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29th November
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Roll Tide, Chicago!

UA Fun Fact:

Beat Auburn Beat Hunger is a food drive that UA and Auburn have hosted for 20 years now.  They have collected more than 3 million pounds of nonperishable food for families in Alabama.  This year UA won by collecting 299,398 pounds of food to top Auburn University’s collection of 169,702 pounds of food. This year they allowed alumni to donate food to their communities’ food banks and allowing UA to get create for the amount collected.  Let’s try to do this next year and help UA beat Auburn by even more!

Can you believe it’s already the Iron Bowl?  What a difference a year has made and we now have an Iron Bowl of #1 vs. #4.  It will be great game so I hope wherever you are for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend that you will join other Alabama fans to cheer on the Tide in this Iron Bowl.  Here is the list of alumni associations throughout the US and where those chapters watch the Crimson Tide We will have our watch parties at the Houndstooth in Wrigleyville and Another Round in Downers Grove to cheer on the Tide.  I will leave Marc and the 4th & Goal to talk more about the Iron Bowl!

Viewing Parties

Both of our locations will be airing Alabama vs. Auburn Saturday; kickoffs is at 2:30 pm, but arrive early if you want to ensure yourself a spot at either bar.

Note: Most the tables have been pre-reserved at the Houndstooth this week…So arrive early for a spot at the bar.  The Dark Horse right down the street from the Houndstooth on Sheffield is our official overflow bar in the city & will also have sound on for the game Saturday – so arrive early for a spot at the Houndstooth, Dark Horse or Another Round!

All bars will open at 11 am on Saturday.  Just remember that many of the tables are reserved…so if you get there when the bar opens that does not mean you’ll get a table!

Houndstooth Saloon
3369 N. Clark

Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove

SEC Toys for Tots Toy Holiday Party

As a part of an effort to unify the SEC alumni chapters here in Chicago, Roll Tide Chicago will help by hosting an SEC Toys for Tots Holiday Party. Information is still being worked on for this event but Save the Date and make sure to bring a $10-$20 toy for entrance to the party.

WHERE: Houndstooth Saloon

3369 N. Clark

WHEN: Sunday, December 15th

2pm – 5pm/6pm

Please feel free to pass along the invitation to friends that have attended an SEC school or are fans of the SEC.  We will make sure the NFL games are on…so no excuses on why you can’t show up!

Roll Tide Chicago Memberships

Still need the 2013 Roll Tide Chicago t-shirt…they also make great Holiday gifts for friends and family. If you cannot make it to one of the bars to get your membership and T-shirts no problem, just go to and order your shirt via out website and we will mail the shirts to you.  In order to assure they arrive before the holidays please order the shirts by Dec. 6th!

Membership Levels

$25 White Membership – Includes 1 T-shirt

$40 Crimson Membership Includes 2 T-shirts

$60 Houndstooth Membership    Includes 4 T-shirts

Also, we only have a few of the 2013 long sleeve t-shirts left – order yours today before they’re gone!  Stop by the Houndstooth Saturday or email to get the Crimson long sleeve Roll Tide Chicago T-shirt.

Sizes available Small – 2XL

T-shirt Pricing:

Members: $30 each (separate/extra to membership dues that include the grey t-shirt)

Non-Members: $35 each

Look forward to seeing y’all Saturday at the Houndstooth and Another Round to cheer on Alabama!

Roll Tide!


