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24th September
written by admin

Roll Tide, Chicago!

  • I realized that I forgot to include my one UA-non-football item in last week’s email. So this week, you get two:
  • The University of Alabama is older than the city of Chicago. UA was founded in 1831, the city was incorporated in 1837.
  • The UA debate and forensics program has won 16 national debate championships. (Hey, I didn’t say my UA facts would be interesting to everybody.)
  • Bonus fact: If you are an active member of the National Alumni Association, your high school student can get a personalized tour of the campus. The program is called Discovering Bama:

This Week in Chicago
There is apparently some confusion as to “Laura vs. Laurel.” No, it’s not a cage match. To clarify: I am Laura, president of our fine organization. Laurel is the vice president; she is the one who arranges the drink and food specials with the Houndstooth, and she is the cheerful one at the front table signing you up for your membership. We are easy to tell apart. I have long blonde hair, very straight. Laurel has shoulder-length brown hair, flippy at the ends. And now, to introduce the rest of the band. They all work very hard to make ours the best out-of-state chapter in the continental U.S. (I can’t speak for Alaska and Hawaii).

  • Me: President. I write emails.
  • Laurel Stepp: Aforementioned vice president. Get your t-shirts and shakers from her. But don’t call them “pom poms” or she won’t give you one.
  • Marc Brafman: Immediate past president. Says he’s a new dad, but none of us have actually seen the kid, so I’m not convinced.
  • Amy Henderson: She’s in charge of t-shirts – ordering them, keeping them stocked at the Tooth, storing the extras in her garage.
  • Matt Anderson: Creator of our award-winning website. Sends out these emails that you love.
  • Paul Brown: Keeps our membership roster up-to-date, so we know who you are and where to find you.
  • Bill Watt: Treasurer. If you don’t pay your dues, he’ll look you up on Paul’s membership list and track you down.
  • Kim Landego: The lady in the suburbs. She would like you to know that the houndstooth pattern is on clothing everywhere now (it’s true, I got houndstooth shoes at Payless), even Victoria’s Secret.
  • Ben Milam: Created the awesome ChicAgo logo, designs our t-shirts every year.
  • Kick-off is 2:30 this Saturday. There will be door prizes this week! And there’s a Cubs game at noon, in case that affects your travel plans. (Anybody still watching baseball in this town? I mean, really?)


Random Notes from Marc

  • Reason #1098 that I am not a TV producer: I was a little surprised that the #1 team in the country wasn’t on a more widely watched basis this past weekend even vs. a scrub team like Duke. But ABC must have known the game was going to be a blow out and that the Wisconsin/Arizona State game was going to be a good one.
  • I’m a little nervous about this week’s game because while the numbers are great, don’t you get the impression our defense isn’t as good as it will be later in the year? But our ace in the hole is Coach Saban. Until he gets beat by an SEC coach (not named Urban Meyer) I am convinced he will out -coach whoever is on the other side of things. Final score: Bama 42 Arkansas 28, in a game closer than the score.
  • Speaking of Urban, it was nice of him to comment on the rash of arrests last week at Florida finally. 30 in his time there and without Saint Tebow to look at, the dirt is beginning to rise up in Gainesville. It will only get more dirty as the Gators lose, which I think will happen three weeks in a row starting with the first huge upset of the year when UK beats them this weekend in the Swamp. Your heard it here first…
  • You have to hand it to Auburn and Clemson on Saturday night. That was one of the hardest hitting non-conference games you will ever see.
  • I’m a lot late to the game on this one, but Friday Night Lights has started re-running on Laura’s favorite channel ABC Family. If you haven’t watched this show check it out. Guys, Minka Kelly is worth watching by herself.
  • Has anyone in the sports world had a worse run the last two weeks than Reggie Bush? First he has to hand back his Heisman, then he breaks his leg on MNF.
  • As much as I could care less how the Bears do, it is fun to live in Chicago when they are going well isn’t it?
  • Did you see the study that came out last week about woman and what scents they favored? #1 was vanilla across the board, but what I found funny was that in Houston the #2 scent was BBQ meat. Which explains a lot about Texas women doesn’t it?
  • In this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I became a dad, if Maya is acting up when she gets older I am going to follow this couples lead with their son:
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17th September
written by Matt

Roll Tide, Chicago!

