Roll Tide Chicago for November 21, 2013

Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact & Trivia:

How many seats did the original University of Alabama stadium hold?


Today’s official capacity of Bryant Denny Stadium is 101,821

Can you believe next weekend is the last regular season game and it will be a big Iron Bowl this year…but don’t forget we play Chattanooga this Saturday.  So if you are not heading out of Chicago for Thanksgiving make sure you make it to the Houndstooth and/or Another Round to cheer on the Tide with Roll Tide Chicago!  We have a lot of people already letting us know that they will be visiting Chicago for the weekend and plan on making it to the Houndstooth or Another Round to cheer on the Tide.  Tables will be able to be reserved for the Iron Bowl at the Houndstooth email them at or us at for more information on reserving tables for the Iron Bowl.

If you need to find out where to watch the Iron Bowl if you are headed out of Chicagoland look for chapters and watch locations here:

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Chattanooga Saturday; kickoffs is at 1 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.  Note this week’s game is on PPV so join us at one of our viewing partied to catch the game!

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

Roll Tide Chicago Memberships

We are starting to run out sizes of the 2013 Roll Tide Chicago t-shirts so make sure to pick-up your t-shirts before supplies run out at the Houndstooth or Another Round!!  If you cannot make it to one of the bars to get your membership and T-shirts no problem, just go to and order your shirt via out website and we will mail the shirts to you.  Our shirts make great holiday gifts to other family members who might not live in Chicago!  In order to assure they arrive before the holidays please order the shirts by Dec. 6th!

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Also, we only have a few of the 2013 long sleeve t-shirts left – order yours today before they’re gone!  Stop by the Houndstooth Saturday or email to get the Crimson long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt.

Sizes available Small – 2XL

T-shirt Pricing:

Members: $30 each (separate/extra to membership dues that include the grey t-shirt)

Non-Members: $35 each

Look forward to seeing y’all Saturday at the Houndstooth and Another Round to cheer on Alabama!

Roll Tide!



4th & Goal

The Calm before the Storm and an Ode to AJ:

Since we are a week away from what could go down as the biggest Iron Bowl of all time we will leave the Iron Bowl talk for next week (for the most part) so let’s get onto the matter at hand this week vs. the Mocs. With the historic signing yesterday in Illinois legalizing gay marriage I think it is time that I come out and say that I have a man crush on AJ McCarron. It is fun to play the Mt. Rushmore game you know who would be on your Mt. Rushmore of this or that (pick four people etc) not to be confused with your list of 5 (everyone knows what I am talking about) and mine when it came to sports has been set for a long time: Pete Rose, Barry Larkin, Anthony Munoz and Kenyon Martin but now as much as it pains me to say Kenyon is getting chipped off and AJ is getting put on. What is not to like about this guy (minus his GAWD Awful tattoo?)

He is everything you would want in a player that represents your school. He cares more for the greater good of the team than his own stats. His work with the Children’s Hospital around Alabama is well known, he has already graduated and he is dating Ms. Webb. ( answered that question on 10/8/13) What’s not to like?  As much as I would love to see him win the Heisman he has as much chance of winning as I do which is ok. The guy is a winner and a leader the likes of which if things break the Tide’s way this year could be unprecedented in college football history. Currently as a starter he is 35-2! He has the chance to go down as one of the greatest college football players of all time if the Tide wins out this year. And while none of us know what type of pro he will be (I think he will be good if not great) I think that like Christian Latner in basketball he could be on the short list of best of all time. As I am sure that most of you know he is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week and they bring up all of these points. I guess my point in all of this is more than any Tide or college player in my life time I am going to miss him next year no matter what happens. I keep reminding all of us to savor the time we are in with Alabama football and not seeing AJ under center next year is going to be a big shock to all of our systems. So on Saturday when the Tide is laying waste to the Mocs remember to cheer as AJ jogs off the field we hope after the first quarter because there is a good chance that we might never see a winner or leader like him again.  And while this video doesn’t include highlights from this year it’s still fun to remember: (one other thing I never get tired of seeing how excited he gets to run up and hug the guy that catches the pass.)

One reason that AJ might not get the Heisman is because he might not be the best player on the team: Another tip of the cap needs to go to CJ Mosley who every time the Tide are on CBS they remind us that he wasn’t even on the field for every play last year: Here is a great article and video highlights for the other big time senior that we will miss next year:

As I mentioned above AJ is on the cover of SI this week. While we are all impressed and running out to get the latest issue (the 17th time the Tide has been on the cover since Coach Saban took over) let’s just say that Saban has a slightly different view:

Now I know Coach Saban is busy and all but how much tape does one man need to watch where he can’t go down to the Ferg and buy a copy of SI with his QB on the cover? Or watch a little TV from time to time?

This week in the stats that caught my eye Alabama version:

Alabama has occupied the No. 1 spot in the Associated Press Top 25 poll for 13 consecutive weeks this season and 14 in a row dating to last season. Only six other teams — 1943 Notre Dame (nine weeks), 1945 Army (nine), 1971 Nebraska (14), 1972 USC (14), 1999 Florida State (16) and 2004 USC (16) — were ranked No. 1 for an entire season.

Alabama’s 20-7 win over Mississippi State on Saturday also secured the Tide’s sixth consecutive 10-win season. In 118 seasons of football, the Crimson Tide have won 10 games or more 33 times, tied with Oklahoma for the most in major college football history. Nebraska (28) and Michigan (26) are next.

53st straight game Alabama has been favored
Favored by an average of over three touchdowns during those 53 games
Last time not favored: 12/5/2009 vs. Florida and I think I saw but don’t quote me on this that the Tide is already a 12 point favorite in the Iron Bowl.

And while I still think our pass defense is a little slow at times: The top-ranked Crimson Tide is still among the top-10 nationally in rushing yards allowed per game, passing yards allowed per game, third down conversions, first downs allowed and total defense. It’s given up the fewest touchdowns (12) and the fewest points per game (10.2) in all of college football.

If the Tide wins out and they would have played 5 teams currently ranked in the AP Top 25. The other 3 undefeated teams combined have played 5.

While we all wait for the Iron Bowl next week please remember what you buy and what you wear because Big “Al” Brother is watching:

With the Iron Bowl next week and after the amazing finish to the Auburn game here is a video of Coach Saban reacting to the news that the Tigers won:

In other news from around college football Urban Meyer is whining about the BCS because that is what Urban does (instead he should be complaining to the other Big Ten Coaches to get their act together.)

I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV so I will leave it up to you to read all the latest on the FSU and J. Winston mess brewing down in Florida. Just another reason I’m glad we have AJ as our QB.

In case you weren’t paying attention USC has somehow turned the corner from being a dead program and team under the Wunderboy Lane K and is now beating teams like Stanford. Maybe Coach O is that good of a coach or maybe it’s simpler that Lane couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Plus it gives me an excuse to link this commercial again:

For this week in music: How can you go wrong with Barry Manlow? OK you can go plenty wrong but close your eyes and try and imagine the Bear sitting on his back porch cig in one hand glass of bourbon in the other listening to this: (skip to the 3 min. mark to hear the song)

And finally Pearl Jam has been covering this song for a long time but I think they are playing it better now than ever before:

In this week’s addition to things I didn’t know until I was a dad: Ok I did know this but it is worth repeating for all of you who are expecting at the moment or who one day plan on getting pregnant do all of us a favor and make sure you never record a video like this:

Roll Tide Roll


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