Roll Tide Chicago for September 20, 2013

Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

What was the first permanent structure on The University of Alabama campus?  In what year was it built?

The Gorgas House, 1928, as a part of the original master plan for UA.

Hope y’all had fun at the Houndstooth and Another Round for the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game last Saturday.  I had a great time in College Station with the National Alumni Association and on the bus from Houston with the Houston alumni.  Some pictures are below so you can see Kyle Field and some other parts of College Station…it is a cow town; there is nothing there but the University and barely a tree in the tailgate area.  However, we were all pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the Aggies before and after the game.  Look forward to doing our own bus trip with Roll Tide Chicago to the Kentucky game in October.

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Colorado State Saturday; kickoff is at 6:000 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar. Its parents weekend so I know some of you will be in T-town for the home opener…have fun and we’ll see you back soon!

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

2013 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt and Membership

The 2013 Roll Tide Chicago T-shirts and memberships have been selling well and we will reorder shirts at the beginning of October…so if we are out of the size you need put your order in so we can insure you get the size you want once we reorder.  Also, we are looking at ordering some long sleeve shirt in crimson with ChicAgo on it this year email us at if you are interested in being on the pre-order list for these shirts as well.

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Look forward to seeing y’all Saturday at the Houndstooth and Another Round.

Roll Tide!


4th & Goal

Can we all exhale yet? Man oh man, what a game! Before we get to the exploits of Johnny Football, Nick Saban looking 10 years older and how the Tide defense can give up more yards in a game than they do in a month let’s take a quick look at the DJ Fluker story which broke after I wrote 4th and goal last week.

It seems pretty clear that he took money from either an agent or former Alabama player Luther Davis which as we all know is against the rules. And while we all can sit back and say what a moron to jeopardize not only him, the team, and the university let’s take a step back and figure out why he did it. First of all it seems like the money he took was for living expenses buying a new bed, fixing his car, having some pocket change all things that all of us as college students took for granted. I can remember moving out of the ZBT house and my parents coming to T-Town and us buying a bed at some store on 15th street. What happens when you are over 6 feet tall and 300+ pounds? My guess is it is a little harder to do. Plus and I encourage all of you to read this story on him just imagine what it was like to grow up as DJ Fluker:

Now to answer a couple of questions that I have been asked at least in my office: #1) No I don’t think the Tide will lose their national championships if all that happened is what is being reported #2) I don’t think that Bama will even get into a huge amount of trouble to be honest. They have been proactive from what I can gather, knew about the allegations before story broke and seem to be doing what they can to make sure that everyone is on the same page. #3) I don’t care if it’s AJ no way does Saban play a guy that he knows is taking money or took money. No one is bigger than the team which is why this is completely different than Reggie Bush at USC or the never ending saga down at the U. So in closing don’t worry about Fluker and trust that unlike in the past this saga will not torpedo the program. And for a better idea of how toothless the NCAA is read this:–latest-college-scandals-again-reveal-folly-of-ncaa-rules-210822795.html.

Now onto the game that not only took 10 years off Coach Saban’s life but also I bet most of us. What more can I add that hasn’t been written already? Let’s start with the bad first: Last week I mentioned that the best defense for Alabama was to keep Johnny Football off the field and I was partly right. The best defense for Alabama would have been to put 20 guys out there including Lee Roy Jordan, Barry Krause, the ghost of Derrek Thomas, Dre Kirpatrick, Mt. Cody and Don Hutson who even though he didn’t play defense he would have been better than the guys out on the field because nothing we did seemed to effect A&M one bit. Let’s go to the numbers:

  • 42 points most given up by a Saban coached team at Alabama.
  • 15 yards the number of the worse single penalty I have ever seen in a football game called on Ha-Ha in the first half (Saban by the way using common sense asked in his PC on Tuesday how they could not kick Ha-Ha out but still give him the penalty? ) As they mentioned on the broadcast if one isn’t a cheapshot how is it a penalty at all?
  • 62 first downs (31 each team).
  • 464 passing yards given up by our defense most giving up since 2001.
  • First time Bama has won giving up 35 or more points since 2007.
  • Mike Evans alone had 279 yards including the 95 yard run and catch which was the longest in A&M history.
  • 626 yards most EVER given up by the Tide.
  • Alabama gave up more yards in one game than they gave up in the entire month of Sept last year.
  • $$$ the amount of money Coach Saban is going to need for his new hair after the game it was looking a little out of place wasn’t it?
  • This was the most watched college football afternoon game since the U played Notre Dame in 1990.
  • The Tide is 15-4 vs. the AP top 10 in the last 6 seasons with two of those losses coming in the 2011 year.
  • 49-42 the final score with Alabama coming out on top.

