Roll Tide Chicago for September 26, 2013

Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

What is Rammer Jammer? And what is the yellow hammer?

Rammer Jammer was the now- defunct University of Alabama humor magazine that was published from the 1920s through the 1960s.  The Yellow hammer is the Alabama State Bird

Pre-Order Long Sleeve T-shirts

We welcomed in fall this past weekend.  The cooler weather is one reason we are going to pre-order for a crimson long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago T-shirts.  If you are interested in pre-ordering the long sleeve t-shirt, please email with shirt sizes, shirt count and your email address.

Sizes available Small – 2XL

T-shirt Pricing:

Members: $30 each

Non-Members: $35 each

We will also be ordering more Roll Tide Chicago t-shirts next week so don’t worry if we don’t have your size this weekend at the Houndstooth or Another Round…we will be getting more shirts soon.

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Chicago SEC Happy Hour

Join us this Friday 9/27/13 for a Chicago SEC Happy Hour at Glascott’s Saloon (2158 N. Halsted St) – drink specials and SEC trash talk will be available.  Let’s show the other Chicago SEC Alumni how Roll Tide Chicago Rolls!

College Fairs/Reception

Our Chicago Area Regional Recruiter, Bethany Forrest (Floyd) is asking for some volunteers to help our at some Chicagoland college fairs in the next month, look at some of the upcoming events at  Please let her know if you can spare an hour or more of your time to help recruit students to UA, there are several events when she is double booked…take a look at the site and let her know when and where you can help out.  Also, on Tuesday October 8th the University will be hosting a student recruitment reception at The Westin Lombard in Lombard, IL any assistance this evening would be a great help – most of RTC’s board will be attending and some parents of current students!

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Ole Miss Saturday; kickoff is at 5:30 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Look forward to seeing y’all Friday night at Glascott’s and Saturday at the Houndstooth and Another Round.

Roll Tide!


4th & Goal

Sitting at home watching the Tide I had a couple of words spring to mind: Lackluster, ho-hum, uninspired does that convey that “performance” from the Tide?  This quote from the blog SB Nation Alabama sums how I felt post game:

I don’t care about the starters missing, the CSU game illuminated all of the ugliness we feared going into the season: Uncertainty at PK, way too many mental mistakes, complacency, liability at corner, an offensive line that either lacks talent or is just poorly coached. The LBs were the best players on the field last night. OJ Howard is a revelation, and the WRs may be the best in America, but that’s no way to win the SEC

Every week I tell all of us to not take for granted what the Tide has done the last 5+ years and this year I think we all are going to have to except that the machine we are used to seeing has a couple of hic-ups in it. Maybe they are good enough to beat the rest of the SEC and get back to the BCS Title game. But I’ll say this, the team I saw on Saturday will get smoked on Saturday vs. Ole Miss. The proof is in the numbers none of which are very good at the moment:

Never before in the Saban era have we seen a team play down to the opponent like this one so far. And never before (and I guess he is entitled to a bad throw from time to time) but the INT from AJ in the first half was maybe the worse throw I’ve ever seen him make. He compounded that by mouthing off post game about how the offense wasn’t on the same page. When is the last time we heard that?  How does an Alabama team only rush for 66 yards? How does an Alabama team go 2-10 on 3rd down with both of those coming late in the game? I honestly don’t get this team. And my guess is neither do the coaches or the national writers who are keeping the Tide #1 on reputation only. Now all that can change this week vs. a pretty good (and smack talking) Ole Miss Team. If we thought Mike Evans was big, Ole Miss has two wide outs just as big as he was. Let’s hope that D Blue and the rest of the DB’s are healthy and ready to go.

This is now the 3rd such story about how to beat Alabama but since it came once the season has started and not before it sheds light onto what we all have seen so far:

Just like with how the offense came to play vs. A&M I expect them to be ready to roll vs. Ole Miss. But this is not your Dad’s Ole Miss (unless your Dad is as old as Archie) I expect this game to be a real struggle for our boys. The spread offense, a team that isn’t as intimidated by coming into BDS, I have a feeling that they will be ready to go.  But just like in most games I think the Tide wares down a young and very game Rebs team and the Tide wins 28-17.

This is a couple of years old but I like to read about the history of the program: The picture of BDS when it first opened is amazing. To think of what it looked like in 1929 to what it is now less than 100 years ago is amazing.

I would be remiss if I didn’t pay lip service to the “news” and I use that term loosely on the Nick Saban to Texas rumors. First of all it would be news to me if Saban wasn’t getting called left and right to see if he would move. I would hope that if the shoe was on the other foot and we were Texas we wouldn’t be going after the best coach in the country. Depending on which rumor you believe Texas has a $100 million dollar 10 year contract on the table, Saban met with them 2 years ago you get the drift. All we can do is take Coach at his word and like he said on Hey Coach last week I’m too old to move on and start over. Now with that said let’s say the Tide wins again would anyone blame him if he wanted to try a new challenge? And even if they don’t win this year and he leaves would you be mad? Disappointed sure but mad? I would tip my cap to Coach, say thank you for everything you have done and welcome Coach Smart as the next coach at Bama with open arms. The bottom line friends is I would be shocked, SHOCKED if he left. I just don’t see it happening.

In the other Alabama off field news from last week depending on what source you believe Bama’s favorite couple has broken up. Brent’s girl Katharine Webb and AJ may or may not be on the outs. The fact that I wrote about it, that it made ESPN last week and that people actually care is very sad.

I have never played football but I did break my wrist twice in my life playing sports (Well if you count roller skating at Shawn Knapps Bat Mitzvah a sport) and tripping rounding 3rd in a 16 inch softball game so I know all about getting hurt playing sports. I have nothing on former Bama S Rashad Johnson who lost a tip of his finger during a game on Sunday.  This once again proves that football players are crazier than you and me and have a pain threshold like nothing I have ever heard.

How much do you think CBS was hoping that A&M/Bama was on every week? Two weeks ago the Bama game was the most watched afternoon college football game since 1990. Last week? Florida and Tenn put SEC offense back about 10 years.

Speaking of the Vols, Kirk Herbstreet had an interesting question on twitter two weeks ago when the Vols got destroyed by Oregon. If we in the SEC think that all SEC team wins are “our” wins does that also make every bad loss our loss?

With Alabama playing Ole Miss this song popped into my head:, for my money this is the best version of this song captured on video from The Bands Last Waltz concert. (If you like Mumford and Sons I beg you to check out The Band, not only are they 100 times better, but they 100 times better.)

And the second song has nothing to do with anything I just like this song and I wanted to share it with you: it puts me in a good mood.

Finally in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Last week I took Maya and Jacob to Costco for a little shopping and dinner and ice cream. It turned out it was the night of the big rain storm and we got stuck waiting out the rain in the front of the store. For 15 minutes we sat and waited and it was getting close to bed time for Jake. So like all good dads I started to figure out how to get the car and the kids to the car without getting them soaked. As it turned out the nice man at Costco was reading my mind and said “Go get your car I’ll watch the kids” which after a quick call to the Boss to get her thoughts is what I did. So the moral of the story is if it’s raining make sure you go to Costco and the nice man at the front of the store will baby sit for you.

See y’all at the Tooth on Saturday yep that’s right I’ll be there!



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