Roll Tide Chicago for November 15, 2013

Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

Where did the name “Million Dollar Band” come from?

The name “Million Dollar Band” was bestowed upon us in 1922 by W. C. “Champ” Pickens. In the 1948 Alabama football media guide, it is described this way: During a 1922 Georgia Tech game, won by the Yellow Jackets 33-7, an Atlanta sportswriter commented to Pickens, “You don’t have much of a team, what do you have at Alabama?” Pickens replied, “A Million Dollar Band,” due to the bands fundraising ability to get to the Georgia Tech game that year. 

Last week’s game was fantastic – I heard the Houndstooth and Another Round were rocking for the game.  I had the pleasure of being back in T-town for game and to be in the Bryant-Denny Stadium (BDS) as it swayed to the fans cheering and singing Dixieland Delight during a commercial break, Marc will expand on this and other things from the game in 4th and Goal below.  I will just share some pictures from the packed Quad pregame to BDS during the game.  Thank you to all the Roll Tide Chicago members who made it to our tailgate on the quad – the leadership for the NAA was impressed with how many of us RTCers were in T-Town for the game!

It’s hard to believe how quickly this football season has gone…only 3 regular season games left so make sure you make it to the Houndstooth and/or Another Round before the end of the regular season to cheer on the Tide with Roll Tide Chicago!

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Mississippi Saturday; kickoffs is at 6:45 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.  Another Round patrons please know there is also a Blackhawks game at 7 pm on Saturday.

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Roll Tide Chicago Memberships

We are starting to run out sizes of the 2013 Roll Tide Chicago t-shirts so make sure to pick-up your t-shirts before supplies run out at the Houndstooth or Another Round!!  If you cannot make it to one of the bars to get your membership and T-shirts no problem, just go to and order your shirt via out website and we will mail the shirts to you.  Our shirts make great holiday gifts to other family members who might not live in Chicago!

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Also, we only have a few of the 2013 long sleeve t-shirts left – order yours today before they’re gone!  Stop by the Houndstooth Saturday or email to get the Crimson long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt.

Sizes available Small – 2XL

T-shirt Pricing:

Members: $30 each (separate/extra to membership dues that include the grey t-shirt)

Non-Members: $35 each

Look forward to seeing y’all Saturday at the Houndstooth and Another Round to cheer on Alabama!

Roll Tide!


4th & Goal

I am FIRED up this week gang and it has little to do with the Tide continuing to roll last week vs. the Tigers. No since that game and even before I have been called an “elitist” a front runner, an SEC shill (OK they got me on that one) a communist and a guy that doesn’t know what I am talking about.  Those are the nice things. All because I happen to root for a team that is the two time defending national champion and 4 wins away from playing for a 3rd in a row. Which got me thinking Are we Alabama fans the new New York Yankee fans? Are we the fan base that every other team loathes not because we beat them or even play them but because we are the standard that they all hope to achieve and become? To all of that I say we are all guilty as charged but with a big BUT thrown in. You know what that BUT is? The product on the field. Alabama over the last 5 seasons is 70-7, have been ranked #1 more than all the other teams in the country combined, have been favored in an amazing 51 (and counting) games in a row has won three of the last four national titles, has had more players go to the NFL than any other team and just today received the commitment from the #1 DE in the country to come and play for the Tide next year giving them the #1 recruiting class once again. Oh and by the way their coach was just on 60 minutes and Showtime and both of our big games this year have been the most watched games of the year on CBS or any other channel for college football. So if that makes us elitists then I guess we are all guilty as charged. Just like the Yankees, the Steelers (for the most part) Duke or Kentucky basketball and Cubs fans (ha) we are big brother and we are the best. So puff your chest out adjust that Houndstooth hat or scarf and roll with it.  And trust me gang everyone (well maybe not SEC fans who want the SEC to keep winning) but everybody else is going to be rooting against the Tide the rest of the way.

For those of you who are on Facebook trust me when I tell you that there is no bigger waste of time than engaging in a college football debate with Big Ten Fans. Even with the facts on our side (Alabama if they win out will have played 4 teams currently in the BCS top 15 (OSU hasn’t played a top 15 team in 2 years) they don’t want to hear it. I actually had a guy tell me that the SEC was overrated because and follow the logic on this because ESPN and the SEC have the SEC network starting NEXT season ESPN wants SEC teams to be ranked higher than other conferences and the Big Ten. Never mind that the last time I checked there is no ESPN top 25 poll or how does that explain FSU being ranked higher and if they win out Baylor will end up higher than Ohio State. None of that seems to matter.  So once again gang, take my word for it don’t do it. Unlike the Tide you can’t win.

