Roll Tide Chicago for February 14, 2014

Roll Tide, Chicago


UA Fun Fact:

How many students were enrolled when UA first opened?

52 compared to the enrollment number for the fall of 2012: 33,602

I hope everyone is making it through ChiBeria – man this has been the most brutal winter since I have lived here in Chicago.  Let’s start thinking of warmer days and time that can be spent outdoors and hope it is here sooner rather than later.

Events/Activities with the Chapter for February

Thursday February 20th – Monthly SEC Happy Hour

There will be a SEC Happy Hour/Mixer on the 3rd Thursday of every month – hope you can join us and help represent Alabama to the SEC Chicago alumni group.


WHERE: Glascott’s

2158 N. Halsted St.


WHEN: Thursday February 20, 2014

6pm – 10pm


DRINK SPECIALS: $3 dollar domestics

$4 wells

$6 chardonnay and cabernet


Please feel free to pass along the invitation to friends that have attended an SEC school or are fans of the SEC.
Saturday February 22nd – Alabama basketball viewing party at Another Round

Join us on Saturday February 22nd at our suburban game watch location, Another Round Bar and Grill in Downers Grove where we will be having a social and get together to watch Coach Grant and the men’s basketball team take on Mizzou. Game time is 7pm. As usual we will meet in the private area of the bar. If there are any new members or parents who joined our association late in the season this would be a great time to come and mingle with fellow alumni. Potential new parents are also welcome. Reminder that Another Round is very kid friendly so feel free to bring everyone.


Another Round
5141 Main St.
Downers Grove


Roll Tide Chicago board and committee interest

Do you have an interest in helping Roll Tide Chicago out in the 2014 calendar year?  We are always looking for new board and committee members to help grow Roll Tide Chicago.  The new year will begin in April so if you have an interest or would like to help out on certain this like Suburb bar, Young Alumni, Scholarship Fund please reach out to us at via email at by March 10th so we can include you in our annual meeting for the board and committee.


Roll Tide!



4th and goal – The Offseason


It’s been a while since we all spoke and boy has a lot happened. The last time we got a 4th and Goal was before the Sugar Bowl. And we all know what happened there. And then heaven forbid Saban goes out and hires Lane Kiffin. So let’s just say that the offseason didn’t start off with a bang. Because so much has happened let’s break it down by number:

  1. 1. AJ and Sean Kilpatrick: It’s not often in today’s day and age that we get to root for seniors who are everything you’d want in a student athlete. I’m lucky enough to root for two. We all know about AJ and how he is the personification of what we want our athletic hero’s to be. Well as a University of Cincinnati basketball fan I am watching another senior do exactly what AJ did for us so many times. Sean Kilpatrick has grown from a good player to the go-to scorer and leader on the #7 team in the country. This guy demands the ball down the stretch is a cool customer at the foul line and the rest of the team looks to him. Check out his comments after their big win over UCONN last night: I’m just playing to win,” Kilpatrick said. “I don’t care about points. I don’t care about any of that. Leaders don’t go out there and try to compete against the other teams’ best players.

To me that is what AJ did so well for the last three years. He didn’t care about putting up big numbers, he didn’t care about taking the credit for winning and then he turned around and took all the blame for the Sugar Bowl loss. That to me is a leader and a winner. Why do I bring this up today? Because if you believe all the talking heads Saban and the rest of the coaching staff just signed the future AJ and Sean.

  1. 2. National Signing Day: After the lousy way our season ended it’s nice that the Tide is ranked #1 in anything. Will any of these guys become the next CJ Mosley or Trent Richardson or will they become Jimmy Johns and Chad Goss? I have no idea, you have no idea, and Coach Saban has no idea. Here is what he knows and what we should all remember: “I can’t really comment much on the ranking guys because I really do think the most accurate way to be able to rank any recruiting class would be three years down the road because I think the challenge for all of these young men that got recruited today wherever they’re going is to be able to stay focused on what they need to do to improve as players and do the things that they need to do to become very effective college football players, and it is a challenge to go from high school to college.”