4TH and Goal The Iron Bowl

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if you heard but there is a little football game this weekend down on the Plains. 11-0 vs. 10-1 #1 in the country vs. #4 the last 4 BCS National Champs and it just happens to be in the Iron Bowl plus all of the other stuff rolled into one. While I don’t pretend to be an Alabama football historian it seems to me that this game might trump them all. From The Snake’s run in the mud to Punt Bama Punt, the kick, Bo Goes Over the top, honk if you’ve sacked Brodie to the Drive and the Camback this game on Saturday might put all of those to rest. (Also is it me or does Auburn have snazzy names for all their wins over the Tide? Not since 1973 have both teams been ranked in the top 5, never before has the Iron Bowl decided the SEC West (which honestly is amazing to me) we all know what it means to the Tide one step closer to the three-peat, another SEC West Title and continuing as #1 in the country. For Auburn if they win the Iron Bowl and then go on to win the SEC they have an outside chance to get into the BCS National title. But more importantly for both teams it is bragging rights to the 100%. Even more than in years past this game will give the winner bragging rights for the year. If we win its status quo Auburn while vastly improved from the last couple of years is still little brother looking at the Big brother through the glass door nose pressed to the glass wishing and hoping they were as cool as us as we take Ms. Alabama out on a date while they count toilet paper rolls. If Auburn wins it ends the AJ/CJ/Bama/SEC/BCS dynasty (at least for this year) the loss will not only be a crushing blow to all of us but to the rest of the SEC as well. Because unless Winston gets arrested in Florida or Ohio State gets lost getting to Lucas Oil Field they aren’t losing. On a personal note I will have to eat a lot of crow since all season I talk up the SEC and Alabama and let’s just say that I’m not always nice about the Big 10. So if Alabama loses not only will we have to live with Auburn rubbing our noses in it but also every Big 10 fan I know will jump all over me.  Not that any of you need any help from me in this department but here is a video to get your blood boiling: (Hype Video)

Because I am not from Alabama and I didn’t know many Auburn fans from college I wanted to learn a little bit more about the Iron Bowl from their point of view. (On a side note while my time at Alabama wasn’t always the greatest when it came to football I did see the Tide win 2 Iron Bowls including the last one at Legion Field in 1999). With that said I have asked a couple of special guests to share their stories about the Iron Bowl from the Auburn side of things. One is a house divided and the other was a dancer for the Tigers whose parents both went to Alabama. How do you live in a house divided this week? How do you end up at Auburn when both of your parents went to, met and fell in love at Alabama: Like they say on Law and Order these are their stories:

Brooke Wilson’s parents met and fell in love while at Alabama during the glory years of the Bear. Growing up in Birmingham you’d think that her brothers and sisters would fall in line. Instead Brooke as the youngest of 3 followed both her brother and sister to Auburn and never looked back. As she said “There was never any doubt in my mind that I would go to Auburn in fact I didn’t even apply to Alabama. While this didn’t go over well with her parents they were powerless to stop her. Not only a picture of her brother with Bear Bryant as a young boy (in which he is crying) could stem the Tide.  Brooke as it turned out not only went to Auburn but was on the dance and sprit team. When I asked her if she and her siblings can watch the Iron Bowl with her parents I got a big HECK NO “That would be miserable and is something I hope to never experience.” She continued: My mother is the definition of a southern Belle but when it comes to Alabama football, watch out. You know the hate you (meaning me) you have for Auburn, well, imagine having that hate towards your Mom’s favorite team. You almost feel bad about it. As part of the Tiger Paws for 3 years Brooke got a front row seat for the Iron Bowl. And as a student from 02-06 she never saw a loss. She is proud of the fact that while she was on the field for the “honk if you sacked Brodie game” she never put on the bumper sticker.  I asked her what this year’s Thanksgiving conversation was going to be and she said that while she and her brother talk about it on the side they don’t bring it up with her Mom and Dad as they don’t want to get kicked out of the house. Finally I asked her how much money she contributed to the Cam Newton slush fund: Not nearly enough she said with a laugh. Worth every penny we love love, love Cam Newton in our house.