Now onto one of my favorite Alabama wins in some time. As you all know I love smash mouth football. Call me old fashion or maybe it’s because I grew up a wait for it, wait for it a Big Ten fan but for whatever reason I would rather watch Alabama or Stanford bleed the life out of a team like they did last week to LSU and Oregon that the fun and gun of Oregon or Baylor. I like what those teams can do to the scoreboard and its fun to watch (I’d watch Johnny Football any day of the week) but there is something to be said for here is our guy we are going to run it and you try and stop it. (on a related note this is what Auburn is doing with the read option which scares the heck out of me but that is for a couple of weeks from now) So I for one loved that the Tide took the ball after the greatest call in the Coach Saban era the fake punt and ran it down LSU’s throat. Here comes Yeldon, here comes Drake try and stop us. And as the seconds ticked down and Zack and his offense sat on the sideline we all came to see that for all the worries about our defense (And there are still plenty) our best defense this season is our offense. Be it the fun and gun of the A&M game or the power running game of Saturday. Keep this in mind if we play FSU in the Rose Bowl.

Because Jacob was sick with a cold, I couldn’t make it out to the Tooth on Saturday which leads me to point #2 about the game. If there is anything more pathetic than jumping off your couch ALONE to celebrate a touchdown or in my case when the Tide held them on 4th and 15 late in the game?  After I sat back down I looked around at my empty basement and thought boy that is really lame. Do you agree or disagree?

Is it me or does this year Coach Saban looks like he is having more fun than in the past? First there was the way he jumped up and down after Jones had that INT a couple of weeks ago. And then on Saturday there he was running and jumping into AJ’s arms and even smiling. My Dad called and asked did your TV just break? And I said no why and he said because Saban just smiled. I thought it was the end of world. Where is this emotion after you know winning the National Title?

Speaking of AJ and I will have more on him next week here is a great story that to me at least sums him up perfectly:

Laurel can speak to this more than me but I thought on TV BDS sounded louder than I ever remember it (It was loud and amazing). My buddy Kirz said the only time he can remember it louder was right after Mt. Cody blocked the Vols kick back in 2008.  During a timeout late in the game as Dixieland Delight filled the air in T-Town the crowd was so loud it made the stadium rock. Check out the video on the bottom and see for yourself:

You never know who is going to show up on the sidelines at a Bama game. Did you know that on Saturday Derek Jeter was there as a guest of Alabama baseball coach Andy Phillips? Here is a short video interview with him on the field: (if you can’t find it type in Derek Jeter in the search bar)

This week the Tide take on Miss State in another game that I like to call Please God don’t let anyone get hurt game. (Next week’s game is that game times 100,000) The Wise Guys in Vegas have the Tide as once again a 25 point favorite and I see no reason that they won’t win by that much if not more.

A couple of stats from last week caught my eye from around the SEC last week:

How bad has it gotten at Florida? Vandy not only beat Florida for the first time since 1988 but they won in the swamp for the first time since 1945. How did that happen you ask? Check out this sequence of events that took place during the game: In a morbidly emblematic sequence late in the fourth quarter, Florida had possession at the Commodores’ 41-yard line, trailing 31-17. On third-and-10, Vanderbilt safety Javon Marshall sacked Murphy for a 13-yard loss and officials flagged Murphy for intentional grounding. Going for it on fourth-and-23, Murphy lost 26 yards on a Caleb Azubukie sack and the Gators committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Vandy took over with a first-and-goal at the Florida 10-yard line. That is not getting it done.

And finally as much as we don’t like to think about Auburn being any good (they are) check out this stat about their offense from the past couple of games: Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall has attempted a combined 16 passes in his last three games. Why throw the ball when the Tigers (9-1, 5-1 SEC) are capable of notching a staggering 444 rushing yards (including 214 from Marshall) in a 55-23 rout of Tennessee (4-6, 1-5)? Auburn, which also got two return touchdowns, has improved from 80th to third nationally in rushing offense under first-year coach Gus Malzahn. “I still believe we can throw the football,” Malzahn said. “… But when you don’t have to, you don’t.” Somehow I believe that Alabama will force him to throw the ball a little and I am looking forward to seeing what UGA can do vs. them this weekend but the days of the Iron Bowl being a blowout are over.

This week the music is a little bit different. In honor of the game being in Starkville I give you one of the greatest and funniest SNL skits of the last 20 years:

And finally this week with the 50th anniversary of the assignation of JFK they have had a lot of specials on about him (the two part American Experience on PBS was really good) Anyway this song always makes me think of him. This is a version by my favorite Motown Singer Marvin Gaye the original by Dion is just as good.

This week in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: Maya has started to become a little bossy pants and so last night she told me and I quote “Daddy this is how we are going to do it” and then went on to explain how bed time was going to go. As soon as she is able to Jacob has no shot when it comes to doing anything because Miss Maya is a girl that knows what she wants.

I hope to be at the Tooth (health permitting) Saturday.



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