be prepared to see the new Oregon football palace) Alabama has money but we don’t have Nike Money!

Here is a good story on Johnny Football this is just an amazing story about how a school, a town and a guy’s parents can’t control a situation that is getting out of control. We are blessed to have a leader like AJ.
My favorite recent JF story is that he honestly thought he could go to a frat party at UT. How did he think this was going to play out? What a putz

Have you seen the picture of Eddie Lacy from Packers camp? It looks like he ate TJ Yeldon. I am not a Packers fan and can really care less what Eddie Lacy did during his offseason but what cracks me up is how many of my friends send me the picture. While I follow ex-Bama players in the NFL unless they play for the Bengals (and three currently do) I could careless about them. Am I alone in this?  Marc – I think you are somewhat alone on this…form my point of view if a Bama player plays for a NFL team I am more than likely to cheer them on.  Plus I can tell you from a firsthand account when we meet Lacy in July in T-Town that he does look like he ate TJ Yeldon – Laurel

In this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I was a parent: I am 37, I have two great kids, a loving wife, a good job etc. But with all that said I have an irrational love of the Cincinnati Reds. I’m sure like most of you with the Tide you get worked up when we win and even more worked up when they lose. On Sunday the Reds did something that they had never done in the 120+ year history of the team. They struck out 20 LA Dodgers which set the team record for most K’s in a game. Now you’re saying to yourself wow that is pretty good. And what does this have to do with you being a dad? Because while the Reds were striking out 20 Dodgers they couldn’t push across a run and the game went into the 11 inning where of course the Dodgers won on a walk off homer 1-0. Maya who had been playing downstairs while I was watching the game witnessed me having an actual tantrum as the ball left the bat. I hit a pillow, I tossed the remote onto the couch and I’m sure I said a couple of words not fit for print. Maya looked at me walked over to the couch and said “why are you mad Daddy? She then handed me her stuffed animal “Bunny” and said Bunny will make it better. That pretty much took the wind out of my sails. So remember guys and gals it’s only a game and no matter what don’t take it so seriously. (that is until the very next night when the Reds gave up a two run walk off homer)….


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