Roll Tide Chicago for January 1, 2015

Alabama trivia question: What Oscar winner’s father played for The Bear when he coached at Kentucky?


Answer: Matthew McConaughey



Well, it’s on.  It is the first college football playoff ever.  We all have our guesses of who will win and by how much.  And I’ve heard my fair share over the past couple of weeks.  I can tell you personally I will be glued to the TV all day long.  Here are my picks:


#1 AL will be playing against #4 OH ST this Thursday, 1/1/2015, at 7:30 PM CT.  OH ST will be missing their 1st and 2nd string quarterbacks, their co-defensive coach and I believe Coach Sabin knows Urban Meyer’s playbook.  I think AL will win but I’m bias.  AL has beaten Urban during their last two meetings.  Roll Tide!


We’re all interested in the Rose Bowl and who will be the winner, #2 Oregon or #3 FSU.  I think Oregon will win.  FSU has a knack of coming back in the last five minutes of the 4th quarter of the game and winning, however, Oregon has a habit of dominating and scoring tremendous amount of points.  I think Oregon will be so far ahead in points that FSU will not be able to come back.  Personally, I would like FSU to win so we can be given the chance to do what Auburn couldn’t.


If you’re planning on viewing the game at The Houndstooth you should arrive two hours prior to kickoff; but, keep in mind, a Blackhawk game will be on at 12 PM CT.  The game will be on and there could be an over flow of people.  If you’re viewing the game at Another Round you should arrive an hour prior to kickoff.   Neither place takes reservations so plan accordingly.


And now it’s time for some business…


Beyond our yearly t-shirts, we have new buttons, stickers and cozies available (Note: The cozies are selling fast.  Make sure you purchase yours sooner than later!).  The RT Chicago koozies’ are selling for $5 each.  We have the “Chicago ❤’s the Tide” stickers available too.  Lastly, the “Chicago ❤’s the Tide” and “Rammer Jammer” buttons are now in stock.  Stop by our table next and purchase a few of these items.  All purchases go to support our annual scholarship fund!


Are you a trivia fan?  If yes, we are starting a SEC Trivia Challenge.  Local SEC chapters will begin to meet on January 7th at 8 PM at Derby’s (1224 W Webster) to challenge each other in a battle of wits. We have already started an AL team (minimum of 8 members per team) but we could use a few more. If interested in a fun challenge and bringing home a win for AL against other SEC chapters please contact Mike Wojtychiw at


Matt, Lisa and myself will be at The Tooth this weekend. Jack, Cathy. Kim and Rodney will be at Another Round.  Please stop by and say a hearty RTR!


Hopefully, I will be sending one more email prior to Jan. 12th.  Roll Tide ya!

Todd Cheatham, President

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