Wow, was it blazing hot in Tuscaloosa this past weekend. I have taken my husband, Greg, with me to T-town for a football game twice previously. Both times, it was cold. Not Alabama cold, but actually cold cold. He was disappointed, having heard for so long about the famous Alabama heat. Careful what you wish for!

This week in Chicago
Kick-off is at 2:30 p.m. Just a reminder that there are three rooms at the Houndstooth. And the best part about the back two is that there’s plenty of room to stand with good view of the TVs. Just stop by the Roll Tide Chicago table inside the front door for your membership and t-shirt before you head back there.

Speaking of t-shirts, they will be available for purchase online starting this weekend. We add $5 to online orders for shipping, and processing/shipping time is 4-6 weeks. For those of you who can’t make it to either the Houndstooth or Another Round this season, go to get your membership and t-shirts.

We will be conducting another raffle this year to benefit the scholarship fund. As you may remember, we had lots of fun prizes last year, from signed Bama gear to restaurant gift cards. Anybody who has a lead on a prize, please come to the Roll Tide Chicago table and tell us about it! Or, email us at Maybe you work somewhere that has cool merchandise. Or maybe you’re a regular at a restaurant that would be willing to give a gift certificate.

Notes from Tuscaloosa
I am not a celebrity person; I don’t get excited by seeing or meeting famous people (well, there would be a few exceptions). But we were staying at the Hotel Capstone, and had a few fun celebrity sightings: Erin Andrews walked close enough to my husband that if he’d breathed he probably would have gotten arrested, and Marc Ingram was so close to me, I could have pinched him (and also probably gotten arrested). Also saw Trent Richardson, Dont’a Hightower, Nico Johnson and shared an elevator with A.J. McCarron. Every one of them (Erin included) had earbuds in, probably because they don’t want crazy fans talking to them.

The bartender at Buffalo Phil’s in Tuscaloosa was wearing one of our shirts on Saturday. Whichever of you is the buddy of his who flew in for the game and gave it to him, thanks for the cross-country publicity! And also at Buffalo Phil’s, there was this crazy woman trying to dance on top of the bar when they played Sweet Home Alabama. (And, no, it wasn’t me.) They made her get down, so she spent the next hour trying to bribe the bartender with $5.

Read about the Penn State perspective on Southern hospitality here: Fans on both sides were very respectful towards each other indeed. Of course, Penn State doesn’t play in the SEC, or it would be different, I’m sure.

Stopped by the GameDay set for the last 10 minutes of the show. My favorite sign: “I bought this sign from A.J. Green.” NCAA hypocrisy notwithstanding, that was funny.

Finally, the vice president of the Orlando alumni chapter stopped me on the street to talk about our t-shirt. I was wearing the new one, and she loved the ChicAgo logo. She wants to steal it for Orlando. (OrlAndo, get it?) I don’t really want to get in a grudge match with other chapters, but get your own logo, Orlando!

Everyone’s favorite feature is below. See you all Saturday!