Meanwhile the same can’t be said for the Coleman household. Unlike Brooke that only has to deal with her parents when she is at their house, Jeff and Leslie live with each other 365 days a year. As a house divided they have no choice.  I spoke with both of them separately; Leslie the Auburn grad started things off when I asked how they met and how long before the conversation turned to the Iron Bowl. “We met on a blind date she said in Charleston after we were both out of school. Because it was a blind date I knew going in that Jeff went to Alabama but I figured none of the guys I had dated at school had teeth so I figured I would give him a shot (I might have made part of that answer up) she went on to say that Jeff had her “fooled” (again not very hard when you are talking about a Bama grad fooling an Auburn grad) because as she said Bama was in the middle of the 10 year slump and Jeff didn’t care that much. But once Coach Saban came boy the lights went on…When I asked her what the day of the Iron Bowl is like now her answer is pretty much the same as mine. Pre-kids it was college game day then going to a bar or watching at home with friends. Now its kids/family time and prey they go to sleep for kickoff. We trade off depending on who’s game is on first and if it is night game we do a lot of pausing of the game (I can relate to this) When I asked if they watch both teams together she said yes because if the Tide wins she is happy for Jeff. But she did say that when Auburn wins this year it will be even sweeter than normal. With two kids I asked who gets to pick the kids game day outfits (As I am friends with Jeff’s Sister Amanda I only see the Bama pictures) I was surprised to learn that it just depends on who gets up first to get them dressed. When I asked if they would watch this year’s game together she immediately said NO WAY it’s too dangerous for all involved. But the kids will be with me I asked her how this week or year affects her and Jeff. I have to say her answer surprised me: “as a 4th generation Auburn Grad this year makes it more fun. But because I can’t personally affect the game I don’t stress over it that much. The extra tension around the discussion and pre-game I could live without.”   Shockingly they don’t have any bets on the game although she did say that they will now that I asked (sorry Jeff) When I asked her how much she contributed to the Cam Newton slush fund I believe she sent the message to me in Morris code since I can’t read it. Jeff responded in much the same way to most of the questions. When I asked how long it took him to figure out she went to Auburn on that first date he said 15 minutes and yet after learning this information he didn’t mind.  When I asked about the Iron Bowl week he said that this year has been a little different but that he is/was more worried about Miss. State than Auburn even after the UGA game. “I’ll take the mentally and physically prepared team over the lucky team any day. “ When I asked if he planned to watch the game with her he said we tried it once and we lasted less than a quarter. So no we will not be watching. The last couple of years have been rough on Leslie and I expect it to continue this year.

So there you have it gang. For those (Like Shana) who call it “Just a game” this game separates moms and daughters and husbands and wives. And frankly I have no idea how the loser in the Coleman household can sleep with winner on Saturday night. I honestly don’t think I could.

For a great column on why Auburn is lame:

For a complete breakdown on Alabama vs. Auburn from an offense and defense:

Finally as far as the links go take trip back in time to the Bear Bryant show. There is so much about this clip that kills me. First of all I honestly can’t understand Coach Bryant in 75% of this. Second when they just dump the bag of chips into the bowl and he pops open the Coke. Can you imagine Coach Saban shilling for Golden Flakes and Coke like this? Finally I love the video of the game is from the coaches’ video and not the TV broadcast:

Ok enough Marc what is your prediction? This game will come down to one thing and one thing only. If Alabama can control the line of scrimmage on defense and keep the Auburn offense off the field (like they did vs. LSU and for the most part vs. A&M) the Tide win and win BIG. If Auburn can get their running game going and keep the crowd in the game we might be in for a long afternoon. But when push comes to shove I just can’t imagine AJ and the offense not being able to move the ball at will vs. Auburn’s defense. I think the Tide weather the storm at the start of the game and as the 3rd quarter comes to a close the Tide starts to pull away. Just like vs. LSU and A&M our best defense is our offense. The Tide wins the Iron Bowl, the West and move one step closer to the BCS National Title with a VERY hard fought and emotional 35-21 win.

We all love football but the game is changing before our eyes. From the targeting rule to almost a flag football mentality when it comes to protecting the QB’s (more so in the NFL) than in college in 10 years the football we know and love will be a totally different game. Is that good or bad? Hard for me to say. It’s not like the Hunger Games where people are tossed into a ring with no hope of getting out alive. These guys know the risks and still toss their bodies around like rag dolls.  The best sports writer working today Rick Reilly has an interesting take on watching football. Do you feel this way watching CJ, Coop, TJ and Ryan Kelly each game?

Finally since I know this is really long how bad are things right now at Florida? It is safe to say that the loss to Georgia Southern ranks as one of the worse losses in SEC football history and is by far the worse loss of all time at the Swamp. I once again will ask the question that all Florida fans most be asking. How in the world does a school like Florida lose to a team like G. Southern? And how is it possible they can’t find a good if not great QB? This week we could see an SEC team and one that won 11 games just a year ago lose by 50+ points simply an amazingly bad year down in the swamp.

The song this week is another example of guys having too much time on their hands:

Finally in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: With Hanukkah starting this week Maya made her list for Hanukkah Harry and it consisted of the following: Tape, yarn, gum, Band-Aids, Lightening McQueen sheets, the movie Planes and did I mention tape? When your kid says Daddy I want to play with my yarn and tape you get very creative very fast on the type of games you can play.

Roll Tide everybody. Let’s cheer extra hard this weekend (we might just need it).

Roll Tide Roll



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