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9th September
written by Todd Cheatham

Roll Tide everybody!!!

Tide Trivia: In what language were the earliest diplomas written, including the names of the students and faculty?   Answer: Latin

What a great start to the season! A win against a ranked team and we jumped from #3 to #2 in the polls. No one is more proud of our team than I am right now. There were a few mistakes, we could have played better, but, we showed plenty of promise. I know Coach will smooth out any “rough edges”. I was surprised by OSU on Monday. Playing against Virginia Tech and losing at half time. They may be the “power house” in their conference but their appearance during this game showed weakness. For now, I’ll sit and watch.

Hope you can join us this weekend as Alabama plays its second game. It’s a home game against Middle Tennessee. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:00 PM CT. For anyone going to T-town this weekend, travel safe and enjoy your time. Soak in the atmosphere. Cherish you time being back in Bryant-Denny for the first home game. I will be there is spirit!

If you’re planning on watching the game in the Chicagoland area, please join us at either of our two locations. The Houndstooth is located at 3369 N Clark St. Our suburban location, Another Round, is located at 5141 Main Street in Downer’s Grove. The Houndstooth’s web site for further details is Another Round’s web site is

There are no reservations at “The Tooth” and it is based on a “first come, first serve”, so arrive 2 hours prior to kick off to grab a table or it will be standing room only. Also, there is a Cubs game at 6:05 PM CT. There could be some additional “foot traffic”. The alumni association will be there to greet you. As soon as you enter, turn to your immediate right and we’ll be there to greet you as you enter.

Another Round will be opened also and ready to great all the wonderful, local AL fans. We have a private area to the far left as you enter the bar. Please wear your crimson and white to cheer on the Tide.

We’re still selling our 2015 memberships. In addition, Roll Tide Chicago is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our brand new shirt is designed to commemorate this special occasion. Stop by the membership desk and purchase yours.  Our memberships are as follows:

White level (single) – $25 and includes one shirt

Crimson level (duel) – $40 and includes two shirts

Houndstooth level (family) – $60 and includes four shirts

Single shirt purchase (non member) – $30 each

Additional shirt purchase (member) – $20

Also, in honor of our 10th anniversary, we are offering a pre-order polo design shirt. These shirts are of a higher quality and display our 10th anniversary commemorative logo, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The price for these one of a kind polo shirts is $40.

Lastly, we have a brand new raffle to offer you. We are selling raffle tickets for four LSU tickets. These tickets include a parking spot and four other tickets to the President’s Mansion (a dressed event with a free bar and appetizers). A prize valued at $700. There is a $100 gift card for second place and a $50 gift card for third place. We will be selling tickets online and at each view party’s location for $50 per ticket. Grab yours soon because they will be going quickly.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. We have all sizes in men’s and women’s from small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large (the polo’s can be ordered in an XXXL size). Anyone of our board members can assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If you need to reach us or have any questions prior to the game, please visit our web site at or send us an email at

Matt, Lisa, Laurel and I will be available to answer any questions you may have. Kim, Roni, Jack and Cathy will be at Another Round to assist you. Please stop by and give us a hearty “ROLL TIDE”!

Todd Cheatham



4th and Goal

By Marc Brafman

A funny thing happened to Alabama in the start of its year against Wisconsin…Alabama began to look a lot like, well, Alabama. For the first time in a couple of seasons the offense team looked like the offense we’re used to seeing from the Tide. That is passing the ball off the run and not the other way around. During the off season Coach Saban said he thought the defense got tired at the end of the year because last year we scored so fast they were on the field something like 70 more snaps than in years past. So this year maybe we’ll see more of the “ground and pound” and a little less of the “run and gun”. Either way after one week you have to be encouraged by what we saw. Coker, for the most part, looked good (although his feet look like they are in cement). Even without Coop we will have enough wideouts to get the job done. Meanwhile on the defense front 7 was as advertised and our DB’s looked better, not great yet, but better. This week cupcake game we will see nothing but next week the REAL season starts with our game against Ole Miss. This will be the first of many tests.


10 SEC teams ranked in the top 25 (most of all time). What does this mean after week 1? Not a darn thing, other than it goes to prove Bama, or any team in the SEC, is going to have their work cut out for them. The meat grinder isn’t getting any easier now with Arkansas back to being a decent team. When debating which league is better, “Little 10” or the SEC, just remind your friends, even with Vandy and UK, they are no Purdue, Indy, or Rutgers. The “Little 10” as unusual laid a huge egg on the first week of the season (Michigan State and of course OSU not included) and the difference between the two conferences can’t be any greater. Last week I thought OSU would get tested once or twice this year before the playoffs. Now I think they’ll cruise in 90% of the season, and we’ll wait, and see how it all shakes out


I’m reading Nick Saban’s book and I encourage you all to check it out. Not only do you get to know the man a little bit better but you forget how bad the Tide was before he arrived. In the 10 years before the Tide we were 3 games over .500 and had 4 head coaches. Since then, the Tide is 98-17 with 3 National Titles, 3 SEC Titles and 4 SEC West Titles. All it takes is one man with one vision. It’s pretty amazing.


Public service announcement or it’s me shilling for my employer, you make the call: if you want to watch it under the radar, tune in Saturday night for the UC/Temple game at 7:00 CST on ESPNNEWS. It will be the first big American Conference game of the year.


The best sporting event of the long week was the Williams Sisters tennis game last night. The drama was the way Serena looked…like she ate a bad egg sandwich, and for almost the entire match.  Maybe it is because I have a daughter, but for me, the athlete of the year, no matter how she does the rest of the weekend in NY, is Serena.


The NFL starts this weekend (finally). Are you as sick as “deflategate”, or “spygate”, or any other type of “gate” as I am? Here is what I am looking forward to the rest of this season: Coop as a Raider (he will open on Sunday vs. Dre K and the Bengals), Eddie Lacy doing the spin-o-rama for the Packers, and Tim Tebow doing God’s work away from the NFL. I wonder if he cried last week.


We are playing a scrub this week. Enjoy Levon Helm with this outstanding cover of the Grateful Dead classic Tennessee Jed:


Roll Tide Everyone, and enjoy the weekend.


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