Even with the Iron Bowl fresh in our minds it’s nice that we can stick it to Auburn from time to time:

To go off what Coach Saban said above check out the rankings of the best classes over the last decade or so.

Let’s hope the new guys are half as good as the two Bama classes mentioned. We will be just fine!

The finale note on recruiting. Not every player is going to be the next stud in the NFL. That doesn’t mean that getting a full ride and using the school for an education through sports isn’t a great benefit that most of us forget about: This story about a kid who might never see the field (even at UC) is a great example of what parents go through to get a kid a full ride:


  1. Lane Kiffin: I wrote this for a 4th and Goal that wasn’t sent last month but it still holds true: Like the rest of you I was dumbfounded by the news that everyone’s least favorite coach was coming to the Capstone. How in the world where we all going to root for that bum and who I like to call Arod Kiffin? Then I got to thinking: How much do we hear from any of the coaches other than Saban? What the heck does Doug Nesmeirer look or sound like? I have no idea because we never see them. And low and behold it comes out that the cords talk to the press 2 times a year. At SEC media day and before the bowl game that is it. So Lane can do what he does best which I guess is recruit, coach up QB’s (which he is very good at) and work to rehab his image which lord knows he needs. Here are a couple of articles on why this isn’t going to be so bad: and this one: now if you’ll excuse me I have to go drink some Crimson cool aide to wash that bad taste out of my mouth.


  1. I know nothing about Jake Cocker neither do you. I would have been fine with Simms and the rest of the guys battling it out for the QB next year. But if Saban wants you good enough for me. Meet our new QB



  1. I don’t often mention the basketball team (and with good reason) but I expect there will be a change of coach by this time next year. There is zero excuse that Alabama should be as bad as they are in hoops. Alabama should strive to be like Florida, Ohio State, Michigan State heck this year even Duke when it comes to Mens Basketball and football. The fact that team is so bad doesn’t sit well with me and I’m sure you as well. Bruce Pearl should be on speed dial…


  1. With 100 feet of snow on the ground and it being -200 it’s tough to remember that baseball/softball season is right around the corner: Here is a good look at the state of softball in the state of Alabama.



  1. A couple of songs to get you through this cold: If you have kids you’ve seen the movie Frozen. Maya has gone 3 times, we have the sound track, she has three Olaf the snowman shirts and has the dress from one of the characters. This is her favorite song and it makes me smile as well:

Muddy Waters recorded most of his most famous music right on South Michigan Ave. I can close my eyes and imagine him at Chess Records singing about the Cold Weather Blues as I think most of us have them now:

I don’t understand much of Frank Zappa’s music. But this is a universal message:


Finally in things I didn’t know until I was a dad:

From the last 4th and goal: This week in things I didn’t know until I was a Dad: It doesn’t matter how old we get we are still our parents kids so with that in mind this is a little off the beaten path but on Sunday night I was watching the Golden Globe awards with my Mom who is in town for a visit. She is half asleep on the couch when the great Tina Fey announces Leo DeCaprio with the funniest line I have heard on TV in some time: (you can read the entire thing here if in case you missed it) Once again my mom is half asleep on the couch and all of sudden sits upright and says what did she just say about her vagina? I’m not sure what I laughed harder at the joke itself or my Mom. Either way you haven’t lived until you hear your mother say that word.


As I have discussed before Maya (and now Jacob) love to go into the bathroom with us when we are going. Not sure what they expect to see but I guess they just want to be close to us. Anyway Jake is about 1 day away from walking and pulls himself up on everything. Which of course means the toilet and he loves nothing more than trying to stick his hand in the water. All of this makes it tough for me to stand and go to the bathroom with him next to me (you can use your imagination why this might be tricky) so the other night I was sitting down and Maya comes in and asks why I’m sitting, why I’ve got my hand where I do (so not to splash around) and then she goes into what I can only describe as a monologue explaining why she doesn’t put her hand there but on her knees while she is going. This ladies and gents is what being a parent is all about….


RTR stay warm!


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