That is all that matters. All of those other numbers don’t mean squat because if the Tide runs the table this game while being exciting and maybe giving teams like Ole Miss a sort of blueprint how to play against the Tide it is just another win. An exciting crazy from start to finish win, but a win just like every other win we have watched over the last few years. Like Gary Danielson said during the game it was like a basketball game on grass.

I think we can all agree that if we never EVER have to play or see Johnny Football lining up against the Tide we will breathe easier. It takes a special kind of player to flummox our defense and our coaches two years in a row and for the most part he did just that. Did he get some help from the amazingly awful Bama secondary? Of course how much? Well we’ll have to see how the rest of the season plays out. Just know that Mike Evans is about 6-1 and Ole Miss has two WR bigger than him.

As you all know I am a huge Reds and Bengals fan and with that comes a lifetime of losing and dashed hopes. I have come to believe that no lead is safe and that especially with the Bengals they will find a way to blow it. I feel 1000000% the other way when it comes to Alabama and especially AJ McCarron. At no point in the 2nd half did I feel that he won’t lead the Tide to victory and a TD or field goal. At no point when we had the lead was I worried that he would make a boneheaded pass into the endzone or fling it down the middle of the field. The guy is a machine or sure plays like it, and if you believe the reports for the first time since 2011, 100% healthy. Could we see our 2nd Heisman at the Capstone? I’d say as long as AJ is playing in the SEC championship game and the Tide is 12-0 how do you not give it to him? Manzell might be flashy and make amazing plays time and time again but AJ wins. Give me AJ every day and twice on Saturday.  Don’t believe me he was named SEC offensive player of the week:

OFFENSIVE: AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
• Completed 20-of-29 passes for a career-high 334 yards with 4 TD and 0 INT.
• 5-yard pass to Jalston Fowler with 2:28 left put UA up 49-35 and proved to be game-winner.
• Also had TD passes of 22, 44 and 51 yards (four different receivers for scores).
• Improved record as starter to 27-2, including a 15-0 mark away from Tuscaloosa.
• Now second in UA record backs for passing yardage (passing Brodie Croyle) with 6,400 yards.
• 4 TD passes tied his career-best.
• Also responsible for checking at line of scrimmage for run plays as Alabama totaled 234 yards on the ground (568 yards total).

My last thoughts on the game: Johnny Football told all the people who gave him grief for his offseason and told them to shove it in one afternoon. Once again it’s amazing that no one remembers what they did in college let alone what a Heisman winner has to go through. Was he dumb at times of course, but who wasn’t? (Next time you see me ask me what shirt I was forced to wear for my bachelor party.) The bottom line is the guy is the most incredible college football player I have ever seen and I hope that an NFL team not in the AFC north drafts him. But even after the game he is going to have to deal with this nonsense:

So many things happened in that game that we hope we never see again it was nice that TJ Yeldon was smart enough or told to write a letter to A&M saying he was sorry for the taunting penalty he got in the first half.

Our 3rdth string running back is better than about 90% of the RB in college football.

A quick glance around the rest of football:

The Big Ten once again is terrible but this year might be a new low. God help the OSU fan that complains that Alabama doesn’t play anybody because there is a good chance that the Tide will play 3 teams in the top 8 while OSU might not play a team the entire year in the top 15. Had Michigan lost to Akron it would have been the biggest upset maybe in the history of college football and I am not exaggerating.

I have a bunch of Wisconsin friends who stayed up till 1:00 AM to see this happen to their team: it’s nice that the Pac Ten told them today that they messed up. My question is why are Pac Ten refs reffing a Pac Ten/Big Ten game. And if this ever happens to the Tide their might be a riot in Indy.

The hot seat in Austin is getting hotter by the day. Ole Miss comes to town and runs up 44 on the Horns. I remember the lean years at Bama but we never got crushed playing at full strength like the Horns (and to a lesser extent Nebraska) currently.

With Colorado State this week coming to town I have two songs for you to enjoy:

The first by one of the forgotten bands of the 60’s the Flying Burrito Brothers and their tribute to Colorado:

The 2nd with all the flooding going on there the last couple of weeks I figured a lot of people are singing this classic from the Man in Black Johnny Cash:

Finally, in things that I didn’t know until I was a Dad: It’s taken two kids and 3 plus years of being a Dad but I finally felt like a grown up on Monday night. Instead of watching the Bengals/Steelers on Monday Night Football and the return of Reds ace Johnny Cueto pitch for the first time since June I went to Maya’s pre-school open house. I don’t think I have sat in a class room since my last day at Alabama and talking to the teachers and learning about her day I honestly felt more grown up it’s hard to explain.  It’s also good to know that Maya likes to correct the teachers if they don’t sing a song the right way or skip over part of the daily program (she is already taking after her mother.)



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