AL vs. Texas A&M Game Day viewing party

Roll Tide everybody!!!

The Tide is rolling back home! We will be meeting this Saturday, 10/17/2015, starting at 11 AM CT at The Houndstooth. It’s time for Game 7! #10 Alabama will be playing against #9 Texas A&M. The game is scheduled to start at 2:30 PM CT on CBS.

Let’s take a brief moment to talk about The Cubs. They have continued their winning streak and are playing for the Pennant. Their first game of their 2-3-2 schedule is this Saturday at 6:30 PM CT roughly four hours before our game. Due to this expectation, the Tooth will be charging a cover charge of $10 to enter. Also, they are expecting a large crowd. So, show up early, grab a table, cheer on the Tide, and then, stick around afterwards to cheer on the Cubbies.

If you’re planning on watching the game in the Chicagoland area, please join us at either of our two locations. Our city bar, The Houndstooth will located at 3369 N Clark St. Our suburban location, Another Round, is located at 5141 Main Street in Downer’s Grove. The Houndstooth’s web site is Another Round’s web site is

There are no reservations at The Houndstooth is based on a “first come, first serve”. The alumni association will be there to greet you. As soon as you enter, turn to your immediate right and we’ll be there to greet you as you enter. So, come on down and watch the Tide play at home against the Aggies.

Another Round will be opened also and ready to great all the wonderful, local AL fans. We have a private area to the far left as you enter the bar. Please wear your crimson and white to cheer on the Tide.

We’re still selling our 2015 memberships. In addition, Roll Tide Chicago is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our brand new shirt is designed to commemorate this special occasion. Stop by the membership desk and purchase yours.  Our memberships are as follows:

White level (single) – $25 and includes one shirt

Crimson level (duel) – $40 and includes two shirts

Houndstooth level (family) – $60 and includes four shirts

Single shirt purchase (non member) – $30 each

Additional shirt purchase (member) – $20

Also, in honor of our 10th anniversary, we are offering a pre-order polo design shirt. These shirts are of a higher quality and display our 10th anniversary commemorative logo, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The price for these one of a kind polo shirts is $40.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. We have all sizes in men’s and women’s from small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large (the polo’s can be ordered in an XXXL size). Anyone of our board members can assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If you need to reach us or have any questions prior to the game, please visit our web site at or send us an email at

Matt, Lisa, Linda, Bobby, Laurel and me will be available to answer any questions you may have. Jack, Cathy, Spencer and Roni will be at Another Round to assist you. Please stop by and give us a hearty “ROLL TIDE”!

Todd Cheatham



4th and Goal

By Marc Brafman

What a crazy week in college football huh? Let’s go one topic at a time:

The Ol’ Ball Coach just up and takes his visor and goes home in the middle of the season? What is that all about? I can’t remember a coach just quitting and on a team in the middle of the season like this. Don’t buy into the narrative coming out of South Carolina he QUIT on his team. I’m glad Mike Golic from “Mike and Mike” has enough guts to say it. What does this have anything to do with Alabama? Because if you believe the Vegas sports books, Kirby Smart is the leading candidate to take over next year. If you are asking me I hope not only does Smart take it but I would welcome him as a coach. If he is going to take over for Saban at some point wouldn’t you want him to coach somewhere first (Also after this weekend I think we are going to want him gone anyway; but, that is another entire story)? Here are some of the better Spurrier quotes from over the years:

Will Grier, the QB for Florida, is suspended for taking some sort of over the counter supplement. While I feel bad for the Florida program and their fans I don’t feel bad for Grier. If you are the STARTING QB at Florida don’t you think it would be wise to run anything you are putting into your body by the training staff? What a moron!

Finally, in this week’s installment of “It can always be worse” let’s take a break from Texas to talk about USC. First of all I would fire the AD but that is just me.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard in any sport where a coach has shown up for a game drunk. I don’t have a drinking problem, and I’ve never been around somebody that does, but how can a program let it get this bad? This is worse than the Mike Price hiring (at least he was drunk with strippers). I just don’t get how programs can continue to take a miss on head coaches…wait what’s that you say Alabama had Mike DeBoise, Coach Fran, Price and Shula before Saban; ok, never mind.

Now onto our game. I’m going to come out and say: For the first time since maybe Saban’s first year, I don’t think we are going to win this game. Not only do I not think we are going to win but for the first time since the South Carolina game way back in 2009 I don’t think it is going to be close. Having watched this team now for 6 games, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions:

#1 this is far and away the worse offensive line Alabama has had in a long time. And you know me, I’m all about ground and pound, but, our line, for the most part, doesn’t block well enough for Henry or Drake to get going. A&M has two of the best pass rushers in the country, and while for the most part, Coker hasn’t been hit. Also, I don’t think our line can block well enough to keep him clean on Saturday.

#2 Never has Saban and Smart been able to stop a good spread offense. Do you guys remember the last time we played at college station? A full year to gear up for Johnny Football! We rolled over him and the only reason we won is our offense was slightly better than their terrible defense. While our defense is unreal vs. pro style offense (see UGA and Arkansas), Ole Miss hung 38 on us, OSU, Auburn, and Ole Miss last year etc. Seeing is believing and until we stop a spread offense I don’t think our offense is good enough to win a shootout.

#3 This game being at College Station is the biggest game since A&M joined the SEC. Those fans are going to be jacked to an unbelievable level.

#4 Where is our special teams? At some point Adam Griffin is going to need to make a 25 yard field goal. In a game where every offensive drive is going to be critical I have less than full faith in him. So with all that said, and I sure hope I am wrong, A&M 35 (or more) – Bama 24.

Nick Chub might never play football again. How sad is that sentence?

Why do baseball teams celebrate winning the Wild Card and Div. series as if they won the World Series? Do any other teams in any other sport do that? As exciting as it is for Cubs fans why are they going so crazy? 8 more to go, and that goes for the Royals, Blue Jays and whomever wins the Dodgers / Mets series.

Since we are playing in Texas I thought this was a good song for the week:




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