Random Thoughts by Marc

  • Am I the only one that is still baffled at times by the play calling of the Tide? When you have a running game like we do and on first down you try and go deep which is fine, but it is incomplete, why then do you continue to throw the ball twice more? Alabama should never ever go 3 and out throwing the ball. I think it was either Woody Hayes, or maybe Mike Shula, who said three yards and a cloud of dust is how you win games, and I agree.
  • After the game I was pontificating to my buddy Kirz (the biggest Bama fan I know – the guy became a pilot to fly to the games, I wish I was making that up) about how I was worried about the defense and how it was giving up yards to a freshman QB. He kind of stopped me in my tracks by reminding me that in two games we have given up 6 points. I think next week vs. Arkanasas and Ryan Mallet we will know for sure what type of defense we have.
  • I know that pre-Saban Alabama wasn’t very good but I don’t remember us ever getting spanked like the Vols did last week at home vs. Oregon. 45 straight un-answered points. Wow that is a butt-kicking. And I loved every second of it.
  • Speaking of the Vols, there was a report out that Derek Dooley brought his team together and showed them how to properly shower. Yes that’s right the Vols who can’t stop anyone on defense apparently aren’t smart enough to know the proper way to shower.
  • What a joke the Heisman trophy has become. What did Reggie Bush do to be forced to give back his award? Did he take steroids? Did he shave points? Did he gamble on games? Nope his family took money and if you believe that he is the only Heisman winner to take money from agents I have some swamp land in New Jersey to sell you. This award to me has been a sham for a long time (Mark Ingram winning not withstanding) but it is really pathetic that Reggie Bush was forced to give his award up. What are the reasons? We all saw him dominate on the field and lead USC to the BCS championship game. Are we suppose to forget how great he was on the field? His family taking money has NOTHING to do with how he did on the field.
  • Best line of the weekend, from Mike Lupika on the Sports Reporters on Sunday morning: It’s a good thing that Michigan beat Notre Dame because otherwise they (ND) would have given Brian Kelly a 10 year contract and a 5 million dollar raise.
  • Have you guys seen Tom Brady’s hair? It’s a cross between Brody Croyle’s and a mullet. Too bad he still can see just fine as he torched my Bungles on Sunday.
  • Like our most famous alumni Forest Gump once said “I’m not a smart man” but can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on in the new Viagra commercial? Have you seen this yet? Guy is driving his black Mustang while the Howlin Wolf song Smokestacks Lighting plays in the back ground. He stops at a gas station in the middle of nowhere because the car is overheated and pours water into the engine. Then he hops back into the car and at the end pulls into his garage and there is an upstairs light on in his house. What in the world does any of this have to do with taking Viagra? Just an incredibly dumb commercial.
  • How is it possible that One Tree Hill is still on the air? Do you know anyone that has ever watched that show? [Not a question to be asked by someone who admits to watching Greek on ABC Family. -Laura]
  • In this week’s installment of things I didn’t know until I became a dad: Am I the only one that finds it insane that a Halloween custom for a baby is $35 bucks? Shana and I stopped by one of those Halloween shops yesterday to look for a costume for Maya, and the one I liked (a cow) was $35. Do they not realize that the kid will grow out of it by Nov?



27th July
written by Matt

Roll Tide, Chicago!

Just a few bits of new this week. I was in Tuscaloosa last weekend for the Chapter Leadership Workshop, and I forgot how hot it is down there in the summer. Chicago may be hot and humid, but Tuscaloosa is hot and really humid. I also forgot how cold it is inside of buildings. I spent half my time sweating and the other half freezing. But I did learn a lot of things that will make our chapter better. Watch this space, and our website, for news on a variety of Alabama-related topics.

Speaking of our website, did you know we have an RSS feed? Subscribe to it and receive any blog updates automatically. We are going to start using the blog more for communications and event reminders, so click on “RSS – keep up to date” to sign up.

Classic Game Viewing Party
Saturday, July 31 at 3 p.m.
Houndstooth Saloon

1992 National Championship: Alabama vs. Miami

Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say this: when’s the last time you saw that game? Exactly. Maybe, if that was before your time, you’ve never seen it. So come on out and get your Saturday night started early. (FYI, the Cubs are away that day.) The Houndstooth will be offering drink and appetizer specials. Plus, you can renew your chapter membership and get this year’s awesome t-shirt. Seriously, the t-shirt is really great.

Baron Huber and Corey Reamer
If you missed it, Baron and Corey visited our chapter on July 13 and were fantastic – friendly and full of great stories about Nick Saban, being a part of Bama history, and making Tim Tebow cry. Check out our website for videos of their speeches.

SEC Flag Football Tournament
Saturday, August 21. We have gotten better every year, making the semi-finals last year, I believe. Let’s get a great team together and follow up those SEC and national titles with this one! (No fancy rings if we win, sorry.)

If you are interested in playing, please email Laurel Stepp, She will be sending full details to all interested parties in early August. The cost is tentatively $25/person, which covers the fee the chapter gets charged to participate, plus donuts, snacks, water, and beer during the tournament. That price will come down the more people we have on the team, so sign up and bring your friends! (Especially athletic friends.) In addition, chapter members will get a discount.

That’s all I’ve got today. A new edition of Marc’s Random Thoughts below.



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