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22nd August
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

Who is credited for bringing football to the University of Alabama and in what year?

W.G. Little of Livingstone, Alabama in 1892.

Less than two weeks till the Crimson Tide kicks off their 2013 season on Aug. 31st, I for one cannot wait for the season to start and to see some familiar and new faces of Roll Tide Chicago at the Houndstooth and Another Round!

2013 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt and Membership

We want to make sure you join Roll Tide, Chicago (new or a renewing member) the new membership form is on and will be at The Houndstooth and Another Round all season.  Your 2013 RTC Membership you will get this ChicaAgo t-shirt (it’s an ash grey color and comes in women’s and men’s sizes)

If you order your membership/T-shirt on let us know if you will be picking up your T-shirt at The Houndstooth or Another Round.  First option at either location to pick up your T-shirt will be Saturday Aug 31st.  If you are heading to Atlanta and want to wear your Roll Tide Chicago shirt we will have them Saturday at the SEC Chicago Flag Football Tourney at Diversey Fields.

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Don’t forget Friday Aug. 30th is wear your college colors day – I hope to see a Crimson Tide of Alabama shirts around Chicago that day!!

SEC Flag Football Tourney

2013 Chicago Area SEC Alumni Flag Football Tournament is Saturday!

Date: Saturday, August 24th, 2012

Time: 9:30am – 3:00pm

Location: Diversey Harbor Fields. The fields are located behind the driving range, close to Diversery and the lake in Lincoln Park.

Format and Rules: 8v8 Coed – All teams will get two games guaranteed then single elimination playoffs.

After Party @ The Pony 1638 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60657

Interested in being on Alabama’s Team?  Email or join our event via Facebook

Come out and join us to play or for some tailgating with other Chicago SEC Alumni and Roll Tide Chicago.  The after party this year will be at The Pony, which is UK and Texas A&M’s bar, so we want to make sure to turn The Pony Crimson!  They will be having a Pig Roast and some drink specials Saturday night for their 5th anniversary.

Ravinia – Alabama

If you have not heard, Alabama – the band will be playing at Ravinia Friday Aug 30th.  We are going to have a Roll Tide Chicago tailgate on the lawn at Ravinia – so we can yell Roll Tide Roll and sing along to “My Home in Alabama!”  Send us an email if you plan on joining us at Ravinia – We will make sure to bring shakers!

Hope to see y’all earlier this month otherwise we will see you for Kickoff on Sat. 8/31 for Alabama vs. VT  @ 4:30 pm CT at the Houndstooth or Another Round.

Roll Tide!


4th & Goal

Roll Tide everyone

Kickoff for college football is getting closer by the day. Let’s get the Debbie Downer stuff out of the way first: Bad news from the Capstone as a couple of our soon to be hero’s continue to remind us that they are 18-21 year old college kids and not some faceless machine. Over the weekend starting CB Geno Smith got arrested for a DUI. Read about it here:

What bothers me about this is that Alabama and Coach Saban do such a good job of trying to prevent this kind of stuff from happening from bringing in law enforcement officials, to former players, to Moms of high school basketball players who end up in jail for getting involved with the wrong crowd to talk to the team.  It just goes to show that not even the best coaches and organizations can stop college kids from being college kids (see Texas A&M with Johnny Football) Let’s hope that he learns his lesson and keeps his head on straight from here on out.

And finally this will be the last time I bring up this subject but it needs to be said again. Thank Coach Saban every day for the run we are on because it could be over before we know it. This is a great story on the end of the 3rd and final golden era for the Bear: the part that really shook me was that from 1980 until 2010 the Tide was never ranked #1 during the regular season.  Which leads us into the good news….

For the third straight season the Tide starts off as #1 with only 2 votes going to Ohio State. For whatever reason I think this particular Tide team can really handle the pressure. I think the big monkey on their back of becoming the first team in history to win three straight titles will not be a burden but will be more of a rallying cry. Not to mention I just love the way that AJ carries himself. What has he done this offseason? Where has he gone? I have no clue which to me is a good thing. When your senior leaders strive to be LEADERS instead of jet setting around the county like a certain QB from Texas has done good things will come. It also helps when you have so many weapons and a favorable (at least on paper schedule) the closer it gets the more excited I become.

As you guys know I don’t really keep up on the recruiting trail because I trust our coaches know what they are doing, they seem to get whomever they want and why would any stud high school player not want to come to Alabama? But I have to tip my hat to the Tide recruiting efforts for a couple of things: #1 this picture of all of the players that Saban has recruited who were drafted: and second and my favorite is this one from just last year’s draft:

Oregon, Ohio State, Texas, Florida you name it can have all the impressive athletic compounds and TV deals etc. but if I was a great high school football player how could you not come to play for the Tide? When Oregon unveiled its new Nike funded palace to football the knock that I read was that while Alabama’s was/is amazing they celebrate the past and tradition while at Oregon they are only looking towards the future. (This was a thinly veiled shot at the picture of all the draft picks that the Tide has had in the new football building) vs. the cool sleek look at Oregon. Are you freaking kidding me? Ask yourself this. If you were a high school football player and you walked into the Tide’s locker room and starring you in the face are pictures of Shawn Alexander, and Mark Ingram, and Dee Milner, and Trent Richardson etc. vs. going in and seeing a cool Oregon locker room with all the bells and whistles that Nike can buy wouldn’t you want to go to the place with all the NFL players?

One other reason that I love Alabama is that we never change our jerseys. Ok from time to time a little houndstooth here and there but what you saw 30 years ago is what you see now. For me unless again you are Oregon and it’s part of your DNA when teams change uniforms it just covers up that they aren’t very good or are struggling to get back to the top see our friends from Knoxville who were so excited about their new duds that they seem to forget that they stink. (And count me on the non Butch Jones fan club since I thought he was a good but not great coach at Cincinnati).

Because I love music as much as I love sports starting this year I’ll add a youtube video of some music that I am listening to currently: I’ve heard this song at the Houndstooth a bunch of the last couple of years and never thought anything of it. Who know that the soon to be bar band staple Wagon Wheel had such an interesting story: (on a related note legend has it that my fraternity in 1993 was going to book Hootie and the Blowfish to play one of our parties but instead booked a band called Barney Barnwell and Woodstick).

Finally in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad. I want to preface this story by saying I am happily married to Shana. Now that we have that out of the way I have found this summer that kids make the best wingman around. It doesn’t matter if it is Jacob or Maya a Dad with his kids is a magnet for women. On Saturday’s Shana works in the morning so I am out and about as a “single” Dad with two kids. Yesterday I took them to the pool and guys let me tell ya I was the most popular guy there. It helps that Maya is fearless and will go up and chat up anybody that A) has a bag of chips; B) is willing to watch her jump into the water or C) has a juice box or fruit. Then I bring out the closer Jake and everyone turns to puddy. But like all good stories there is a silver lining. At the same pool I was there with another friend of mine with his daughter. One of the ladies chatting us up we found out went to BU (where he went to school) when she asked what year he graduated and found out it was 1998 she said “Oh WOW that was WAY before me” and started to laugh before she got up and moved back to her seat once again proving that I am getting older by the day…




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